The Truth Is A Moral Imperative

A judge who doesn’t listen to all the contending sides cannot fairly and effectively administer Justice.

A journalist who doesn’t speak to all sides cannot write a balanced story, as ethics demand.

A medical doctor cannot effectively diagnose and treat a patient without reviewing the patient’s medical history. That is exactly why he firstly initiates conversation with the patient where possible.

All of these ethical cautions and procedures are essentially meant to establish the TRUTH. Righteousness or probity begins with the truth. Sadly, we live in a society where lies, gossip, and rumors have become a way of life, or may I say the new normal. Interestingly, no one is interested in establishing the fact when they hear a story from the streets. Gossip has become a credible source of information in Liberia, and sadly, journalists are writing stories and editorials on mere gossip these days. Pastors, Imams, political leaders, and other eminent people feed and act on lies, gossip, and rumors. This is downright reprehensible and utterly shameful.

A society said to be established on Godly principles (some say Christian values) must thrive on truth-telling as a societal core value. We cannot claim to be a nation of God but a lying people. One of the worse offenses you can commit against a person is to lie against him/her. Lying breeds apprehension and hatred which more likely than not degenerates into confusion.

Fellow Liberians, may we endeavor to establish the truth in every story we hear before we talk or act. There is always a storyline behind a story and there are always two or three sides to the story. Let’s thoroughly verify and corroborate the things we hear from others before rendering opinions on them. Hear this, my friends, a LIE is easily told but cannot easily fade away, it tinges on a person’s reputation forever—like indelible ink. May we exhaust every means possible to establish the fact or truth about people or/ and situations, so as not to injure or blemish people’s hard-earned reputation. The Truth is a MORAL IMPERATIVE.

Writes Moncio Robert W. Kpadeh (Sage)

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