The Hidden Facts Behind The State-Sanctioned Murder of DCP Alexander B. Saye

By Julius T. Jaesen, II

The year 2020, no doubt, has been a troubling time for Liberia’s political history under the leadership of ex-soccer icon George Weah. More than ever before, the year 2020 is stained with alarming deaths of public officials and ordinary citizens alike. All of them died under mysterious and very suspicious circumstances pointing to state sanctioned-murders that have engulfed the nation under the leadership of President Weah. From the wave of mysterious deaths taking place in Liberia at the moment, with all fingers pointed at the government, it portends a worrying signal of panic not just for Liberian citizens alone, but also for foreign investors with substantive investments in Liberia to come to grips with fear of pulling out of Liberia when the government cannot protect the lives of its own citizens least to mention foreign investors.

Liberians vividly recall the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of four senior auditors, followed by a call from the Liberian leader, George Weah, urging Liberian citizens and all those living in the bailiwick of Liberia to purchase CCTV systems for self-protection. The president’s statement drew attention from political analysts in Liberia and afar. Speaking to Parrot News, they described the president’s message as an evocation of the state of nature that ultimately invites the state of war. The state of war attracts a state of anarchy and lawlessness. Speaking to The Parrot, political analysts and scholars of international relations said by the utterance of the president alone, he inadvertently presented himself as an anarchist – one who advocates for the rejection of a set of hierarchy or stateless societies based on free and voluntary associations.

However, immediately following the burial of the nation’s four senior auditors and the clandestinely envenomed former public works minister with the controversial autopsy and police reports released by the Liberian government a few days ago, Liberia is yet engulfed with another mysterious death of Alexander B. Saye, Deputy Commander of Police assigned in Grand Gedeh County, the southeastern region of Liberia.

According to the police knee jerk statement, DCP. Alexander Saye mistakenly shot himself dead with his service weapon. However, contrary to the police report, the Parrot Online News has gathered from credible and impeccable sources within Liberia’s security sector that DCP. Alexander Saye’s death was a murder committed by Agent Sampson Pennoh, National Security Agency Commander of Grand Geddeh County. While the government has remained tight-lipped, independent security experts link the killing to a state-sponsored terrorism network. The experts are associating the motive with reprisal for the 13 Grand Gedians who were found guilty of mercenary activities in neighbouring La Côte d’Ivoire, under the leadership of erstwhile President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, for the killing of UN Peacekeepers from Niger, missioned in La Côte d’Ivoire and ‘CDC’s November 7, 2011 tragedy.’

Historical Background Leading to Alexander Saye’s Murder

Late 2010, there was an unsettled time in neighbouring country La Côte d’Ivoire immediately following the election that took its president Laurent Gbagbo from power and enthroned current President Alassane Ouattara, who just won his third term in the presidency. Right after the elections that occasioned a short war, tens-of-thousands of Ivorian refugees fled into Liberia through Grand Gedeh. During such a painful moment in La Côte d’Ivoire, more than 3,000 people died on both sides after Gbagbo refused to concede defeat to his internationally backed-rival – and now president – Alassane Ouattara. It was alleged that some Liberians staged cross border raid into neighbouring La Côte d’Ivoire, where several civilians, including seven UN peacekeepers, were killed.

Upon hearing such troubling news that the Thai Forest in Grand Gedeh County was used to recruit and train Liberians to fight in La Côte d’Ivoire, former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf immediately set up a team of security officers under the banner of “Operations Restore Hope”. The main operating station was in Grand Gedeh County.” The team’s operational mandate was to patrol the Liberian-Ivorian borderline, covering Grand Gedeh, Rivergee, and Maryland counties to monitor people’s illegal movement and other activities. During such time, Alexander Saye and his team uncovered over 200 weapons and countless ammunition brought into the southeast by Liberian mercenaries who were fighting in La Côte d’Ivoire.

The team set up by former President Sirleaf which was led by Abraham Kromah, former Deputy Police Inspector General for Operations and assisted by Col. Gregory O.W. Coleman and others, was tasked with the responsibility of moving into Grand Gedeh to identify and arrest all those linked with the killing of the UN Peacekeepers and as well using the Thai Forest in the county to recruit and train Liberians to fight in La Côte d’Ivoire and to restore total kind and stability in the county and they arrived in early 2012

During such time, the team arrested 18 Grand Gedians linked to mercenary activities in La Côte d’Ivoire and gathered sufficient evidence, including audio and video footage of meetings attended by the accused. This success led to establishing the entire team’s deep-seated malice by the accused, which included Alex and subsequently the prosecutors.

When President Weah took office, he made a trip to Grand Gedeh in early 2019 to hold meetings with citizens of the county to know the people’s challenges and how to solve them. During such meetings, citizens of the county asked President Weah to grant his executive clemency to the last badge of the 13 persons who were convicted mercenaries. With the influence of some top officials of the CDC government, Weah freed the last badge of Grand Gedians as political payback for the mammoth support he had received from the county since the 2005 presidential and general elections.

The Parrot News has gathered from its credible sources that those mercenaries who were all freed have been recruited into our security apparatus through the influence of Minister Nathaniel McGill, Jefferson Koijee, Morlu Mulbah, and others. They are now tasked with nefarious initiatives, including state-sanctioned murders.

