…And The Light Was Turned On- A vivid Reality Saga of Glowing Dillon Against ‘Tainted Confused Gold Mine’

There is a very serious, but famous maxim in Liberia that the breeze that will disturbingly erupt the joy, suitability and standing of a chicken, always comes from the rear (back). So true, and when this happens, it does not only ruffle the feathers, but also exposes the hidden true color of the ‘pajama’ obtained by the affected chicken.

Before Montserrado County’s Senator Abraham Darius Dillon, true to his plan, could turn the light on in the senate, that august body had had a very protective standing culture as employees, by craving at all cost and cause to always appear by far better off in life, class and style, while their employers (the people), who should have been the ones looking very good in an improved life and well defined and unhindered workable system based on sound and credible legislations are the victims of their own achievements totally strapped in a shabby form and shape.

One does not have to be told an inch that the light is supreme over the dark in any manner and system, and upon the presence of the light, the dark, with all of its cunny maneuvers, tainted achievements and vicious under cover operations, will not just submit, succumb and cave in to the power, control and sovereignty of light; that is while when light appears, dark must disappear; despite most evil deals are schemed and implemented in the dark, and even at that, Bob Marley in one of his songs made it succinctly  crystal clear that “and if your night  could turn to day (light), a lot of people would run away.”

It was no pleasure for the Liberian Senate to have been confronted with what they are bitterly experiencing currently from the newest arrival (Dillon) that he has entered the senate to turn on the light wherein all the hidden skeletons in the closet will be seen and known, and that things of the people (employer) will have to be done principally no matter whose vested interest may bed beeping for attention, care and attraction for immediate accommodation.

In the begin, it was propounded loud and clear that the vacation senator will make no significant impact in changing the game plan; ways entrenched things are  culturally done and handled; that he will be  consumed by the yeast (hypocracy) of the senate’s influence, and with dropped feathers, will definitely flow with the wind. But unfortunately, the movers and shakers of the senate have not yet succeeded in overwhelming the vacation senator; as the latter keeps blowing the whistle louder on hidden developments practically unknown to the people; and as very deeply worried-at-heart concerning reduction of salary phobia keeps making substantive headway in the public domain with so many people nationwide joyfully gravitating to the proposal soon to be submitted as bill coupled with example openly set into motion with his take home salary of US$5,000 while the deducted portion is allotted to enhance meaningful projects for the people of Montserrado County, and by extension, if the bill is passed into law, will save the country several millions United States dollars monthly, the echo around town is  changing.

In place of upright condemnations of Dillon turning on the light, amidst nefarious attempts by the Pro Tempore Albert Chie and his likes about aligning Dillon with the traditional workings of the senate no matter what political capital he’d struggle to exhibit, the vibration simmering gradually from the legislature is now if we have five of Dillon in here, this place will change; whereas in the public glare, it is being heard that if the  country have 10 of Dillon, this whole thing would  change. Firstly it was said that Dillon does not know nor understand the working of this legislature which deeply based on numbers and consensus building and the way he has started proceeding will leave him completely vulnerable and will a obviously achieve nothing meaningful to show; now, they hope to have at least five of his kind and there’d be remarkable change in the senate.

Political observers also noted that if Dillon will continue to break more fresh grounds, what he does inside must be reflective on the outside; he should strive as far as possible without surrender to resist any form of shady deals in the inside and pretend to be puritanical outside, because firstly his critical stand will falter and the no-nonsense firing bone in his voice will no longer tear down the walls of anti-people’s growth and development; his movements,  thoughts and actions will bear the color of a compromised portrait, thereby stabbing in the back other potential elements desirous of trekking similar path once used by Dillon who became a sell-out, and so any prospective in that direction is doomed from the onset.

They cautioned him to ensure that his yes is yes and his no is no and fully recorded and not vote yes or nil. When the record is checked, it must show yes or clear no. There must be no room for con vote mating deceit and sycophancy. With the ruling establishment fighting back in all corners massively with cash from tooth to toe to recapture that to-them the precious lost Montserrado County Senatorial seat, they challenged Dillon not to dine and wine politically with the desperados who want to win the Montserrado County Senatorial Seat to prove a case far from their reach of comprehension. To do that is tantamount to completely shutting the political doors you have nationalistically and patriotically worked and sacrificed so magnificently to open amidst tons of challenges and fierce uphill battles.

Let them know politically that after December 8, 2020 for sure without second thought, that you have come, and that the people have brought you to stay so   that they (people) will see and continue to see the light, benefit from the beauty and results of the light, and through the light, let your work so shine before the people that they will see your good and fruitful work and glorify your Father and your only everlasting strength and protector Who is in Heaven and looking down on His creation. …And so that is why the light was turn on as a vivid reality saga of glowing Dillon against ‘tainted confused gold mine.’

-Writes GDJ


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