The Power Of INTELLIGENCE A Teaching

All we need in life’s turbulent and uncertain sojourn is Intelligence because with intelligence Life would be incredibly delightful and meaningful.

Intelligence uniquely distinguishes and illuminates the presence of a person among others.

Intelligence guides our decision-making process in every aspect and stage of our life and ensures we make sound, glorious, and productive decisions rather than making fatal decisions to our own detriment and others related to and associated with us.

Intelligence guides our utterances and interactions with others ( How we talk to people, what we say to them when we talk, where we talk et al).

Intelligence controls our emotions and calms us amid fierce tension.

Intelligence enhances our discernment and our self-esteem and confidence.

Intelligence makes us profoundly cautious and critical in our dealing with others.

Intelligence stimulates our desire to dig deeper, read more, learn more, discover more, obtain more information, and make sound and brilliant inquiries.

Intelligence conceals our human trappings, faults, and suppresses our inner cravings and egos (we all have our human faults and flaws but with intelligence, we can significantly control them and avoid being disdain to ourselves and a menace to others).

Intelligence elevates us to the top and intelligence keeps us to the top.

Intelligence controls our choices and Intelligence forewarns us about the consequences of the choices that we make.

Intelligence builds in us the courage and conscience to do what is right and not do what is wrong.

Intelligence makes our adversaries fear us and  Bible’s our competitors to our whims.

Indeed, the power of INTELLIGENCE is uniquely phenomenal. May we, therefore, strive for intelligence and be intelligent people.

By: Moncio Robert Wilmot Kpadeh (Sage)

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