The One People Revolutionary Movement Criticizes Pres. George Weah Over Delay To Submit National Budget To the Legislature.

According to the group in its press release issued in Monrovia, they are observing too many hilarious and shocking things happening at the same time in Liberia lately:


  1. The lawless and disreputable government of George Weah has not submitted a draft budget to the legislature neither has it sought any approval to spend outside of an approved budget, but is spending heavily after the last budget period has elapsed. What manner of gross insolence and utter defiance to the law being flaunted in the faces of the Liberian people. What manner of effrontery can a government display against its people.


  1. George Weah and his rotten cartel have placed the nation under a stupid State of Emergency (SOE) that has absolutely no legislative approval, which is not only a flagrant violation of the law(article #88 of the Liberian constitution) but also amounts to violating the rights to freedom of movement of the Liberian people right in broad daylight. This is totally ridiculous, savagery and unacceptable. And sadly, all of these are happening right before the eyes and under the noses of our Lawmakers. What a dysfunctional and spineless legislature/that no longer deserves the veneration of the Liberia people. They have let the nation down by conniving and colluding with the Weah ruling clique to defraud the country and subject Liberia to deeper misery and deprivation.


  1. There is no sign that the much-heralded $30m stimulus package is genuine and honest bidding as even the heavily publicised food distribution to vulnerable Liberian communities hangs in the balance with an unknown fate. Even UN WFP Liberia that was contacted to conduct the food distribution is treating the entire rice distribution with secrecy this lingering more questions than answers. Why has the UN WFP Liberia shamelessly failed to make public its contract agreement with the government? As far as we know, there is no genuine food distribution taking place across the country and the hope of the struggling Liberian masses to get some incentives or help from their government during this deadly pandemic has been marked dashed on the wayside. This reveals how barbarous, insensitive, unresponsive and irresponsible the Weah-led government is.


  1. We are getting worrying signals that the price of rice, the country staple has jumped from US$13.50 to $US15 or LD$4,000.00. The reported hike or increase in the price of rice is certainly disturbing news for the peasant poor Liberian masses who are already battling, unbearably too, with extreme economic hardship.


The One People Revolutionary Movement (OPRM) is concerned and appalled by these chilling and outrageous developments obtaining in the country, and would like to call on the opposition political parties to compel their Lawmakers in the both Houses of the Legislature ( Senate & Reps) to decisively unshackle from the cancerous and perilous spell of timidity and dysfunctionality for once and stand up to Mr. Weah and his band of desperate buzzards. Liberia is not George Weah’s fiefdom which he can run anyhow, it is a nation of laws and the laws must be unconditionally upheld and adhered to. And the people of this country must be respected by their government at all times. Weah and his gang must be called to order for once. They cannot and must not continue to violate the laws and debauch the country uncontested. This is downright reprehensible and inconceivable, hence, we all must condemn such uncouth behaviour in the highest term.


Enough said.


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