The Trouble with Twisting Holy Scriptures: A Rejoinder to Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence’s “God’s Plans are Fulfilled with many Situations”

By: Isaac W. Jackson, Jr.

The assertion that “to conceal a lie, a thousand lies are needed” remains alive just as our dear sister Nyonblee Karnga-Lawarence doubles down on her epic inability to provide any kind of leadership to Liberty Party.

In response to the avalanche of public criticisms regarding the Bility debacle, Madam Karnga-Lawerance posted the above video in which she erroneously referred to herself as the Biblical David, and Joseph.

By posting this video, Nyonblee did not only demonstrate the lack of capacity to govern a serious political party but, showed chronic limitation in understanding the Holy Scriptures. In the Holy Bible, with particular reference to the story under consideration, David represents an underdog, and Nyonblee is NOT an underdog. Therefore, there is no parallelism or comparison here to justify her post. Since, in fact, Madam Nyonblee Karnga-Lawerence is the leader of what till now was a very consequential opposition political party, and powerful Chair of the CPP. Hence, she can only pass for Goliath, which the Bible depicts as a giant, or a powerful figure.

As a matter of fact, many biblical scholars say that it was the disobedience and incompetence of Saul that prompted God to use David to finish up Goliath. Be careful, Nyonblee, how you hang onto the carcass of Bility because you might likely go down with him since your current position as Political Leader of Liberty Party has not yet enjoyed the full endorsement of any national convention!

Quite frankly, it’s downright sickening that Nyonblee wouldn’t even advance a coherent counter-argument regarding the inappropriateness of having Bility as Chair of Liberty Party but, rather revert to the same old useless subterfuge that backfired on Dillon. Some of you remember how Dillon in his shameless attempt to cover-up Bility’s checkered history spouted nonsense about Bility being converted from Saul to Paul. So, why is Nyonblee copying such a ridiculous tactic that backfired spectacularly on Dillon? What’s going on? Are we experiencing intellectual drought within the hierarchy of the Liberty Party?

Additionally, Nyonblee’s attempt to cast herself as Joseph cannot also stand the light of scrutiny, in that, it was Joseph’s elder brothers who betrayed him. And so, as the Head of Liberty Party, Nyonblee is the one betraying us, and tarnishing the venerated legacy of Cllr. Brumskine by not scrupulously following the established practices and precedence in the Party. Imagine, without the slightest respect for best practice, Nyonblee and Dillon upgraded their office staffers to the status of executive members of the Party – something that can easily pass for nepotism and political patronage. Madam Political Leader, how could you not know that such unsophisticated maneuver would have been roundly condemned by the public? This move is inconsistent with your claim that you are a political genius.

Therefore, at this stage, instead of desperately defending the prepackage nature of the special convention, coupled with the myriad of corruption scandals involving Bility, which are obvious takeaways from Liberty party and the CPP, please do the needful: first, nullify the recent promotions to positions on the Executive Committee of the Party by reverting to status quo; next, follow the established precedents in the cases of Israel Akinsanya and Ben Sanvee, when the founding father, Cllr. Brumskine, asked the two partisans to step aside because of their alleged links to corruption.

Finally, by asking Bility to step aside, you would have shown no sign of weakness; rather, you would have demonstrated receptivity to the discourse. Let Bility not be Liberty Party’s Nwabudike. Knowing how much it costs the government to clean up the mess caused by Ndubusi Nwabudike, I urge you to avoid a similar fate. We need to collectivize our efforts in fighting for the soul and long-term moral health of our party. IT CANNOT BE THE POLITCS OF, “après nous, le deluge”.

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