The Lunacy of Politics in Africa

The Lunacy of Politics in Africa:

Too often than not, it is a given in Africa that a political class springs to the national stage, after years if not decades of clamoring and grinding for political power with lofty promises made to the masses of the people, but when it finally accentuates to the helm, the national agenda automatically shifts to a “ruling group agenda”. The ruling establishment’s vested sociopolitical interest is heralded above the masses’ interest. The masses of the people on whose backs (by their votes) the ruling class rises to power become ordinary subjects and made to battle blistering socioeconomic hardship. The scourges of subjugation, deprivation, dehumanization, pauperization and other forms of anomalous conditions become the overriding and dire fate of the people. The economic empowerment of the people does not concern them. The political stability of the state is not a priority. The social transformation of the nation to equally propel ALL, not FEW to nobler heights is of no relevance to them. The peace and tranquility of the nation they care not. The singular objective is to enrich the ruler and his avowed apologists, nothing more, nothing less.
This can also be described as the “psychosis of politics” in Africa. The cognition of African leaders is that the acquisition of power presents them a golden opportunity to loot and plunder the resources of their countries amass bloody wealth and glee in grandiosity. Their lust for material wealth is unimaginable, to say the least. With such a dissonant and ludicrous mindset, African leaders and their adherents quickly fall to the whims of the tempting trappings of power and end up being subjects of adversarial public rebuke. This is the sad story of Africa, home to the world poorest people amid an abundance of natural resource wealth stuck in its belly—what a contradiction we cannot fathom: Bad governance, public theft & graft, poverty, abuse of power, ignorance, diseases, lack of vision, parochialism, paranoia, conflict, instability, war, etc. I am of the ardent belief that the regular African politicians cannot change this unpalatable narrative and as they continue to rule over Africa, it shall remain the “Rollercoaster Conundrum”. It will take “Soul Revolutionaries” to change the demeaning, disgusting, annoying, and ridiculous African narratives.

Cde. Robert Moncio Kpadeh wites

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