The Raw REALITIES Sen. Abe Darius Dillion -POLITICS Is Not PRIESTHOOD; Prioritizing Public Sentiment Is Not Enough. -CDC Will Come Stronger With Their Everything This 2020 Senatorial Special Elections

Politics is a risky and troubleshooting sojourn. There’s no Jesus within the arena to die for another to be saved. NEVER! It’s the matter of doing everything beyond the surface to get the necessary result-VICTORY. Being lukewarm and reluctant is a recipe of self-destruction.

The contemporary politics circumventing the motherland lacks exactitude and honesty; henceforth, seeing a leader with a pointed vision heading to where he wants to go rewrites the old-age pathetic contradictions is rare. Howbeit, since the ascendency of Mr. Dillion as Senator of Montserrado County, there has been demonstrative reasons to compliment Sen. Dillion and there are instances that worth reminding him.

Sen. Dillion promised to declare his asset as verification in flagging accountability and transparency if elected and he did fulfill it after he won a landslide victory against the current ruling establishment, the CDC Weah-Led government at its Political stronghold (Montserrado County), the first in 14 years of dominance by the CDC. He also pledged to be robust and open minded. Because of this vow, he took the advantage of constantly informing the ordinary people about happenings within the Senate; something that Liberians are referring to Sen. Dillion as “The Light.” Sen. Dillion’s passion for bringing to light the darkest events in the House of Elders should be recognized because he’s one Senator that since the genesis of our politics that have called for the entire Legislature to be audited. These are reasonable points for accountability within the corridor of our political fabric but it’s not substantive to be lackadaisical within the context of our nation’s politics nowadays.

Here are the reminders: Sen. Dillon said in a very crystal tone that his salary will be reduced and the amount will support county’s initiatives; but if I may ask, what are projects have those reserved funds done for the people of Montserrado County? Sen. Dillion spoke about lobbying to build a rehabilitation center for disadvantage youths but up to now the project hasn’t been heard of. What’s the reason? Sen. Dillion criticized previous Lawmakers for riding expensive cars and living extravaganza lifestyle but he’s currently riding a mouthwatering $45, 000USD vehicle. Should we say this is a mockery to advocacy?

Furthermore, Sen. Dillion level of education has been one of his critics major arguments against him. His Liberty Party (LP) is in a collaboration that campaigned for competency and education qualification but Sen. Dillon is distance away from that collaboration’s political manifesto, he’s yet to inform the Liberian people about his educational background; something which Sen. Dillion criticized current Pres. Weah for. Criticism should be reciprocated at all times. We cannot be championing CHANGE and we’re a typical reflection of the Old order.

The attitude of believing that he’s the only sheep amongst twenty-nine (29) goats is outrageous. He feels adore of being called the “Light” while his colleagues are termed as “Darkness.” This is a gross disrespect to even his Political Leader, Sen. Lawrence, the only female senator and Lioness within the House of Elders; and those senators who have been agitating for good governance before even Sen. Dillion was elected to serve for 8 months. Mind you, the Legislature is about soliciting the needed numbers to be accepted; anything other than that will be mere showmanship with no implementation through Bills and Laws.


Politics is not PRIESTHOOD. Sen. Dillion must desist from buying sentiment through little things and rise to the ultimate occasion of playing the political game demonstratively and not literally.

The Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) is the ruling establishment. They have the executive power to change the darkness into light. They are currently maneuvering to infuse $LD 4b into the economy with a political intent. They are also organizing grassroots sects and groupings for this coming December. They meant rig the elections to lessen the political shame in the nation’s Capital, Monrovia. The Dillion’s defeat at 2019 was a severe political slap that the CDC Weah-Led government regretted and they’ll do everything to settle the score. They’re hungry and angry for this coming 2020 Montserrado senatorial seat above any other thing. The ruling establishment is not prioritizing the fourteen (14) counties’ seats but they’ll do anything to get Montserrado back because it’s the MITOCHONDRIA of Liberia’s geopolitics. Losing Montserrado County to the Opposition in December will be a crystal manifestation that Mr. Weah and his charlatans are on LIFE SUPPORT while anticipating 2023 to exist the Executive Mansion. And that’s why Montserrado County is where Rep. Thomas P. Fallah, Mayor Koijee and Sen. Saah H. Joseph will donate One Million Liberian Dollars to a single community to purchase zincs. Such donation is not a political accident. It’s a tactic to win the struggling people through cash violence. Sen. Dillon should be enlightened that Mr. Weah and his cronies will mobilize ill-gotten resources from unknown locations to fund the electoral process in Montserrado County in disregard who becomes their candidate.

