Abandoned Montserrado District #12: Aggrieved Residents Opt to Reclaim Author: Fayiah S. Tamba

Aggrieved residents of Montserrado District #12 opt to reclaim their beloved district from its current elected Rep. Dr. George Beyan Samah because it is being abandoned. Two and a half years have elapsed into Dr. Samah’s representation of Montserrado District #12. But there is no record of tangible projects that were ever implemented in any of the sixteen (16) constituents. Meanwhile, Dr. Samah continues to fail the residents since his ascendency to the House of Representatives. His unresponsiveness to the plight of the people in the district indicates bad leadership and governance.

Long before now, Montserrado District #12 contesters and predecessors were accused of abandoning the district for personal gains. In the 2017 election, the residents denied a contester, former political candidate, Augustine Zayzay the Representative seat because he abandoned the people after he lost the 2011 election to former Lawmaker Richmond Anderson. Furthermore, one of the reasons incumbent Anderson lost the post to Dr. Samah was he intentionally delayed and abandoned the construction of the Montserrado District #12 Office situated at LPRC’s Junction in Gardnersville as a strategy that upon his re-election he would have completed it.

Today, Dr. Samah is accused of abandoning the construction of Montserrado District #12 Office. I perceive Dr. Samah as a smart man who has been intelligently manipulating the minds of the people to believe in him and his unrealistic messages. He probably understood that at the time of the campaign, District #12 needed someone desperately to replace the incumbent Richmond Anderson. Therefore, he pretentiously presented himself as the right choice of the people. Beyond all reasonable doubts, Rep. Samah must have critically examined the political terrain and discovered the shortcomings of his predecessors, which he used at his advantage to make unimaginable but impressive promises, thereby vowing to commit himself to what seems to be impossible.

Majority residents of District #12 are deeply disappointed, frustrated, and disheartened of the confidence reposed in Rep. Samah. It seems as if no one was elected to occupy the Representative post of Montserrado District #12 because it lies in constant abandonment. If it were possible, it could have been better to have an empty seat rather than occupying it with an egocentric and power-driven personality.

Sadly, Dr. Samah has proved himself a failed leader in the district and consequently, lacks popularity and competency to foster the growth and developmental agendas of the district. The NewDawn Newspaper rightly cited the critics’ view of Rep. Samah upon his victory,  that the “development carried by the incoming lawmaker (Rep. Samah) was just a strategy he employed to win the minds of voters in electing him.”  Rep. Samah purposely presents gifts or makes donations out of an expectation of reciprocation to obtain his political gratification. He shared with residents exceptionally during the campaign, and as a tradition, politicians would engage the people to show up their humanitarian gestures. But he is rarely seen after the election in the district as a philanthropist and vision bearer.

There is a longing search for the presence of Rep. Samah in the district. The obvious question now circulating Montserrado District #12 is, “Where is Dr. Samah, our Representative?” Some residents say, “He is around,” claiming that he is partly in and out. Others object emphatically, “He is nowhere to be found,” adding that he has abandoned his duties and responsibilities in the district for selfish gains. The residents are aware that Dr. Samah is secretly campaigning in Lofa County for the incoming Senatorial election slated for December 8, 2020. He has been meeting with citizens of Lofa County, pleading for their supports to petition him as the next Senator.  What a disservice and ingratitude to the people of Montserrado District #12.

Montserrado District #12 is politically bleeding and weeping in regret of electing the wrong choice – Rep. George B. Samah.   Dr. Samah used our district as a stepping stone to seek higher political ambition. All of his contributions before the election were based on his ego for state power. No wonder why after the 2017 election, defeated candidate Richmond Anderson, out of frustration, lashed at the people of District #12 for allowing themselves to be used as belly-driven partisans for a small bowl of cow soup.

Nevertheless, I have been informed that a few aggrieved residents of District #12 are galvanizing themselves as optimistic realists to ensure Dr. Samah’s Senatorial ambition in Lofa County is interrupted. These young and energetic residents wish to parade themselves under the banner, “Citizens United to Reclaim Montserrado District #12”, supposing that it is being placed in a wrong hand.  They are vehemently objecting to his re-election in case his Senatorial ambition in Lofa County fails. The campaign will be launched soon against Rep. Samah!

Based on the constant abandonment of Montserrado District #12, I would like to conscientize my fellow residents to be very vigilant and resilient when choosing another Representative in 2023 National Elections. We ought to realize that academic qualifications and competency are not enough reasons to vote for someone. Instead, the true quality of a leader complemented by honesty, humility, compassion, and integrity is worth revealing an incredible and capable Representative. Until then, let us anticipate a qualified and competent candidate who will succeed Rep. Samah and save the district from the hands of imposters, demagogues, and egocentrics.


Fayiah S. Tamba holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology from the Liberia Baptist Theological Seminary on Schiefflin Road, Robertsfield Highway; and a Master of Business Administration from the University of International Business and Economics located in Chaoyang District, Beijing, China. He is a theologian, motivational speaker, business strategist, researcher and published writer on www.goodfaithmedia.org. He is a permanent resident of Montserrado District #12. He can be contacted at 0777472147 or +231777472147 (Whatsapps) or via email: tambafavor@gmail.com.

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