THE POLITICAL BENEFITS OF WITHDRAWING FROM THE CPP-The Case Of Amb.Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Standard Bearer Of The Unity Party

The Foremost political Figure in contemporary Liberia is Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Standard Bearer of the Unity Party, a no nonsense personality when it comes to accountability and the rule of law. The CPP lost its meaning when rumors began to circulate that plans were in the making to buy delegates to the primaries by some members of the collaboration.

There were also persistent speculation around the country that strange hands targeting JNB’s Presidential bid were at work behind the scenes using politically overly ambitious power greed people.

Judging from the 2017 Presidential elections believers in JNB began to feel uncomfortable with the direction in which the collaboration was moving and decided to put these rumors under the microscope and to get more details.

Some members of the collaboration became more than uncompromising and recalcitrant and developed a hostile manner in dealing with other members of the collaboration.

They were very confident that those plans of theirs in the making would work against JNB and they tried even harder to make them work while others CPP members closely watched in total dismay and disappointment.

It took time to convince JNB that the tide was against him,being a man that doesnot leave any stone unturned, decided to give those involved in these acts every available opportunity to prove him wrong.

Sometimes, they were under ill advisement from their over zealous supporters and they push the union into unreasonable complications including legal battles.

The loss of confidence heightened because of reports that the framework document has been altered and a subsequent legal battle that ensued.

Howbeit, after all was said and done, the Unity Party  decided to pull out of the collaboration because the CPP was not working and their was uneasiness and anxiety amongst liberians as to why JNB had not said something to give hope to the people of Liberia.

We are at that point, UP has withdrawn so what are the benefits that it’s leader JNB hope to glean from the withdrawal to enable him win the Presidency?

Here are the facts:

He will have all the time in the world to focus on substantive issues of the Unity Party and political allies instead of wasting time elsewhere on trivialities as has been the case in recent weeks.

He will engage in consultations that will put him in a comfortable position ahead of 2023.

He will use the much needed time to sharpen his platform as well as put all the energy in  defining the roadmap to restore the nation when he takes seat at the Executive Mansion in 2023.

He will also find time to begin strategising on the foreign policy of Liberia and how Liberia can regain the trust and confidence of the comity of nations.

He will carve out a domestic policy for the nation and figure out the reconciliation process that has broken down.

Meanwhile take note that JNB runs

on the mantle of Integrity,character, accountability, rule of law,food security, roads, and provision of basic social services  etc etc when he takes the mantle of power.

He will restore the Liberianization policy which at the moment is not working, using the resources of the country to get the country running again and restoring the economy for the creation of jobs.

The collaboration was a destraction from the reality especially when you have some members moving in the opposite direction contrary to the principles as enshrined in the manifesto of the CPP.

With JNB Liberians are comfortable that things will take shape and life will return to normal in Liberia.

Now the people are clear that JNB will be on the ticket, they will vote him overwhelming ,it will be a massive win.

One key reason that the people of Liberia will take into consideration when casting their ballots in 2023  is the area of corruption, they want accountability of the resources of their nation.

Liberians have lost hope, there is hardship and despair written everywhere even on the faces of ordinary people.

With hope in sight, following the near dissolution of the CPP, liberians are hopeful.

It was not what liberians wanted,a manipulative collaboration, no.

By Atty.George K. Saah

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