The Rise & Fall of the Coalition for Democratic Change – CDC

By Moses Uneh Yahmia

The CDC is a political spent force, a mere shadow of its former self. It was just a matter of time for the masses of the people to see through the farce. We knew it would have been sooner than later for the people to realize that what was promoted as a genuine alternative
to the neocolonial capitalist dystopia presided over by the Ellen cabal consists of a band of misfits, riffraff and ambitious neophytes with zero depth. These political tramps are those who represent the most degenerate layer of the wretched of the earth and have neither the capacity nor the determination to progressively lead a complex society with opposing classes and interests.

But how does one expect them to have such mental acuity when most stalwarts of the party loathe men and women of patriotic conscience who believe that public service is meant to serve the people, not to enrich the self; that public service is an opportunity for public-spirited leaders to put the masses front and center of a progressive itinerary which rectifies the socioeconomic horrors that afflict a backward society and nudge the people into a world of transformation? This is alien to those psychopaths and junkies. They were only eager for political power to utilize the state as a mean to an end – the accumulation of wealth and social status through the sordid schemes of swindle and plunder.

This level of political rot, made obvious in the incessant quest for naked power and looting the commons, was endemic in the CDC since the inception of the party. Needless to say this has been aptly proven by the two years of misrule, broken democratic institutions and structures, institutionalization of terror and vast plunder of the public treasury. And the recent rants by Mr. George Solo – a one-time chairman of the CDC – against Mr. Weah (whom Solo referred to as a reckless gambler and petty criminal) further exposes how the party was established as a safe haven for small time hustlers who consider the capture and pillage of a battered nation by penniless quacks as a political norm. But a layer of the Liberian masses especially from the urban slums in Montserrado County lacked the sophistication to see beneath the surface of the farce. Thus, they developed an illusion in Mr. Weah as a result of the precarious condition they were subjected to by the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf administration and, thus, no critical analysis of the CDC could suffice.

This further proves that the masses of the poor, subjected to decades of damnation do not learn from books or the ivory towel. They learn rapidly from the experience of their daily lives. Hence the scars of the social crisis which seem unending, the reign of terror that has been unleashed by the vandals, as well the disastrous effects of the incompetence, greed and mismanagement are indeed bitter and painful experiences that have shifted the consciousness of the masses. Thus, things have turned into the opposite. The country giant has turned into the country nightmare. The once docile masses have been beaten into radical politicization.

Why did the CDC resonate with her base?

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf does not represent the interest of the Liberian people. Instead, she serves international finance capital, imperialism and that reactionary social formation which represents the national bourgeois class that does not accumulate through economic production and exchange but through the wholesale pillaging of the public treasury. These dispositions were reflected in her government’s economic and foreign policies that did not resolve historical contradictions but instead deepened the social crises and stifled social progress. Hence one can understand why the CDC continuously
mobilized the masses during Ellen’s years despite its lack of a coherent revolutionary project.

Nature abhors vacuum. Therefore, the absence of a conscious revolutionary vanguard with a revolutionary working program and broader reach among the masses of workers, peasants and urban poor drifted a chunk of the exploited masses to the empty populism of the CDC. This alone provided the Ellen’s camp an alibi (that the election was not rigged but instead the Liberian masses voted the CDC because it was the leading opposition political party) to give Weah an easy victory in the 2017 Election and ensure she doesn’t answer for her misdeeds and plunder of the country. We have already alluded to the base of the CDC which was enough to advance the party to a runoff. But as it was proven in two previous elections before the 2017 Election, it is at the runoff that the rest of the voters who voted for other candidates in the first round have always rallied around the opponent of the CDC to resist the disaster of a Weah’s presidency. His abysmal three year performance at the Liberian Senate, the disorganization of his party and his alliance with Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in the latter part of her administration reinforced the reasons to cement this mobilization of the people against the possibility of George Weah

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf subverted the democratic process

It is this mobilization that Ellen Johnson Sirleaf inhibited when she stole the democratic verdict of the people in 2017. She further exposed her detestation for the people for orchestrating the election of the most clueless candidate. And those who parade with this charade that Weah was elected overwhelmingly by the Liberian people ignore how Ellen Johnson Sirleaf instructed Jerome Korkoya to conduct the election with a fraudulent final voter registration roll; how her errand boys in Amara Konneh and Robert Sirleaf printed excess ballot papers that were stuffed into ballot boxes in the South Eastern counties; how Ellen used state resources to bankroll the campaign of the CDC; bribe Prince Johnson, traditional chiefs and key officials of her government to support George Weah; how she bribed all but Justice Kabinah Ja’neh of the Supreme Court to rule against the Liberty Party; how she asked the US Ambassador to directly influence the Supreme Court’s final ruling in the Liberty Party vs. NEC case; and how she blocked every effort by regional leaders who intervened to avert her conspiracy when they became aware of her plans to gamble the destiny of a country of more than 5million people.

It took less than three years for the lid to be removed from the façade of democratic election and show to the broader layer of the masses that Ellen struck a deal with Weah and his cronies to not investigate and prosecute any official of her government. Political
commentators have concluded that the Weah government is Ellen’s third term without Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. She is not at the forefront but at the back dictating the regime’s major policy direction and maneuvering to weaken any popular resistance of the masses against the scandal. What these reactionary gangsters cannot change is that the country is at the edge of the cliff and just a push would plunge it into the abyss. This is a catalyst to further enhance the militancy of the masses. The accumulated rage and discontent wouldn’t only be directed at the Weah government but also at Ellen cabal that has kept the country in an economic straitjacket as they managed to gobble up investments in every sector of the economy and deprive the masses of the needed funding for development.

The final collapse of the ruling CDC

Hence, those who still think a regime that presides over the social dislocation and general debauchery of the country would rule for 12 or more years lack perspective. They are empiricists who see things only on the surface. They don’t think dialectically. And thus are incapable of seeing the turbulent and volatile processes that are developing beneath the surface. These changes which are rapidly coming to a head are being propelled by the compounding contradictions – an unending economic crisis, pervasive corruption, mass unemployment, plummeting real wages, state sponsored violence, clampdown on dissent and freedom of the press, etc. These quantities of contradictions would create the objective condition for the volcanic eruption of the masses of people onto the scene of history.

In the final analysis, the odds are stacked against this regime of chaos. It is at the verge of collapsing under the weight of its own contradictions. This is the duty of its own gravediggers – an angry mass of people, united and determined to struggle for the transformation of society. Drawing a lesson from history, when there is a break in the point of stasis, the popular masses would neither look back nor would they look left or right. They would look ahead into the future to construct a nation that promotes dignity, hard work and discipline among its people. And fraternal nations that believe in the dignity of humanity and the rights of a people to self determination would extend solidarity in the spirit of cooperation while the militant masses would intensify their revolutionary resilience against counter revolutionary forces – external and internal – that would try to drown the popular social process in an orgy of blood.

Yahmia is a Liberian patriot who writes for the Parrot. He can be reached via

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