The Imams And Officiating Clerics Of The Historic Benson Street Mosque; Leader And Elders Of The Liberian Islamic Community;

Fellow Liberians;

On behalf of my family and the entire ranks of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP), I bring you sentiments of love, peace, friendship, solidarity, and profound respect.

To the Head Imam and officiating cleric of this Historic Mosque, I extend heartfelt thanks and appreciation for this wonderful Thanksgiving Service. And for this kindness towards me and my family and the PLP, we shall remain indebted to you forever. May Allah, The All-Merciful and All-Forgiving bless the works of your hands and pour upon you tons of grace as you do His work and intercede for our nation.

Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) says “Anyone who prays for others, you must find in his heart purity. You find that his heart is clean”. By this Thanksgiving service and the supplications you have made to God on my behalf—with pure hearts, I know you are true and devoted people of God.

People of God, It is always liberating and heartwarming to be in the House of the Lord, to thank Him, worship Him, praise Him, honor Him, and adore Him, for only Him and Him alone deserves our unending praises and adoration.

Fellow citizens, in these lingering difficult and devastating times, painfully dogging and plaguing our dear country, the need to seek the face and direction of Allah, the Most High, cannot be overemphasized. For we know that a nation that doesn’t seek the face of Almighty Allah more often than not is bound for doom. And the same goes for Leaders of the land who neglect God and choose to do things based on their myopic human understanding, they shall stumble and fall, and plunge the nation in peril. Remember Allah says “the people will perish because they lack knowledge and wisdom. It is only when we seek Allah’s intervention and direction will He open our eyes and show us which way to go as Leaders governing over the nation and people.

My dear Imam, officiating clerics, and elders, a fortnight ago, upon my return from abroad to the country, the First  Presbyterian Church graciously held a similar Thanksgiving Service to mark my safe return home and to pray God abundance grace upon me as I endeavor to reshape the paradigm, texture, and mentality of Liberian politics through the emergence of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP). Kindly permit me to share with you what I told brethren in the Church that faithful day.

I said to them, amid the reigning and blistering excesses obtaining in the country, under the watch of President George Manneh Weah, the Church and the Mosque must rise to be the Moral Conscience of the nation. I stated loudly and boldly, as I am doing now, that Church and the Mosque cannot choose silence and timidity in the face of brazen misrule, rampant public corruption, rising poverty, abuse of power by those at the helm, partisan politics, nepotism, exclusion, tribalism, nepotism, insecurity, secret and ritualistic killings amongst other wickedness obtaining in the land. Bishops, Pastors, Imams, and other religious leaders must mount their pulpits and speak truth to power by slamming the debauchery of the country and calling out the governors for misruling the country.

I believe it is downright wrong and unwarranted for prelates of the Church and mosques to be accepting political appointments from the ruling establishment and thereby abandoning their spiritual and moral duties and responsibilities to the nation and its despeing people.

Bishops Michale Francis, Authur Kulah, Brown, and Islamic Scholar Sheikh Kafuma Konneh didn’t clamor for nor accept presidential appointments. They stood for the country. They stood by the struggling masses. They advocated for good governance, transparency, and accountability, and criticized bad governance with fire and fury. They screamed at human rights abuses and champion the pious causes of human rights and the rules of law. They rebuked injustice and stood for justice and equality irrespective of one’s status and station.

Fellow Liberians, the current state of governance in Liberia is horrifying, appalling, disgusting, and shameful, to say the least. Corruption is been institutionalized as a norm in the governing system of the country. Every day we wake up to reports of looting and plundering at various ministries and state enterprises. President Weah has sadly proven not to have the political will to act accordingly as he has been accused of corruption. The cost of living is extremely hard and our people have no jobs to earn income. No foreign direct investment and it seems the regime doesn’t have the wherewithal to mobilize investments into the country. It also doesn’t have the credibility and integrity to attract multi-international corporations. Liberia is certainly in a morass wailing for redemption.

Fellow Liberians, In the pinch and despair of all of these, the Weah government has begun to unravel its repressive tendency and me being the latest victim—with specific reference to my helicopter that has been unlawfully denied a landing permit into Liberia. It beats my imagination that a government will deny a citizen the right to bring into his country an aircraft that has met all requirements in keeping with aviation standards, laws, and regulations. Why? Because Dr. Daniel E. Cassell opposes George Weah politically and fundamentally. That a citizen holds different political views from those of the incumbent President and his followers should be no basis for infringing on his fundamental rights.

My dear people, this is sheer intolerance and a tendency of dictatorship that must be resisted by all including the Mosque and Church of Liberia. What this government is doing to me and others is just how dictatorship crept into and saddled Liberia and we all know what happened to Liberia in 1989. We all know the consequences of repressing and subjugating others. Such abrasive and hawkish posture on the part of this government must not be permitted.

Finally, I like to assure all Liberians that despite the absurd harassment of this government, the PLP is a political force for good. We are here to stay and work with the masses of our people in the search for a new Liberia that gives genuine hope to all its people, not a few of its people. A new Liberia that puts socioeconomic dignity on the lives of our people. A new Liberia where good governance is the order of governance and stealing of public resources is no longer permitted in government. A new Liberia that promotes religious tolerance and promotes diversity and protects minorities. A new Liberia that chooses faith over fear. Peace and tranquility over disunity, malice, and instability. A new Liberia that chooses love over hate and optimism over pessimism. A new Liberia where the Church and the Mosque will once again be the MORAL CONSCIENCE of the nation.

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