The Untold Story Behind Min. Nyenpan’s Death

Julius T. Jaesen II

November 2, 2020: Monrovia Liberia: Almost half into ex-football legend, George Weah’s six years term as president, the West African nation Liberia is stunned with the wave of shocking and scaring deaths of public officials. In the space of the recently ended October month, the Liberian nation lost five erudite public officials and a journalist from Gbarnga – all of whom died under suspicious and scaring circumstances.

Out of the five public officials who died in October, four were all auditors and the one who passed Thursday, October 29, 2020, was a cabinet minister from the Ministry of Public Works.

Sadly, and however, the unexplained and mysterious deaths of these public officials have thrown lots of the country’s auditors into fears and uncertainties over their lives, and as well the nation’s fate in the fight against corruption. Also, a few public officials whose jobs have been threatened by Weah’s inner circle and party executives on grounds that they have no history in struggling to bring CDC to the helm of power, but are only stowaways who are benefiting from their sacrifices and sweat along the path to power, are now living in wanton fears that they are the next targets for elimination by the party’s death squad.

Just upon completion of the conduct of an audit of Covid-19 funds by the Internal Audit Agency, its Director-General, Emmanuel Barten Nyeswa, lifeless body was found lying bare on the ground in his fence in the Boulevard community while cause of death is yet to be determined by the government.

While the nation was mourning the lives of the four auditors and demanding justice in their mysterious deaths, Liberia’s Public Works Minister, Mobutu Vlah Nyenpan, died on Thursday, October 29, 2020, in a local hospital in Ghana after news that he was poisoned.

The Untold Story Behind Min. Nyenpan’s Death

It can be recalled on September 3, 2020, top government’s officials that included, Finance Minister, Samuel Tweah, Nathaniel McGill, Mrs Whillimena Piso Saydee Tarr, Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Tamba Koijee, President of Liberia National Oil Company, Ms Saifuah Mai Gray, and others attended a long meeting with the late Min. Nyenpan at the Ministry of Public Works which lasted from 9 am to 3 pm.

According to our sources in government, the meeting on that faithful Thursday, amongst other things, was centred on the road fund monies. Highly placed sources in government confirmed to Parrot Newspaper that Min. Nathaniel McGill, Jefferson T. Koijee, Finance and Development Planning Minister, Samuel D. Tweah and Gender Minister, Piso Saydee Tarr, all requested the road fund monies be directed to areas where Rep. Thomas P. Yallah is doing communities roads. However, our sources said Min. Mobutu Vlah Nyenpan told them in the meeting that doing so will be a gross violation of the PPCC act.

We have reliably learned that the PPCC Executive-Director, Atty. Jargbe Roseline Nagbe Kowo, wife of Controller-General, Jangar Janga Augustus Kowo, also resisted the idea on grounds that it did not pass through PPCC bidding process and was never satisfied. There, it was at this point Min. Tweah came to his senses and said that he will not get himself into anything that would call him into question when he shall have left the government.

However, Min. McGill still resisted that the deceased minister’s refusal was against the president’s agenda or request issued to all government’s officials to use all available resources and logistics to their disposal to secure a CDC’s victory in the midterm elections slated for December 8, 2020; as a victory for the CDC in the upcoming polls will smoothen the president’s chances of getting reelected in 2023.

Parrot Online News also gathered that after the Thursday meeting ended in the conference room, Min. Nat McGill, Samuel Tweah and Jefferson Koijee walked in Min. Mobutu Vlah Nyenpan’s office. Immediately when Jeff saw the VP, Jewel’s picture behind Min. Nyenpan’s Executive Chair while Pres. Weah’s picture placed at the extreme, he alarmed and asked why should the VP’s picture be placed behind the deceased Minister’s Executive Chair instead of Pres. Weah. At this point, there the late minister got pissed off and a serious confusion erupted among them, and considering the bitter nature of the commotion, coupled with threats issued against his life by McGill and Koijee, Tweah had to intervene to calm them all down.

Our sources who hinted us said it was during said uproar, Min. Nyenpan put out all what he had in his mind and what he had kept after hearing bullshit in the public said about his character by McGill, Tweah, Koijee and others.

