‘They Can Kill Us’ -Declares Capt. Kollie, Leader Of Disbanded Soldiers’

Amidst the running battle between the disbanded Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) about the delayed payment of their salaries, the leader of the group, Captain Jerry Kollie has vowed that they (authority) can kill them and it will be fine, but they will not back down until their just salaries are settled.

Capt. Kollie noted that while the government of Liberia owes the disbanded soldiers over 62 million dollars, he challenged anyone to show who disbanded them, because as far as he is concerned, they have not been disbanded.

He note that during the administration of former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, they were being paid, but now it is becoming very difficult to get their salaries.

As a show of strength, and as a measure of exerting more pressure on government to settle their salary payment, Capt. Kollie has announced as a reflection of protest that over 3000 disbanded AFL Soldiers will on Thursday, July 15, 2021 besiege the Ministry of Finance Development planning (MFDP) in demand of their five months pay.

He added that the disbanded soldiers under the banner, the uncostitutionally disbanded Armed Forces of


Over 3000 disbanded soldiers have  been mobilized to besiege  the premises  of tMFDP on Thursday, July 15, 2021 in demand of their five months pension pay.

Speaking to reporters Wednesday, July 14, 2021 Captain Kollie said the solders will remain at the Ministry of Finance on Thursday July 15, 2021 the whole day until the entire over 3000 uncostitutionally  Disbanded Soldiers honorably get their five months pension pay to enable them provide for them and  their  beloved families, most Especially when the July 26 independence Day’s celebration is closer.

Capt Kollie pointed out that the disbanded soldiers were pensioned during the administration of former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and were being on placed on the payroll and throughout the Sirleaf’s administration, they were getting their pension benefit each month and on time, but are now finding it very difficult to get it under President George Weah’s administration.

According to him, this situation is making living condition very much unbearable for the disbanded AFL Solders, stressing that besieging the Ministry of Finance will coerce the government to address their plight.

Captain Kollie also maintained that the disbanded soldiers, after immensely serving this nation and people

well, the Liberian government unconstitutionally removed them from the national army.

In violation of the Liberian Constitution using the Accra made Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA) of 2003 which did not formulate good basis for their retirement.

He indicated that despite that, the Unconstitutionally Disbanded Armed Forces of Liberia are up for peace and will not do anything in this country that will disrupt the peace of this Liberia and will do all within their power to  protect it by all means.

Captain Kollie then appealed to the Liberian Leader to intervene in their stituation to enable them get their five months retirement pay.

 By: Robert Dixion

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