The Parrot investigation has also uncovered that the deceased Alexander Saye, as ERU Commander then, was one of the police officers in charge to restore calm in the country on November 7, 2011. November 7, 2011, was when CDC violently protested against the results of the October presidential election won by erstwhile President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. During such time, there was a riot between state security officers and supporters of the CDC. Supporters of the main opposition CDC then threw stones at police officers. They attempted disarming security officers – a riot that led to the loss of a supporter of the now ruling CDC and several others sustaining injuries.

DCP Saye’s dedication and commitment to service, which included his contribution to the two operations mentioned, was the crime that black-listed him and others and subsequently led to his untimely death.

The Parrot News has also been informed by its unimpeachable sources in the security sector that in late 2019 the deceased Alexander Saye received a report from within the security sector that there was a state-planned initiative to murder him. Upon hearing such information, Alexander Saye sent an official letter to Col. Patrick Sudue in January 2020 to have his assignment changed since it was reported to him that the 13 Grand Gedians who were convicted mercenaries were viciously pursuing his life. Sadly, Parrot has gathered from sources in the security sector that Col. Patrick Sudue failed to grant the request of the deceased officer Alexander Saye. Given the failure of the police IG to reassign the deceased, he met his untimely death by shooting. Agent Sampson Pennoh, Commander, National Security Agency, Grand Gedeh, murdered DCP Saye as his proof of alliance to his kinsmen, for his partial involvement in Operation Restore Hope.

Moreover, Parrot is reliably informed that his gun and phone were found in the car with the county Superintendent, Kai Farley, after the police officer’s death. It can also be recalled that Supt. Kai Farley was the one who put together scores of youth in Grand Gedeh to attack district 10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah, and ANC political leader Alexander Benedict Cummings in Zwedru. Immediately after the situation, which was rescued by AFL soldiers in Grand Gedeh, Supt. Kai Farley returned to the Capital of Monrovia and received a brand new pickup purchased by the government as a token of appreciation to him for putting youth together to attack Rep. Yekeh Kolubah.

It is interesting to note that Supt. Kai Farley is one of those named in the TRC report as a mass murderer who fought as a general for MODEL rebel group to remove former President Charles Taylor from power. Sadly thou, Kai Farley’s appointment in the government of foot-balling president George Weah came as a surprise to many Liberians giving the CDC’s long stance on support for War and Economic Crimes Court to trial all those linked with war crimes and crimes against humanity. It now baffles many Liberians how the likes of Kai Farley and others who waged a horrendous and genocidal war against Liberians, amputated them, destroyed the future of youth, and delayed the nation’s progress will make their way to get the appointment of President Weah who pledged to never appoint warlords and all those with bad human rights records in his government.

Moreover, Parrot News has gathered that top officials in the government of President Weah a few months ago, had a meeting at the VOA residence of Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Nathaniel McGill, to present a list of former officials and security personnel in the government of erstwhile President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to the NSA death Squad for elimination for what they termed as their role played in the immediately passed government that was anti-CDC. The meeting at Minister McGill’s house was attended by Chairman Mulbah Morlu, Jefferson Koijee, Samuel Tweah, Supt. Kai Farley, General Power, and others. In the meeting, there was a long list of people drown for assassination. Some of those included on the list are former Police Inspector General Gregory Coleman and his DIGP for Operations, Col. Abraham Kromah, also included was former Solicitor General, Cllr. Betty Blamoh, Cllr. Daku Mulbah former county Attorney, Commissioner Nelson Freeman, DCP, Joshua During, DCP Dao Freeman, amongst others.

Notwithstanding, when Parrot contacted Police Inspector General Patrick Sudue to authenticate whether the deceased wrote his office requesting a change of his assignment area since his life was under danger, sadly, Col. Sudue replied insolently like a kid who was self-reared. “I’m just hearing this stupidity. I don’t know where you getting this from. Can you send me a copy of the email? We don’t transfer people through emails. What in security was he faced with that we didn’t know off for which you think he wanted a transfer, could you please share this information? You change it from email to hardcopy of the letter? If you have a copy of the letter, please send it to me because all that you are saying is very strange”, he concluded. This reply of a Police Inspector General would make one wonder how can an IG who should be a disciplined officer after undergoing several trainings before becoming head of the police exhibit such an unruly posture and attitude. Sadly, these are the people President Weah elected to head a once disciplined Law Enforcement Institution when the head himself is not even disciplined all together. How can such a rude IG like Sudue instil discipline in our officers at the LNP? However, this is a question that baffles any critical thinking person to conclude why the police is a mess and partisan police under an indisciplined IG in Sadue.

As for Superintendent Kai Farley, Parrot sent him a message to inquire how did he manage to get the deceased gun and phone in his car but he replied to the message not. Later, a call was placed to his WhatsApp number and he answered but refused to address himself to the questions placed to him. As for Nathaniel McGill, Samuel Tweah, Jefferson Koijee and Mulbah Morlu, they all declined to answer Parrot calls placed to their telephone numbers to confirm the alleged meeting hosted at McGill’s house to list the number of people who worked with the erstwhile Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s administration for elimination.

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