The CDC Govt, A Boatload Of Paradox And Faux Pas

The government of the Coalition of  Democratic Change ((CDC) which constitutes a marriage of three political parties with the CDC being the dominant commandeering the lucrative and influential positions in government while the National Patriotic Party (NPP) and  LPDP being subservient has so far proven to be a colossal failure indicative of the boatload of paradox and faux pas it has disgracefully and disconcertingly showcased—much to the vexing displeasure of the struggling Liberian masse on whose back the CDC and its Collaborating parties rose to the helm of power.

paradoxically, yesterday, we heard the wailing voices of CDC stalwarts, who tarried in the walls of opposition for twelve years, and are today’s rulers of Liberia, pitched loud to the mountaintop rebuking bad governance and all its frills with fire and fury…even summoning the audacity to execute a fierce protest seeking the “Step Down” of the previous government. Today, they have the gable of authority and sit on the coveted throne of the Presidency. Power is in the hands of George Weah and his avowed surrogates who shouted aloud to the peril of their starving lungs against what they described as misrule perpetrated by the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf-led Administration. Truth be told, a good sum of their criticisms was justified and in proper order, as a throng of anomalies were obtaining under the past administration. However, today, they have the perfect opportunity to transform Liberia into a blossoming paradise and parachute all Liberians to the Moon and back as they claimed they would do should they be elected to power. Today, they have all the resources of the state to change the disgusting and mortifying narratives of squalor poor West Point, Clara Town, Vai Town, Jallah Town, Doe Community, Sonie Whein, Buzzy Quarters, and a horde of other wretched peasant communities across the country and put socioeconomic dignity in them, but they have not done so with about four years in power. Why?

Liberians across the political divides thought Weah and his band of “Patriots” who love Liberia more than the rest not in their league would have governed much differently and take a radical departure from the decadence ages of Liberia but shockingly they haven’t. Political pundits are now pontificating that Weah and his friends are doing worse if not the WORST in the governance of the country. The CDC promised “Change”, but the question keeps lingering, where is the change? They have been at the helm for four years now, Liberians psychologically bruised by years of misrule are stunned and wondering when will Weah and his sycophantic henchmen deliver the much-promised change?

With four years as President, Weah, the “Childish Presiden”‘ as many Liberians often describe him, has plunged Liberia into a complete morass! The excesses and abnormalities obtaining under his government cannot be quantified in any quantum. The very vices the CDC vehemently condemned are the vice they are committing with no modicum of remorse.

With the “Prophets of Change” at the helm, we still see Liberians walloping and grinding in extreme poverty with starving hunger and incurable diseases decimating them by the day. No jobs created and have not the ability and contacts to mobilize needed Foreign Direct Investments in four years now. What a bereft and dumb government! Public Corruption has been institutionalized within the governing system and has taken solid root in every branch of the government—from the executive to the Legislative and onward to the Judiciary. Transparency institutions in the country have been immersed in a functional coma as they have been deprived of needed financial support and the political backing to effectively and independently perform their constitutional duties. This is because the regime is roguish and disreputable, hence, empowering Transparency Institutions ultimately amounts to weaponizing an enemy against themselves.  The country remains heavily divided because Weah chooses to rule in disunity and to viciously witch hunt fellow citizens who disagree with him politically and fundamentally. Remember, they say a King who rules with hatred, division, and subversive mentality draws adversary upon his throne. And a nation that is divided will not enjoy the blessings of peace and harmony and so is the case with Liberia under the rule of George Weah and his gang of thieves. Lawlessness has plateaued because Weah lacks the intelligence, dexterity, and political will to regiment his officials appropriately thus begging the question; how can such a man effectively and efficiently govern a nation?

Fear has gripped the nation as Insecurity and secret killings are on a nerve-wracking rise indicative of a perilous country to live in. The much-talked-about stimulus Package, about US$30 million has disappeared and reappeared in the pockets of state officials, and the Stimulus Program sadly turned out to be a colossal fiasco. The Legislature being a willing partner, aiding and abetting Weah’s plethora of idiosyncrasies have no moral standing, not the temerity to take meaningful action on the stimulus package situation because it bows to the whims and caprices of the Weah kleptocracy and aristocracy. The US$25M infamous Mop Up exercise was marred by fraud and theft, stated by Kroll International and Liberia’s General Auditing Commission(GAC) respectively recommending a future investigation into how the money was used. Mr. George Weah and his poodles would not honor the recommendation from the two audit institutions for obvious reasons. The disappearance of the L$16b banknotes remains a Vexing Mystery fit for a page in the Guinness Book of Epic Records.

Now that the gable is in their hands, why have they not done what they demanded of others? Why are they building condominiums,  flying in private jets, and living garishly instead of extracting the struggling masses from the scorching doldrums of perennial poverty? Now, that power is in their hands, what has changed? Well, Liberia remains a pendulum of Trauma with no hope into the future, as Weah and his close associates get richer and the masses get poorer and poorer and dubbed as “Perpetual Sore victims” of brazen misrule.

Writes Cde. Robert Moncio Kpadeh (sage)

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