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It is without doubt the least, and universally embraced that knowledge is ‘power’ and for anyone to battle against such salient and natural genius exclusively provided by The Most High, it is not just foolhardy, but more than that, a mortal sin and total sham for any belligerent element to even attempt to decapitate the fountain of knowledge. One outstanding and unshakeable foundation of knowledge is reflective in the response from King Solomon to God when asked what blessing would he need from the Father of Creation …and all he craved for was knowledge (wisdom); and thereafter he (Solomon) was given his heart desire plus many more blessings. Those with such heavenly gift are not many in the world and like Comrade Moncio Robert W. Kpadeh, such people don’t grow on trees as fruits to just pick.

Accordingly,(Moncio) Robert W. Kpadeh, fondly known as “The Sage” (Wise One), has gifted us with some deep thoughts born from years of incisive reflections on the dialectics of materialism, power, social constructivism and a broad sweep of issues on human affairs. These thoughts are structured into 100 Wise Sayings. As I have found, and as you may, the purpose is not to make a show of wisdom but to entreat the keen mind not just to acquire knowledge but to sensibly utilize it. Cliche this may sound but wisdom has a way of evading the grasps of many.


In a brief and rewarding conversation with The Sage, he intimated to me; “I didn’t learn them from the classroom, but I have seen them manifest in the classroom as well. The reality of these sayings manifests to me daily, as I interact with people, travel around the world, stay au courant with global dynamics, and, navigate life’s checkered and sometimes torturous course, remaining ever vigilant of its trappings. A small voice often whispers to me, share these with the world, and let those who have ears to listen, listen and act accordingly. I consider them insightful life guides, which impact in whatever small ways, would for me be more meaningful than a treasure trove.”

Friends, it is a pleasing honor to share with you, 100 Wise Sayings, authored by a friend to many and a brother to even many more, (Moncio) Robert W. Kpadeh.


100 Wise Sayings

“Wealth is meaningless if it is only meant for the delight of its possessor, and not used to put smiles on the face of the needy.”


“Courage is to look in the face of the King and tell him as it is.”


“A deafening silence is better than a foolish utterance.”


” Avidity is the path to self-destruction.”


” Imagine this troubled world without mothers.”


” Conflict must evolve because it allows all sides to vent out their discontents to make room for healing.”


“May we pray for those who postulate that there is no God, the Creator of the universe.”


” Oh, Mama Africa, in your belly lies fortunes of natural endowments, yet your children struggle endlessly in reeling poverty and pain.”


“Oh, sons of men, I charge you to seek wisdom only and life will be a relishing journey.”


” To those who bless the hearts of the Poor, sick, oppressed and the outcast, you are etched in my book as Saints.”


” Woe on to leaders who steal from their countries wealth and impoverish their people, for an end of dishonor awaits them.”


“Ignorance is darkness.”


“Education is redemption.”


” A child is ushered into this world by a pair, no one person produces a child.”


“Winners were one-time losers.”


“Humility and selflessness are the marks of a true leader.”


” A nation is deemed civilized when everything hinges on the rule of law.”


“A democracy that is not guided by the rule of law, is an autocracy in the subtle form.”


” The true beauty of a woman lies in her virtuosity, not in her charming face and imposing structure.”


” The importance of teachers is beyond measure; may we treat them with dignity.”


” Criticism is the real mirror everyone needs in life’s journey.”


” Success comes after many failures, so keep peddling.”


“It’s high time Africa begins to give its worthy daughters the mantle of Leadership.”


” Women are partners, not slaves and baby machines.”


” Your risks began from the very moment you were brought forth to the world, so never shy away from taking them.”


“The Best comes with patience, always wait for your time.”


” Corruption hurts a nation, may all people of goodwill resist it with the fiercest force.”


“Poverty diminishes mankind to nothingness.”


“Tomorrow is never promised, hence, utilize the today in cautious manners.”


“Envy is the breeder of hatred.”


” He who has no ethos settles for any price.”


” Beware of a man who doesn’t value the truth.”


” How long can the truth be embellished?”


” Passion must drive you in all your pursuits in life, for passion is the natural energy we need in the quest for our goals.”


” Don’t wait to have plenty before you share, small but timely help can make a huge difference.”


” Let’s continue praying for those who fight injustice and resist the defiling of our nations.”


“Society will treat you based on the way you conduct yourself.”


” A Leader must earn his respect, not demand it.”


“Misrule generates public resentment, which triggers conflict.”


” Water is the most important of all resources the Heavenly Father has blessed the Earth with, for there is no life without water.”


