The Red Line Is Drawn!

First and foremost, is the Collaboration Political Parties (CPP) a force for good of which the craving and struggling people are yearning for a sound and good leadership all over the place to usefully, fruitfully and meaningfully lead them to the next progressive level in the face of the George M. Weah’s misery and torment loaded with all sorts of abuse and disregard for the constitution and the rights of others; or spent force gallivanting in the corridors of pretense and insincerity?

While it is so true that the people wholehearted welcome the conglomeration of the four political parties-Unity, Liberty, All Liberian and the National Alternative for form such unique platform upon which they (people) can totally, but most importantly to  politically utilize  their achievements, dreams and aspirations; in the face of an immorally  struck incumbent  desecrated with  cronies, sycophants and belly-driven praise-singers with no rectitude of people-centeredness; rather consistently bend on throwing jabs at opponents for telling him of proceeding wrongly; the CPP will have to show and demonstrate the highest profile of honesty to themselves and fairness as respective leaders of the CPP and avoid doing things that will turn the good intent of the CPP into a reckless and helpless laughing stock.

The formation of the CPP is a stitch in time in the political arena after the ruling establishment has grotesquely dashed the hope and trust of the people reposed in it with no expectation of performing a political repentance, instead finds profound pleasure in proceeding wrongly in its dreadfully questionable governance style; despite being equipped with all fame, authority, resources and power as an incumbent presiding over state’s coffers; the CPP if lives up to its true meaning and value  and put an immediate end to internal wrangling and  cherry-picking  and disrespecting each other’s status, indeed, the CPP will not only go a long way in restoring he people’s lost hoped and confidence; but shall be come a beacon fertilizing cohesive unity; inclusively genuine  reconciliation at national level; and the building block of a fountain of democracy of which many others, far and near will joyfully subscribed to with praiseworthiness.

Obviously, and without second thought, the existence of the CPP is a milestone politically and it is an open secret that the sharply disappointed people embraced it with the strongest political conviction; to that pundits say hats off.

However, gone are the days, when one would spare the rod and spoil the child with undesirable praises even when the latter is at his or her worse let alone performing dismally, with all due respect and courtesy, he or she must be made to know and thoroughly understand the faults and flaws imbued in his or her actions; that is while the CPP-Nimba-Primary and the uncouth posture that attended it leaving so many seriously wounded, is not the culture of a redemptive force the people are seriously looking up to and deeply  counting on to make known that with all Weah’s leadership sham, broken-dreams and poorly shocking drudgery; Liberia still indeed has men and women of mental discipline, progressive farsightedness and eloquently focused to take Liberian and Liberians to a noble height.

The red line is drawn; it’s no turning back, bury your self-greed and hatred because the political redemption of the people from the claws of leadership dilemma must prevail by collectively pouring out its juice of oneness and the sense of belonging  beginning December 8, 2020.


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