The CPP is on a Collision Course

By Eugene Thompson/Member of the CPP

Since the conduct of the CPP controversial primary in Nimba County between Liberty Party Edith Gongloe-Weh and ANC Taa Wongbe that was heavily marred with fraud and violence, and one that doesn’t confront to the democratic principles of universal suffrage and political equality as reflected in international standards and agreements, and that is credible, fair, impartial and transparent, the political marriage of the four collaborating political parties seems to be on a collision course.

Immediately after the primary which lacks integrity and one that was attended by violence which saw some of the collaboration members sustaining lacerations on their bodies in Nimba County, the four leaders of the CPP came together and set up a three-man committee of independent people with no political attachment to the CPP to probe the fracas that took place during the primary – something which is an honourable and healthy thing to do in any democratic culture and environment and we embraced.

Foolhardily and thoughtlessly, right after such welcoming decision reached and agreed upon by the CPP and all its political leaders in a meeting that lasted for hours, Benoni Urey, in his usual mood of arrogance and bigotry tossed stinking attacks at Cummings, Taa Wongbe and their ANC barely three hours after he jointly agreed with his colleagues to hire the service of an independent committee to probe the saga in Nimba – something up to current, I didn’t hear Unity Party and Liberty Party condemning Urey for the careless breach of their unanimous decision. And this is now becoming to cast a dark cloud on the sincerity, credibility, genuineness and integrity each of the constituent parties brings to the collaboration.

But interestingly though, the Independent Committee a few days ago completed its investigation and presented to the CPP a 300-page paper with findings validating the fraudulent nature of the primary in Nimba and at the same time recommended a rerun of the entire process, one that reflects transparency, fairness and credibility – all which are good tenets of democracy.

But unfortunately undemocratic, with the committee report presented to the four collaborating political parties with pieces of documents attached all evidencing the wave of irregularities, fraud and violence that engulfed and attended the primary in Nimba, rendering the process one that is devoid and bereft of integrity by all measures and standards, coupled with the sincerest recommendation for a rerun, three of the constituent political parties in our CPP, namely Unity Party, Liberty Party and the All Liberian Party of toxic politician Benoni Urey, blatantly ignored the committee findings and recommendations contained in its report and went on yesterday to issue a two-page statement of declaration endorsing madam Edith Gongloe-Weh in barefaced and brazen disrespect to the Alternative National Congress.

If the CPP must be a genuine force that our people will look up to as an alternative that will endure into the future and eject the CDC from the helm of political leadership in our country, then it should operate in honesty and conduct its affairs consistent with democratic tenants and the framework of the collaboration.

It is totally dismaying, disheartening and heartbreaking that three parties out of the four will be ganging up against one, and not only that but breaking their law and framework in a way that puts the institution on a collision course and shatters all that they have worked for over the last three years.

Why should you endorse Edith Gongloe-Weh when an independent committee had called for a return to status core because the process fell short of law and everything consistent with political prudence and integrity. We are shocked that this has just dashed the CPP on a collision course and shattered the hopes of those who look up to the CPP as a force of good and not a spent force.

This action on the party of the three constituent political parties in our collaboration is anti-democratic, uncouth, uncivilized and a quintessential display of disloyalty on their part, and indeed their action only represents the breaking point of the CPP going forward.

With this elevation of arrogance, disrespect, deep-seated disloyalty and shared dishonesty in the collaboration, I fear that the CPP is going nowhere and has only braced and put herself on a collision course.

I believe that the ANC is well on course with its position and it must stand its ground because it is the right thing to do. We must respect the law in our quest to move to this country. We cannot be accusing the CDC’s government of flouting the law and we in the CPP are guilty of the same.

Why in the essence in the first place that we moved toward hiring the consultancy of a committee and spending lots of money when in the end we will not adhere to the committee report. If the CPP is not loyal and honest how can our people entrust the institution with state power?



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