The Doldrum Of Naysayers And Peeping Toms Amidst Fmr. Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai’s Subpoena Ad Testificadum: IN RE: ALP Vs. ANC

May 2, 2022

Every healthy growing Democracy in Nation States would encourage equitably fair play, transparency, and the Rule of Law; a somewhat, foundation support for strengthening Democracy, Peace, and Security. This established Rule base in many cultural democratic societies has been the backbone for growing surviving States in Africa and the world. Liberia has been a country founded on democratic principles, norms, and values that have espoused these fundamental practices and had come to solve most of its distended problems and political stalemates by testing the strength, integrity, and jurisdictional resolve of the Court in the land, which in every way, serves a luminous flux for transparency, accountability, justice, and substantive peace.

However, against this recent lousy political claptrap serving sidespin, voraciously attempting to tear down the image and integrity of Former Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, in the aforementioned case. Amb. Boakai, a revered statesman and noble elder of distinction across the breadth of Liberia, is a devout respector of public dignity and has had a long-standing experience at Good Governance, an element, which to date afforded him the privilege, in a long period, to intimate to the court of the Republic of Liberia, testimonial pieces of evidence, under advisement, to which “Subpoena” is a Right determined by Law in all fair suits brought before it (Court).

This procedural action of continuity of Justice in the full glare of the Court can in no way be construed as an abridgment, abrogation, contraction, and/or witch-hunt in tenancy of the law, as the doldrum of naysayers are and reactionary elements are vaguely heralding on social media and within the traditional media.

This unprincipled biased assumed by nestlings in the ANC that Amb. Boaka has no a color of right to appear before an open Court to testify against stealthy wrongdoings and document tampering by the then custodian of the CPP Mr. Alexander B. Cummings is absurd to even after ferreting out by the elements of the framework document by the NEC, an account which brought to bear graver responsibility by the furtive ANC, to date, landed the entire CPP in the cock pit. Then comes the mirage and sleazy hypocritical meandering of Alexander Cummings and his toetoe talers. Casting Ambassador Boakai down in one breath and at the same time brandishing him a defrayer of public trust in another strand. If this is not an brazen act of hypocrisy I know no other way to describe such desperate maneuvering.  How possible is the fairest of all human understanding that those muckraking elements and laughing jags of reproach and doom would dare cast aspersions that Amb Boakai and the Unity party do not have an ounce of evidence to make a case before the Court, proving the litany of aberrations in the legal gunbattle and at the same time maintain a stance in presumptive acquiescence of a  gloat that Amb. Boakai is divisive and nigrescent because he was inclined to testify in court being one of the progenitors and signatories to the Collaboration of Political Parties (CPP) Framework documents? How in the sense of this world could this be? A man of decency, integrity, wisdom, culture, and repute, a man loved by his people and of great virtue has no other lineage but to nib falsehood and political bankruptcy in the bud.

This bulwark self-styled blistering of members of the ANC is now drooling under the yolk of infamy and damnation. Amb. Boakai has a responsibility to nation-building and truth-telling, as such would stand to fit in the beam balance of transparency, Justice, and peace, as had always been years down the path.

We can only hope that the bright day of Justice emerges and the naysayers of doom go spellbound, as William Shaspeakere would say in Julius Caesar…..”For let the gods so speed me as I love the name of honor, more than I fear death”. Former Vice President Boakai had always preferred a name of honor even at the perils of his life. We salute a man who for his life has chosen Good over Gold.

By: Clarence C. Collins

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