The Devry University Trained Has Not Been Able To Fix It…..LOOKING FOR THE TICKET OUT OF POVERTY; THE ROAD TO 2023

With Elections ahead, I am fervently hopeful that the 2023 election would produce visionary and effective leadership that would turn the wheel and reinvent leadership in Liberia for the best. Many elections have been held and leaders have been changed at the ballot  but,  things usually remain the same. We have seen repeatedly where opposition figures would criticize policies and corrupt practices but would do the same upon assuming power.  We are currently living with such a sad reality.

As a nation, Corruption remains the single biggest threat and impediment to development. While politicians are living large and lavish lifestyle, the citizens are struggling to survive. There is no magic to development rather than the leaders to stop stealing.

If we do not use 2023 to hire a leader with the balls and courage to introduce sweeping reforms to curb corruption, then we would again be doomed.


The citizens are thirsty for change of their situation. There are more people in Liberia who are unable to meet the the basic necessities an individual requires  to live a comfortable life. Many people are unable to afford a meal while others are homeless. Many Civil servants that work in Government earn wages that are two low to live on or even save. The hope of many have crashed, some think transformation in Liberia is a fleeting illusion especially where a government with a popular mandate has been unsuccessful in lifting the masses out of poverty. prices of basic commodities are skyrocketing; thus compounding the hardship even further. Between 2018 to 2022, the lives of the President and appointed officials of Government have changed very exponentially. Since 2018,the President and appointed officials have built for themselves expensive houses, bought cars, invested in businesses and send their kids abroad. Even though they are few in numbers when compared to the rest of the citizens, the President as well as appointed officials are well off today than five years back. The HDI, GNI, GDP are only reflected in the assets of the president and his associates. Regrettably, thousands of civil servants and ordinary citizens have not been able to buy a land since 2017 and their living conditions have either remained stagnant or further degenerated. Civil servants can only boast of having a job in a Government Ministry but their living conditions are terribly disastrous. “Yes” the CDC led government has undertaken projects but “NO” the CDC led government has not been able to provide a better leadership to improve the standard of living of the ordinary Liberian. The CDC can best be described or looked at in this way; It is  a  Government that is undertaking few projects while civil servants or the masses are living on”  HAND TO MOUTH”

The clear picture here is that, the elephant size of the nation’s wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few and as the scramble for  power in 2023 intensifies, we can not settle for the same strategy where our leaders  would invest an infinitesimal amount on projects and showcase these insignificant projects as development whiles siphoning or redirecting funds in personal accounts. Have you not noticed that the president and his team steal more and do less and publicize the little. The president has done nothing to improve the welfare of their people, who are very poor, but he and his cronies live in opulence.

The the surest ticket or escape route out of this current situation lies in the quality of decision we would make in 2023. We can’t keep electing crooked and reckless leaders who have no fear for the misuse of everybody’s money. It’s time to be be wise.


Writes-Vamey Diggs


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