The Passport Racket —How Liberia’s Image Being Ravaged By Its Own Governors

The phrase “SIGNIFICANT CORRUPTION” as stated by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo—illustrating and characterizing the enormity of theft and graft associated with the Liberian passport racket, now trending on global cable news, is no doubt a ‘weighty declaration that must never be taken lightly. Anyone taking this lightly might be under the influence of strong and harmful substances.

By the way, how can we be so sure that the passports in question are not far more than 4,250 pieces considering the profundity of greed, and the unparalleled quest for material wealth and opulence which have possessed the souls of the folks ruling over our homeland? The desperation for bloody overnight wealth being exhibited by George Wea and his bunch compels to none. The guys are so obsessed with material wealth that the reputation and sanctity of the country no longer matter to them. Unimpeachable sources have hinted that the passports sold out to foreign crooks are more than what has been announced to the public. That the 4,250 is a massaged number. Liberia is plunged into a serious quagmire and may require powerful intervention to save the nation from the peril of extinction. What a debauched era in our history we shall never forget.

When the Americans describe as “Significant Corruption” the despicable and disconcerting ‘Passport Racket’ that transpired at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Passport Division, allegedly to the acknowledgment of Mr. George Weah and former Foreign Minister Gbezongar Findley, they are simply communicating to you that the theft and venality thereof is COLOSSAL, to say the least. May I reemphasize, it is likely possible that the actual amount of passports sold to drug dealers, terrorist ring, and malcontent individuals are more than the current number making the headlines. The hands in which these passports have landed are believed to have the ability to inflict perilous security harms both at regional and international levels, something the Americans are not taking lightly, diplomatic sources say.

If George Weah is not linked to such a deadly racket which has brought a big shame upon us(Liberians) and diminished the reputation of our already struggling nation, why hasn’t he made full disclosure and immediately declare all the passports in question TOTALLY VOID? Voiding the passports in question is the right and appropriate thing any responsible and serious-minded government will unhesitantly revert to giving the gravity of this matter and the looming security danger thereto.

I ask again if Weah’s hands are clean or he is innocent of the grave allegation made against him by former passport Director Andrew Wonplo, why can he declare all the passports in question void and communicate all relevant information including the code numbers of these passports to the INTERPOL for tracking and seizure? Think about this folks. It has been three weeks since the Americans stunningly exposed the Weah government and the government has taken no genuinely convincing action to prove its innocence order than to issue a bare denial and spew tirades and rhetorical blusters at Wonplo. Rationalize the response of the government and determine whether it measures up to the enormity of the dilemma it has been immersed in. Weah can choose to joke with this matter to the peril of his presidency, I care less whatsoever. Any which way, he and his bunch will smell the coffee sooner or later. The Americans I know will go after them ferociously.

I am worried about my homeland, Liberia. We are in big trouble. We may no longer travel freely as our passports will be subjected to thorough screening at international airports and border points, and our citizenship queried in a bid to establish who we really are since our passports are being processed and carried by all colours skins, all kinds of people and dangerous elements . Hilarious Nonsense! Heartbreaking!

Indeed, this is the winter of our discontent! And so it goes…

Writes Robert Moncio Kpadeh

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