The CDC hypocrisy: “Indigenous government” erasing indigenous professionals?

By Moses Uneh Yahmia

The last time I checked, the CDC had its minions on social media peddling the Native/Congau divide. According to the imps, the CDC-led government is a true representation of native or indigenous Liberians of all hues. Thus the remnants of the Congau or Americo-Liberian hegemony are angry and have coalesced around a nefarious agenda to undermine the Weah administration with the sole intent to recapture state power. Such a stinking narrative is nothing short of the height of absurdity and lack of political imagination as no popular and progressive social movement would turn to insular tribalism to deal with contradictions in the polity.

Social contradictions are confronted within the context of the class struggle where contending classes fight for the soul and body of the country to ignite agendas based on their ideological conceptions. It is based on the merits and demerits of these agendas that an effective political struggle is waged by the representatives (reactionary and revolutionary) of the contending classes. Thus, class society is not defined by tribe, age, gender, religion, race, etc. Class is the division of society on the basis of one’s relation to the means of production and distribution of wealth. To pander to tribal or religious instincts is to obscure the class divide – rich and poor- in the society and create division among the exploited people, which is the forte of forces that refuse to deal with the fundamental questions of how wealth is created and distributed but dilute these debates on the altar of crude tribal bigotry.

In fact, that Weah’s inner circle consists of patent criminals who are of both native and congau origins tells more about the hypocrisy of such a position and exposes the dishonesty of wretched forces who parrot such nonsense. The division of the people on tribal lines even
when the evidence indicates such a standpoint is downright dishonest is a tactic of political opportunism, which is one of the key features of a government that is not interested in moving the needle on transformational issues. We will do an in-depth analysis of this issue
in the near future.

Let’s get to the main theme of the text. If the CDC is truly a representation of indigenous Liberians, why is the regime murdering the sons and daughters of the people? Who are Gifty Lamah, Albert Peters, Emmanuel Banto Nyesua, and George Fahnboto? These are Liberians of indigenous descent. Sister Lamah rose from the slum of West Point and beat all odds stacked against her to graduate from the Stella Maris Polytechnic as a valedictorian of her class. She would go on to become a Mandela Washington Fellow before taking up a job at the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA). Lamah was an embodiment of hope and
an inspirational example for many young Liberian women who continue to strive in a backward patriarchal society that treats women as objects of abuse.

But her life was gruesomely taken because she refused to cover up the perfidy of bandits who proclaimed to represent her tribe or social formation but in reality have turned the nation into a casino while the masses eke out a living on the margins of society. Peters, Nyesua,
and Fahnboto were also ordinary sons of the people who defeated all odds thrown at them by a rotten society aimed at preventing them from developing their potential to become productive agents in the service of humanity. They too met a similar gory fate as Lamah because they chose their country over gluttons, misfits, and savages. So you see, the quacks in the CDC are no leaders of the people. In less than two years, they have ruined and looted the homeland. Hence, crude tribalism, the institutionalization of terror, fraudulent election, etc. are the last resorts to keep their grip on power.

We must build a popular revolutionary front to avert a slide to primordial tribal instincts and barbarism. We don’t need a native front against an Americo-Liberian front. Not an Americo-Liberian front against a native front. But a popular vanguard of progressive forces standing on the shoulders of the people as we fight against a clique of social misfits and parasites to move forward and build a humane society that puts the welfare of the people first rather than the parochial interest of a few. This is the most essential task before us. We cannot betray it. We must fulfill it!

Yahmia writes for the Parrot. He can be reached via

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