Tipayson Launches USD 3,500.00 Scholarship for Doe Community Students.



Doe Community Children Scholarship Project (2020-2021)

$700,000.00 Liberian Dollars or it’s equivalent in USD ($3500.00) to sponsor 100 students


Hello to everyone.

My name is Michael Tipayson from the slum of Doe community. Doe community is a densely populated and economic-challenged neighbourhood located on Bushrod Island in Monrovia, Republic of Liberia. It would interest anyone to know that Doe community has approximately 45,000 people but the community does not have a single public primary school. A situation that continues to trouble and embarrasses some parents and poor families who cannot afford private school fees to educate their children for a better tomorrow. As a matter of fact, we can attest and confirm that many children sit home daily during school-going hours because their parents are unable to meet up with private school fees due to financial problems. How does Liberia develop responsible citizens when our future leaders (the Children) are not going to school? This is a major concern and we must unite to fight against illiteracy and poverty in our respective communities if we really need a better society.

Considering the economic injury of (CONVID 19) on the global community to an extent that even powerful countries are going through tough economic recovery, it is obvious that some parents are really in search of financial and material assistance for their children’s education as we look towards the reopening of schools. Against this backdrop, in our capacity as former President of Doe Community Youth(s); and as a way of giving back to our community as well as supporting children’s education, we have decided to launch ($LD 700,000,00) five hundred thousand Liberian Dollars scholarship project for deserving children for the academic school year (2020-2021). The project objective is to sponsor 100 children living in Doe Community by paying their school fees and providing educational materials like copybooks, pens, bags and etc.

To achieve this initiative, we have opened a gofundme link to accept a donation from anyone who feels passionate about the story we shared!

We have selected a technical committee of trustworthy young people in Liberia to help coordinate this exercise. We can assure you that your financial and material support will be used for its intended purpose.

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