The Dakpannah Show Names Madam Keturrah C. Smith As Female Personality of the Year

The Dakpannah Show wishes to highlight Keturrah C. Smith, Managing Director of the Liberia Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Authority as our Female Personality of the Year for 2020.

Ms. Smith has a vast education and background from which she draws to give power to the people through the LMHRA. A Pharmacist by trade, she achieved both a BS and a BPharm from the University of Liberia. Her career accolades include time spent at JFK Hospital and in industry both in the country and throughout the world.
Supported in her current position by President George M. Weah, she was brought in during a time of great turmoil and has risen in achievements of making the organization stronger and more solid. Taking the reigns at a medical organization during the COVID-19 world wide pandemic can be daunting, if nothing else. There were many steps that she needed to lead the organization and country through during this busy year.

Poverty is rampant in our country, unfortunately. But with knowledge comes growth. Ms. Smith has taken a number of steps to assist the people of our country that allowed for increase of knowledge and improvement of medical standards throughout the country.

Front Page Africa highlighted a few of these steps and we briefly list them here:
In May of 2020, the LMHRA seized a large quantity of substandard pharmaceutical products and services as they attempted to enter the country
Madame Smith and her organization set out to discourage and dissuade our countrymen of purchasing any type of medical good from street peddlers.
Most recently, a one day brainstorming conference was held under Ms. Smith’s direction to discuss the need for a large medical laboratory with upgraded equipment with the main purpose to study and approve medicines being received into the country.

Pro’s and con’s were discussed based on the needs of the country’s current lab.
Urgency for such a lab is greatly needed based on COVID-19 spread and corresponding vaccinations. We celebrate her efforts as we work to increase the betterment of healthcare in our country.

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