The Significant Subversion Of Our Legal System Is Tantamount To Grand Corruption.

I feel moved to write these words because it appears that we all have got to worry about the  besiegement of our justice system.

For too long, our government has boasted about keeping the peace but, what the government fails to understand is that, the presence of peace and absence of justice is a recipe for instability. A government should not celebrate peace in the daylight and manipulate the justice system in the dark. The role of a government in sustaining peace if ignored, could lead to consequential damages.   One of the Cornerstones of democracy include freedom of speech and freedom from governmental deprivation of one’s rights.

It is only undemocratic governments that leave  political grievances and social injustices unaddressed and yet expect the peace to be maintained. When our criminal Justice system can not work for a single citizen,  it’s a demonstration that the system is not only flawed, but nastily broken to the core. The president  hijacks every thing he wants but what is even sad to note is that,  the moment he hijacks the judiciary, the society ceases to function as a democratic space. Let me quickly point out that the reason the president always gets what he wants is simply because morality and patriotism can be seldomly/rarely found in the judiciary. All they do on the bench is to wave their hands in the air like they just don’t care.

What democratic credential is there to boast about when there is selective justice? Recently, Mr. Weah extended Olive Branch to Henry Costa but very disappointingly, he refuses to do same with Patrick Honnna. Additionally, It is important to note that if the president cannot reconcile with Patrick and James Debah, I can only conjecture that he doesn’t listen to his  Advisor on Religious Affairs.

Punch FM is not a terrorist group in waiting but a small media outlet seeking to give Liberians a voice. Just to conclude, the US 2021 Human Rights Report  is a strong evidence pointing to the poor democratic credential of our government.

There is no need to fear, this is not Al-Shabaab Militant group

This is not Boko Haram

This is not Hezbollah

This is not Taliban

This is Punch FM, a radio and TV station in waiting and it would be operated by Journalists and not military personnel. The Journalists are going to be using Microphone only and not bullets.
Writes-Vamey Diggs

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