The Mystique Of Love

The Mystique Of Love


By: Moncio Robert Wilmot Kpadeh (Sage)

Love doesn’t ask why, it obeys necessity like the sweet roses unfold, glitter, and blossom when morning dawns;

Love is patient, moderate, and considerate, not impatient, naughty, and thoughtless;

Love is sexy, kind, compassionate, forgiving, meek, selfless, sensitive, and tender, not barbarous, mean, selfish, insensitive, careless, unpolish, impolite, and inhumane;

Love is benevolent, bighearted, enduring, sacrificial, and embracing, not afflicting, abusive, hawkish, exploitive, cruel, and unforgiving;

Love is firmly devoted, unwavering, unyielding, avowable, and loyal, not disloyal, dishonest, corruptable, cynical, and inconsistent;

Love is receptive, peaceful, harmonious, and cheerful, not antagonistic, vitriolic, and intolerant;

Love seeks to unite, conciliate, reconcile, and integrate, not disunite, exclude, segregate and disintegrate;

Love doesn’t emit division and hatred, it advances togetherness, generality, diversity, and inspires hope and faith;

Love heals broken souls and mends fences, it doesn’t hurt; it carries a pure and adorned heart and inhibits no grudges, malice, and vicious tendencies;

Love is refreshing, reassuring, unassuming, bursting, glowing, and alluring, not conflicting, bullying, dehumanizing, distressing, and despairing;

Love is bold, honest, courageous, daring, unyielding, optimistic, and fearless, not timid, weak, pessimistic, cynical, hopeless, and cowardly;

Love possesses the power to charm, coax, mesmerize, endear, and soothe hearts and souls, Love is not repulsive, violent, discourteous, pompous, and boisterous;

Love is truthful, modest, affable, and unconditional, not deceptive, pretentious, conditional, and hypocritical. Love honors all, not a few or some, for Love, is just and human and know that all humans are equal, regardless of wealth, fame, and power, and all humans are wonderfully and phenomenally made in the Divine Image of the Most High God;

Indeed, the mystique of love is dazzling, unimaginable, and phenomenal, a sensational and heartwarming feeling that compares to none. What a sweet, refreshing, and fascinating feeling to be loved and to love. Love is truly mystical and glorious. When love rules, the blessing of peace abounds. MAY LOVE RULE?

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