March 3,2022

We are almost at the threshold of another political dispensation.

Elections will be held in 2023 and Liberians are preparing to choose a leadership to steer the nation into the next term of six years.

What should the next president expect?

What will Liberia be like after the Weah Administration?

How Liberia will be after this term, Will informed the voters as to what kind of person is best suited to take the mantle of power.

The economy, security, agriculture, roads,power generation, investment, social services, education, rule of law, culture and tourism and so on.

How are these sectors performing?

Is the economy Good, do we have investment coming to the country?

Is Liberia better off than four years ago?

Tough questions!

The Presidency of 2023 will be totally different, because most of the structures are down and it will require a strong team led by the President to resuscitate the economy, address the problems of sanitation in Monrovia and inner cities of the country, get the water systems running and see about the hospitals as most of these facilities are in disrepair and lack the basic life saving drugs.

The team headed by the President will have to get back to International partners to solicit help to deal with support for most of these sectors on a quick impact basis.

After this administration, the new dispensation will have to launch a quick impact series of programs to address health issues, sanitation,food security and farm to market roads before the real platform starts to roll out. The reason is that most of these sectors are completely down.Interim measures will have to be put into place for the first one year to address the problems of prisons, sanitation and a number of areas to put Liberia back on track.

So the Nation is in dire need of a leader that that will return the country to a wholesome functioning Society.

Key players have a role to play, opinion leaders are crucial and the voters are caught up in between those who influence with money and those who are extremely powerful kingmakers.

The reality gets lost because they have their own agendas vis a vis the needs of the country and the needs of the people.

Liberia has always been run by a few, manipulating key decisions makers and influencing elections at the detriment of the country.

It is about time that those who are key to liberia’s political process know that Liberia is in Danger of further retrogressing into serious economic, political, social and cultural problems if we further divert from the reality.

Therefore, let us be mindful of how we conduct ourselves in whatever areas we find ourselves because everyone is crucial to the process of peace and stability of the country.

Everyone cannot work in government, and that is why we need a conducive environment for others to do business and make money, businesses will pay taxes to the Government.

The Search for Leadership in Liberia and the Quest for political, economic, cultural and Social Reforms fall squarely on the shoulders of JOSEPH NYUMA BOAKAI.

By Atty. George K. Saah

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