The FPA Publication is Nothing But a sheer distraction and a complete blackmail.

By Titus Jenkins Kiahun

Cllr. Cephus received a text message from a certain Lennart Dodoo said to be the editor of Frontpageafrica, asking him to respond to documents which show that he was in constant communications with what the author called the “main suspect in the money laundering case” in involving Korlane investment”. Dodoo further writes: “Can you help us understand the nature of these calls?”

Seeing this number for the first time in his phone, and not knowing who Dodoo was or is, and sensing what seems a smear campaign associated with his question, Cllr. Cephus replied: “Lennart thanks a lot for taking the time off to reach me by text. However, when you say documents, I do not understand and the only way it would be possible for a lawyer of my stature to respond is for you to kindly share with me the documents. The expression: “ I have documents” is quite vague and seems a mindset game requiring me to respond to something that is hidden from me. That said, as a professional journalist myself, I shall be pleased for you to let me those documents before you go to press. I trust that you will garner the courage to do so.”



Following my text message, Dodoo decides to address Cllr. Cephus this time by his professional title and name and pleaded: “Cllr. Cephus, can you confirm or deny that you have been communicating with Patrick Hermann who has been indicted for money laundry(laundering, the author meant), theft of property, wire fraud and criminal conspiracy?”
Based on this question from Dodoo Cllr. Cephus replied: “Lennart, what I suggested to you to do does not in any way constitute my official response.”
Despite this caveat, Lennart publishes the banner headline in the January 13, 2022 edition of the Frontpageafrica newspaper(attached): “Solicitor-General, Judge (Jomah Jallah) Talking With The Criminal”, claiming that the evidence is based on call logs.

First, this is a conspiracy, and we strongly suspect that it is being perpetrated against Judge Jallah and Cllr. Cephus from inside the Ministry of Justice apparently to derail ongoing the trial of ANC political leader, Alexander B. Cummings and thereby lend support to a recent text message circulated by a US based lobbyist that Benoni Urey and Telia are attracting attention and so too is Syrenius Cephus. The text message further said that they will try to find corruption allegation against Judge Jomah Jallah. Is this the corruption case against Judge Jallah?

We say this without any regret for the following reasons to wit:

1. And because no institution or agency in Liberia can apply for, seek or obtain a call log(s) except the Ministry of Justice vis-à-vis the police under the instruction of the Minister of Justice or a prosecuting attorney acting under his control and this can only be done through the courts. Therefore, Dodoo could not have had any access to a purported call log without the aid of some in the Ministry of Justice, or from a police officer or a prosecuting attorney;

2. Besides, there is a clear sinister motive for publishing such irresponsible story at this time, assuming without admitting that such call log exists, which we doubt, is to divert public attention from the case. The publication is used as a strategic diversionary campaign to derail the ongoing trial of Alexander B. Cummings and others, and thereby expose Cllr. Cephus and Judge Jallah to public mockery and ridicule.

3. Further, the purpose and object of the purported call log, its release and subsequent publication are part of the negative campaigns by individuals within and without the Ministry of Justice to drum up support for Alex Cummings, unduly beckon international attention and thereby support devious efforts to place Judge Jallah and Cllr. Cephus on US sanctions list as alleged collaborators of money-launderers.

Why The Ministry of Justice is suspected of being the benefactor of this nefarious campaign.

1. First, certain individuals within the Ministry of Justice do not want to see Cllr. Cephus to hold the post of Solicitor-General in his(Cephus) own CDC-led government and have been running and sponsoring devilish media campaigns against him through a number of outlets. There’s a quantum of evidence to prove these allegations and the reasons for same.

2. Second, they have used, and continue to use people in the Prosecution Department, not least Cllr. Lafayette Gould, who was Cllr. Cephus’ Chief of Office Staff to run a parallel ‘Solicitor-General’ office opposed to the government. There’s incontrovertible evidence to prove that Gould has consistently demonstrated this by his callous and incendiary attacks on public officials, the ministry of Justice, the judiciary and ongoing cases, not least the Brownie Samukai and the current NEC case. Even though Cllr. Gould has been sacked since December 30, 2021 for constantly using the airwaves to badmouth the government, yet, his benefactor, the Minister of Justice has surreptitiously given him an assignment at the Temple of Justice, although Minister Dean is on records for saying that he does not oppose to the dismissal of Cllr. Gould.

3. Third, when the news of the current writ of arrest against Alexander B. Cummings and others, which was prayed for before Magistrate Jomah Jallah by the ALL LIBERIAN PARTY by and through its national Chairman Theodore Momo, reached the Minister of Justice and Attorney-general, he called Cllr. Cephus’s attention as to whether it was he that was behind the issuance of the writ. Cllr. Cephus categorically replied: “ No”, and cited the appropriate law controlling such exercise, which means a Magistrate can issue a writ without the aid of a prosecuting attorney. The Minister first agreed with me and said that such law needed to be repealed and I said “of course”. But minutes after Cllr. Cephus left his office, the Minister of Justice ordered “THE CITY SOLICITOR” to quash the writ with prejudice to the state without any reference to Cllr. Cephus, on the alleged grounds that Cllr. Cephus was the one who issued the writ, which is not the case.