During the argument concerning the VP’s picture, the deceased minister told Min. McGill and Koijee that you guys can’t dictate to me how I run my office and who picture I put on my chair or not. There, McGill accused the deceased minister of taking kickbacks from contractors and saving it for VP Jewel’s campaign against Pres. Weah. This is where McGill succeeded in getting President Weah himself angry with the late minister because of the maliciously conjectured lies he Weah was fed with by his minister of state.

Moreover, our highly placed sources in the hierarchy of the ruling CDC told us that McGill has a company called Quality Construction Company (QCC), managed by his relative called Kelvin. The company was given the contract to pave the Small St. Michael Road through Patience Shop and Town Hall, but the quality of work done on that road is very poor. According to our sources, Min. McGill’s company and West Wood started that road together. SB of West Wood completed his stretch of road through Tusafield but McGill failed to complete his. He ate the money and defrauded the government.

Parrot News has gathered that after taking government’s money and not doing works at all on the St. Michael Road, McGill’s QCC got subcontracted on the RIA road. So, Min. Mobutu had been prevailing on Quality Construction Company owned by Min. Nat McGill to carry out the works but he McGill has squandered the contract money to the extent that no money is left to complete the work. Even the stretch QCC did going from Dujar to Patience shop was damaged even before use, our sources hinted.

However, it was evident that Mobutu’s constant reminder of QCC to have the Small St. Michael road completed landed he Mobutu in trouble with Min. McGill to the extent of meeting his early demise in order for McGill to have total control of the Ministry of Public Works and ensure his company gets more community road contracts. Also in the late minister’s office, Monrovia City Mayor, Jefferson Tamba Koijee, was seen demanding road contract from the deceased Public Works Minister.

According to our highly placed sources, right after the heated argument between the deceased minister and Nat McGill, he left his office with that anger and immediately got in his car going home. While going home, the late Min. Nyenpan started vomiting from New Georgia junction to Barnesville after eating the poisoned food given to him right after the meeting with McGill and others. There, Min. Nyenpan told his driver and security in the car not to carry him to the hospital but rather home to rest. When the driver drove the late Min. Nyenpan at his Barnesville residence, he entered his room but in no time he fell off in his room and was rushed to JFK.

Parrot News gathered from its credible and unimpeachable sources, that while admitted at JFK, Min. Tweah was the first person who posted in the CDC’s chatroom about the minister’s death while the minister’s relatives were still at JFK.

“The first time it was all over Facebook in Liberia, Tweah was the one who posted it in CDC chatroom and it went viral. We were at JFK sleeping on bare floor day and night then Tweah only contact to us was to know whether Vlah died or alive. He posted about the minister’s death in CDC chatroom that’s how Idris Bility and others started running with it that day on Facebook”, our sources said.

The Parrot News has been reliably informed that in Min. McGill’s bit to have total control over the Ministry of Public Works, he has been desperately seeking information from the late minister’s deputies down to low-class employees but to no avail because of the cordial working relationship, Mobutu instituted with all the ministers and employees.

“The late Min. Nyenpan was a good man with a heart of gold. He was very kind to his coup plotters McGill and sundry. What we know, when such generosity comes from the contractors on their own volition, he usually shares with everyone. In our presence, he sent Christian Wort, his point guy, to carry money to Tweah, McGill, Wilson Tarpeh, Samuel Wlue and other ministers. He was killed only because McGill wants total control of MPW. He has been enquiring for information from everyone but he couldn’t get the information he wanted because of the cordial working relationship Mobutu instituted with all the ministers and employees”, our sources hinted.

However, when Parrot News contacted Min. McGill to clarify his role in such grave allegations, he resorted to insults peddling with Associate Editor, Julius T. Jaesen II. “You are a fool, I don’t care for your bullshit. I do not address stupidity and nonsense”, Min. McGill told editor Julius T. Jaesen II

As for Jefferson Koijee, his phone rang endlessly. When the editor sent the message he didn’t reply. Also, Parrot reached out to Tweah but he couldn’t answer his call as well.

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