” Do what is right and just by your conscience, not what others prescribe.”


“An appreciation of the past shapes our present, may we not forget from whence we come.”


” A good citizenship begins within the community: what are you doing to unite people, clean your environment, and mentor the children of your community?”


” Never deal a blow when you are not prepared for a fight and fight only when it becomes compelling.”


” Never mind, the cynics are fast to say you will not make it, it is impossible, you are encouraged to prove them wrong, by hard work, daring, and focus.”


“People know and regard you when you are successful and at the top, not when you are in your difficult moments, so write a reminder note every step of your way.”


” A nation that lacks consciousness, is no doubt poised for doom.”


” Diversity is only strengthened by tolerance.”


” Only a man bedridden can see the gold crown a healthy man carries on his head.”


” A good wife is her husband’s golden treasure.”

“As we caution children to obey their parents, so we must garner the courage to admonish parents not to exasperate their children.”


” May your talent be a blessing, not a curse to humanity.”


” The derivative of old age is experience, hence, never discount an old head.”


” The Teacher was once a student, so he is cognizant of the tricks students play.”


“Judge not, for you have not the moral fitness to do so.”


” Denial is self-imposed bondage.”


” A man may forgive you for stealing his money and other valuables but may not pardon anyone who tampers with his wife.”


“A leader devoid of any ideological inclination certainly takes his nation to nowhere.”


“Most gifts are given with expectation, be mindful who you take gifts from.”


“Idolize no mortal man, but God.”


“Only leaders with narcissistic tendency find delight in people worshipping them.”


“Greed is natural, but extreme greed is an ailment.”


“Slavery remains the greatest evil to ever dog mankind, those who practiced it must be likened to the wilds of the forest.”


“Western Imperialism is modern slavery.”


“To know the secrets of a town, frequent its drinking bar.”


“Aid is a Western manipulation to continuously subdue Africa into submission, for the one who feeds you, ultimately controls you.”


“Every man has a price.”


“Beauty is like a fine flower; it withers away with the passing of time.”


“Feminism is extremism, no one should seek to elevate one gender over the other or defend one gender against the other.”


“A brand-new bottle doesn’t change the taste of wine.”


“An academic who is not guided by theory is not worth listening to or reading, call him/her a fraud.”


“An eagle never misses because it keeps its focus on the target.”


“Until the African people realize how critical their votes are; incompetent, visionless and corrupt leaders will continuously preside over their nations and resources.”


“When will African leaders desist from looting and plundering the resources of their countries, while their people perish in extreme poverty?”


“The decay of any nation begins from within the family.”


“The Virginity of a woman is priceless.”


“A man doesn’t need abundance to survive, it’s only greed that drives him to amass more than he can consume.”


The Westerners defame our hallowed Sande and Poro Societies as evil, but classify lesbianism, homosexualism, and transgenderism as human rights and sexual choices.”


“Beware of a man who posits to be a friend of all.”


“Ignorance I can consider, but stupidity I have zero tolerance for.”


“Vaulting ambition is an egotistic complex.”


“Behind most smiles lies the wicked instinct of betrayal.”


“Spineless people often end up as bootlickers.”


“You don’t need to be born with a silver spoon to eat with one.”


“Never allow grief to saddle you, absorb it and carry on with life’s journey.”


“Let your children be the mirror the public sees you through.”


“Don’t despise your fierce critics, they are destined to play that role in your life.”


“Only a fool chooses flatteries over the truth.”


“Do people who do not cherish children wonder for a moment where they would be if their mothers had not birthed them?”


“Politics is a game for the wise, not the fools.”


“True love has no precondition.”


“Integrity is a gem.”


“Every man has in him a talent, it only takes another to spot it out.”


“Scholars are created, sages are born”.


“All fingers are not equal in size, but all fingers are equally relevant to the function of the hand.”


“Comrades, freedom does not come on a silver platter, it takes sweat and blood.”


“Society shouldn’t crave peace, it should crave justice and equality, for peace is illusory in the absence of justice and equality.”


“Life is a stage my friends: a child sits, crawls, stands, walks and talks.”


“It is not the loudest one shouts that matter, it’s the logic he/she advances.”


“Keep it simple and carry your audience along.”


“The wise listens well and speaks last.”


“Remain unpredictable, never reveal your next move.”


“Your enemies you know, your friends you never know to the depth, watch your friends carefully.”


“Everyone has his rainy days, identity with others in their rainy days, yours could be next and might be even thunderous.”

Thanks, You. Got It.

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