It is unarguable that the economy is unstable. It is vivid that there’s leadership bankruptcy. The Justice System operates on Executive’s mandate and not legality. The people’s social and moral conditions are terrible and fast depreciating.  The country is in a total bedlam under this CDC Weah-Led government but of recent, after the embarrassing gasoline saga, we saw the multiplicity of CDCIANS that gathered at their Party’s headquarters as they were getting ready for March 7 retreat. The CDCIANS turnout of recent is a political signal that CDCIANS are seeing the 2020 senatorial elections as THEY (CDC) versus US (Opposition). Their arguments will not be backed by logical reasoning to transform the fading state or finding solvable alternatives to their uncountable challenges. CDCians will vote without bothering who the candidate is. CDCians will not see the ballot box as a conduit to alleviate themselves from abject poverty but instead they’ll see Montserrado County 2020 Senatorial process as an opportunity to rejuvenate their support to Mr. Weah and his failed CDC. No matter the terrible conditions in the country, they’ll vote any character on their Party’s ticket to regain their political powerhouse, Montserrado County. This is DANGEROUS for our progressiveness as a nation and Sen. Dilion should know these raw REALITIES. Let’s be cognizant that CDC holds the record of winning Montserrado County on several occasions. Here are facts to authenticate the reality:

1) 2005 General and Presidential Election ? Weah and CDC won Montserrado with 138,513 votes (36.28%) out of 381,705 total votes;

2) 2005 Senatorial Election ? CDC Candidate Joyce Musu Freeman won as Senior Senator with 86,008 votes (13.3%) while CDC Candidate Hannah G. Brent (*) won as Junior Senator with 80,331 votes (12.4%);

3) 2009 Senatorial By-Election ? CDC Candidate Geraldine Doe-Sheriff (*) won Montserrado with 56% of the total votes;

4) 2011General and Presidential Election ? Weah and CDC won Montserrado with 207,710 votes (45.8%) out of 472,550 total votes;

5) 2014 Senatorial By-Election ? Candidate George M. Weah of CDC won Montserrado with 99,226 votes (78%) out of 479,936 total votes;

6) 2017 General and Presidential Election ? Weah and CDC won Montserrado with 276,558 votes (48.6%) out of 590,839 total votes in the first round. In the run-off, CDC won Montserrado with 314,594 (62.9%) votes out of 508,080 total votes;

7) 2018 Senatorial By-Election ? CDC Candidate Saah H. Joseph won Montserrado with 67,793 votes (54.8%) out of 125,374 total votes.

It was only at the 2019 By-Election the CDC lost Montserrado County to Sen. Dillion and the Opposition community with 38,578 margin against Paulita C. Wie of the CDC.

These historical references are important to remind yourselves about the fact that Montserrado County is noted for being a CDC’s base until the 2019 By-Election. Moving forward, the CDC will do everything to reclaim Montserrado County and these are recommendations Sen. Dillion should take very seriously:

1) Increase his personal security for safety. The ruling establishment and its fanatics will hunt him as frequent as breakfast that is not even available for the ordinary people.

2) Call for Voter’s roll cleaning at the National Elections Commission (NEC). The current Voter’s roll is formulated in the way to give CDC and its candidates the advantage at the polls particularly for Montserrado County. The District#15 By-Election can validate my assertion.

3) Hire competent legal experts for rigging of the results because the current Supreme Court Bench cannot be trusted. Four out of Five of the Associate Justices are Weah’s puppets.

4) Desist from being over confident and comfortable. Such attitude is a recipe of being defeated without realization. It is time to be vigilant.

Sen. Dillion needs to accelerate his political velocity like ever before because CDC is working tirelessly to retake Montserrado County and Sen. Dillion cannot be babynism. The Senate needs men of his kind. He cannot afford to let them down.

In conclusiveness, let’s take a retrospective view and be honest to ourselves, it’s a fact that darkness existed before light; so, Sen. Dillion should work vigorously or defeating CDC in December 2020 will be a mountainous job.

Politics is not PRIESTHOOD, Sen. Dillion. No one is above the defeat spectrum. Rally the ordinary people for victory. The CDC is coming stronger.


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