The Unending Tales of Slavery for African—Americans

By: Ryan J. Wesseh, III

Every race that had been taken into or that ever marched itself   into slavery (Genesis 46:8) for whatever reasons be it war or famine,   has been able to redeem itself by going back to its roots—the homeland of its ancestors. Some have acquired their freedoms either by taking on the political establishment by invoking the grace of   God as its defense (Israel) or by popular political revolt. Biblical history teaches the virtue of blatant defiance towards an archaic system that wheels and deals in moral paralysis and social backwardness as the surest path to redemption and freedoms. Slavery, from a biblical context   refers to   “foreigners” (Deuteronomy 20:10-11) —people who were either captured in war launched   against a city or a region (Book of Joshua).

The women of foreigners (slaves) and children could be taken in war, but also the women could be taken as wives for the victorious men (Deuteronomy 21:10-13; Matthew 1:5.

However, in the case of the black Negroes that now called themselves African- Americans, whatever the difference, there’s a painful and callous history of abuse, rejection, subjugation and exploitation, and the reason is because   they were sold as “chattels” by their own brothers, bought by white men, and    trafficked to the Americas as “cargoes” the white man does not regard them as human beings.  While the black race is silent in the face of critical challenges, the   white man on the other hand is coldheartedly bold, and rude in his daring, and is even prepared to wipe out any race, tribes or nations for its own survival, and will call that action the will of God. Faced with inadequate manpower and economic challenges back home between 1400s and 1600s, the white man     defiantly and arrogantly set sailed to Africa and in broad day light openly asked the black man to sell his own sons, daughters and relatives as chattels. Sadly,   black men and women were sold as   slaves and transported to the Americas and Europe as    “cargoes.”

Indeed, such were the times and conditions, but   a lot has changed—the idea of going to war and taken prisoners regarded as “foreigners” and ultimately acquired as “slaves” is no more. But why other   races regard themselves as nations and have fought and continue to fight to confront the forces of evil and right the wrongs of the past, and   ward off whatever existential threat other races pose to their own survival, the black race, mainly African-Americans have refused or are unable to redefine their own roots to   redemption and freedom.

While other nations have moved on, and have dusted off their horrific past, African-Americans still cleave to the awful relics of slavery, blaming, naming and shaming everybody else for everything—they have organized themselves into armed gangs, drug barons, rapists and pick-pockets masters, and other 419 activities in major towns and cities across the United States.

It is shame that having been sold by primitive chiefs back in Africa and illegally trafficked as “cargoes” to the Americas and Europe, these  black people have not risen above the terror of slavery to a people of value and stature  so much that it has become incredibly indisputable that African-Americans   belong to the only race on the face of the earth  that is unable or that seems to lack the moral ingenuity to summon the courage and    liberate itself from the clutches of servitude, exploitation  and social backwardness.

Of course, here is the danger–the blacks in America are a shameful and wretched example of a failed and disorganized group that refuses to grow with time and events, and as a community it appears to be a pathetic reliquary that is glued to ghetto life in a world that resents looting, plunder and pillaging!   Interestingly,    there is an ill-fated belief amongst African-Americans which is deeply   rooted in their psyche, and that is, they sees themselves as being “culturally advanced and materially superior” to their brethren in Africa.

This false sense of belief is not only a slur on their own identity as part of the larger black race but it has also led to a loss of the true African  identity, and behaving like a raging wreck from a ship in deep seas, the have been effectively crippled   in minds and in their cultural lineage– black Negroes or African-Americans, “whatever” are neither Americans nor Africans, and living a false race, the white man sees them as mere “chattels” whose wanton death is a fun!

So “black lives matter” insofar as this mantra is chanted day in and day out  to the callisthenic of more shootings, more killings  of  black men and black women by  white police working for the political establishment.  Amazingly, police brutality against black people in America is a “new normal”—it is not an isolated policy that is developed and pursued by a band of maverick or imbecile police officers for their own racial biases; instead, it is executed exclusively on the platform of what and how the political establishment sees and treats black people—they are regarded as slaves, no matter where they live!

The biblical definition and purpose of slavery is that while a slave is regarded as a “foreigner” either captured in war or bought at a price, it was meant sorely for its own survival—the slave having been captured in war was inarguably poor, and it was not the plan of God for Israel to be poor (Deuteronomy 15:4); material success for the people of Israel was also meant to benefit their slaves. The slaves were an integral part of Israel’s life-they did domestic chores, held responsible, trusted positions (Genesis 24:2-4).  But in the case of African-Americans, although seen and considered as “foreigners” in America, black Americans don’t give it a damn if dozens of Africans are killed—.  they have sided and continue to side with the American political establishment to decimate Africa. Though they are treated and held in servitude and relegated to the wastebasket of “chattels.” Most African-Americans resent Africans and are very bold to throw in their faces dirty words than white Americans. Still, there are others who are not only aiding and abetting the idea of their fellow black compatriots being regarded as drug addicts, rapists, useless gangs and therefore they will see their   killings by the   police as part of the larger agenda of fighting “crimes”, but in truth it is a campaign to denigrate and eliminate black lives by the political establishment.

African-Americans can only consider or call themselves black people or people of African descent if and only if they are attacked, shot and killed in cold blood by American police. They prefer to play the slavery card against Africans by blaming their forefathers for selling them but when they are materially successful, they soon forget what the good side of slavery has brought them.   Africa should not defend or speak for a group is only eager to recite  its roots  only when it is caught pants down dealing   in drugs or engaging in rape—a group that does   not value its own race beyond the boundaries of criminality.

Racial discrimination against black men and women is not only a denial of basic fundamental rights in work places and other areas of public life but the ruthless and wanton shooting at point blank of black people by state police.  This is a policy agenda that every political establishment be it the Democrats or Republicans that comes to power in America supports.

In closing, we say hands off Africa to the so-called “black lives matter”—let the black Negroes or African-Americans or “American-Africans” whatever, cry their own cry until they can come to the true realization   that being a descendant of a former slave is synonymous to a “foreigner” living in a strange land, and the only way out of this mess, is a mass exodus to the motherland (Africa)! Indeed sitting in a river for years does not make one a fish, and therefore calling oneself  an “African-American” when in fact you are seen and treated as a “cargo” is  not just  annoying but a complete shame!  The African-Americans should know by now that they are not Americans; instead, they are “American-Africans” which is why they are absolutely unwelcome in America.  The painful history of being a slave or a former “cargo” in America will never end until the path to redemption and freedom is identified and the forces of evil are battled head on, and crushed to their heels.

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