The People Will Chop Your Money and Reject You At The Polls On December 8th…

If big money spending in an election campaign can secure a win for a candidate in Liberia, Cllr. Varney Sherman Would’ve been a President since 2005. We know he spent the biggest sum of money in the 2005 presidential campaign. Whereas, George Weah spent absolutely nothing to become Senator of Montserrado Country mercilessly decimating his rival Robert A. Sirleaf whose campaign was hugely financed combined with the influence of his mother Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who was a sitting President at the time (2014). He also spent nothing to become president of Liberia. He had nothing. He was damn broke. The people loved him genuinely and supported him. All the CDC candidates had no money and spent no money. They became Lawmakers squarely on the back of Weah. The people voted for them because Weah campaigned for them and he didn’t have to spend money to rally the people behind the CDC candidates. The CDC is a classic example of the analogy being illustrated here– that money doesn’t guarantee a win for a political candidate in Liberia. The people in Liberia vote for a candidate because they love him/her, even if that candidate is the lowest in quality among his/her contenders.

We also know that Abe Darius Dillon also had no money and spent no money to become Senator. He flogged the ruling party candidate who reportedly used state funds and facilities to campaign against him. The incumbent President George Weah would desperately campaign against Dillon and regurgitate derogatory commentaries against him on the campaign trail, yet a cashless Dillon would still flog the heavily financed and stately fortified Paulita Wie. Paulita, I must indicate is a fine young woman with a great future and I salute her daring courage.

This analogy is even more clearer now as the euphoria of the impending December 8th, 2020 Senatorial midterm election gripped the nation in no small way. The enthusiasm is rising to the peak as early campaign has begun. The same intrigues are at play. The regime is not even caching its desperation to reclaim the Montserrado senatorial seat being occupied by Senator Dillon, a man who just in less than a year has become a political phenomenal in Liberia—achieving a massive feat for disrupting the decadent corrupt and nefarious culture within the legislature and the entire government by extension. It is an irrefutable fact that Dillon is the most popular Senator. It is also true that his good deeds have charmed the people of Montserrado county which makes him a formidable and electable candidate. Like George Weah had his time to shine, so is Dillon now. This is Dillon’s time to shine and this is his surreal moment. Like him, hate him, just muster some nerves to absorb this reality.

No amount of money spent in this campaign can rattle and ruffle Dillon’s candidature. Even if you empty the Central Bank and waste money everywhere, the people will take the money and do something else on the fateful morning of December 8th. By the way, Dillon is spending no money because he has no money, and even if he had money, he doesn’t need to spend money on the people votes. The few months he had in the Senate he utilized it effectively and efficiently. Then and there he campaigned and won the hearts and admiration of the people. Dillon had already campaigned and will only be touching base with the people like he has started doing across Monrovia and environs. Did you see what happened in Clara Town? Did you see the massive turnout? Did you see the guy carry cash or donate cash there? Did you see the women throw their “Lappas” on the flow for him to walk on? Did you see how the young people were fired up for him? If you didn’t see anything that day then your desperation for this one seat has caused you some optical challenges and poor sense of judgment. Very sad.

Look, let me admonish my friends on the other side of the divide to stop wasting resources behind Thomas Fallah, for he simply cannot defeat the Dillon that I know. Fallah lacks the appeal and prowess to politically outshine Dillon in this upcoming senatorial race and no amount of money spent in this campaign can change things in his favour. The people are hungry and angry. They are hugely disappointed and perplexed by the level of misrule their country has been subjected to by Weah and his bunch. The people have been plunged into deeper misery rather than experiencing economic empowerment as promised them by Weah. They have not seen the much parroted “Change” Weah promised them. In fact, the worse is obtaining much to their displeasure. The excesses of the CDC regime just under three years are unimaginable and disconcerting. The laws of the country are being flagrantly violated by the day. Corruption has hit a record apex. Incompetence in government is to the pinnacle and thus the dismal performance by government officials. These are fundamental issues the senatorial election will be anchored on, not spending stolen money around the place. And because of the ballooning anomalies taking place, the CDC popularity with the people has obviously diminished, which is why the CDC is spending hugely to enhance and accentuate its candidates. An unpopular party cannot win a free, fair and credible election. Simple that is! How can the people you deprive, humiliate and impoverish vote for you? You must be mentally deranged to think so. And may I say more?

Blood in our eyes!


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