4. Fourth, the Minister of Justice having found himself between the rocks and high places and unable to justify the arbitrary quashing of the writ in favor of his benefactor, Alex B, Cummings, soon somersaulted and ordered that the writ be reinstated. This is how Alex Cummings was arrested.

Actions taken in the Money-Laundering Case

1, And because the Minister of Finance, Samual D. Tweah Jr. and Honorable Nathaniel McGill, the Minister of State had indicated to Cllr. Cephus to act with speed and precision in securing a writ of arrest and a Ne Exeat Republica against those accused of money-laundering, they summoned the FIU Director to the Executive Mansion, and instructed him to provide Cllr. Cephus all of the documents connected with money-laundering case so that Cllr. Cephus could proceed to the Monrovia City Court and pray for a writ of arrest.

2. That because the instruction was given around 5:P.M., and the court was closed, the FIU Director promised to bring the documents to Cllr. Cephus the next morning so that he could review and them and then pray for the writ.

4. That at about 8:00 am the next morning Cllr. Cephus called Cllr. Bobby Livingston, one of his most ablest and prolific writers proceed to the office by 10:00 am that morning so that they could together review the documents, pray for a writ of arrest and then do a draft of an indictment;

5. Cllr. Cephus and Cllr. Livingstone sat in the office up to and including 2:00 P.M., that day waiting and making calls but the FIU Director did not show up. Cllr. Livingstone then called one Marc Kollie, formerly of LACC but is now at the FIU, and he responded that he was not around his boss, but that the Minister of Justice Frank Musa Dean and Honorable Samuel Tweah had told them that the Solicitor-General and his entire office staff should RECUSE themselves from the case.

6. However, minute after this was revealed to Cllr. Livingstone, Cllr. Cephus placed a call to Minister Dean and repeated what Marc Kollie had said, but Cllr. Dean denied the information but casually said: “If people don’t believe in you in a case, you should leave it because when it fails, they will say you are responsible”.

7. That when as asked: “ Who are those people who say they don’t believe me”, he dropped the phone and subsequent efforts made to contact him proved futile.

8. However, when Cllr. Cephus called Cllr. Dean at material time divers, he(Dean) answered and said ok, when the draft of the indictment is done by Cllr. Wesseh A. Wesseh, you and Cllr. Livingstone can look at it to beef it up. However, when they could not get any sign of the indictment three days after Wesseh promised to share it with them but he t failed, and being that Ministers McGill and Tweah were demanding that Cllr. Cephus take an immediate action, he ( Cllr. Cephus) ran to the Monrovia City Court and prayed for a writ and a Ne Exeat Republica. The writ of arrest was sealed along with the Ne Exeat Republic and ordered sent by Judge Jomah Jallah to all of the border posts through the Commissioner-General of the Liberian Immigration Service(LIS). After that Cllr. Cephus went to the Civil Law Court and asked His Honor Judge Kennedy Peabody not only to maintain the freezing order but to also assign the Freezing Order Case as a form of “ bait” to attract and arrest the alleged money-launderer.

9. That after taking this action, Cllr. Cephus as part of the reporting procedure, sent a text message to Cllr. Frank Musa Dean, informing him of the action taken while awaiting the indictment and he informed him that he did so because of the wider international concerns the money-laundering information had generated, especially from the US government for which he acted swiftly and decisively based on the instructions of the Minister McGill and Minister Tweah.

10. This text message was perhaps forwarded to Cllr. Wesseh and Marc Kollie by Minister Dean. Cllr. Wesseh called Cllr Cephus, and pretentiously said the “action is timely” but some of the charges are not included. Cllr. Cephus then advised him to include them in the indictment but that the writ of arrest was meant to complement his work. In the case of Marc Kollie, he called he called and said “my big brother and chief” please withdraw the writ and Ne Exeat republica because this is a wider campaign involving a lot of people. We do not want them to get a hint of what is being investigated. He further said that the alleged money-launderer was just a “fronter” and a “small fish” being used by bigger hands;,

11. That at his behest, Cllr. Cephus then advised the immigration authorities through the Commissioner-General, Robert Buddy not unseal the writ of arrest and the Ne Exeat republica until further orders, and this was done.

12. That based on the withdrawal of the writ of arrest, Minister Dean sent Cllr. this text: “Thank you. That’s good. Don’t think we should rush to arrest without an indictment, lest we are caught in 48 hours web”.

So then what makes Cllr. Cephus or Judge Jomah Jallah an alleged collaborator of the alleged money-launderer? After issuing a writ of arrest and a Ne Exeat republica which were ordered suspended? What is the motive of this this year publication? Let the public be the judge. This publication is sponsored by certain individuals within the Ministry of Justice and we know them by their fruits.

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