The Answer Lies with the People: A Tribute to a Friend

By Alfred Perspicacious Bombo Kiadii

A few years ago, I met brother Julius T. Jaesen II. Julius struck me with his nuanced grasp of complexities and his willingness to dabble in philosophical categories as a human vessel fascinated with ideas.

But before our first meeting, I had heard him on the wireless landing hammer blows against the pitfalls of national leadership and the cavalier attitude that is the central characteristic of most Liberian political administrations. In those interventions, he was brilliantly insightful and toweringly intellectual, wading into difficult territories with a profound sense of clarity and allegiance to details uncharacteristic of many who jump at calling on talk shows.

Julius’ predilection for philosophy and his insistence on critical scholarship are gleefully phenomenal, especially in a wasteland where commitment to critical scholarship is discouraging.

This makes him part of the few that we exchange thoughts about philosophy and the philosophical positions about the existence of God. We have discussed St Augustine’s cosmological argument, William Paley’s Teleological argument, St. Anselm’s Ontological argument, and Philosopher Mary Daly’s dissension and her spirited protest about the masculinization of the Bible–in all Julius has been fantastic brilliant.

In recent times, he is being published by many of the dailies in the Republic. Julius takes the government to task on many of its glaring shortcomings while at the same time contributing to the conversation about an alternative formation.

Individuals such as Julius and many others on the frontlines add impetus and dynamism to the people’s struggle. However, the struggle against poverty in the midst of plenty, of historical inequalities, and backwardness is not a stand-alone endeavor; it is one of collective pursuit. The people united against their common foes, engaged in a courageous struggle to reclaim their destiny, and led by a vanguard with the correct program and committed to fundamental transformation can bring this order to a juddering halt. In short, the answer lies with the people!

As today is his birthday, I join the titanic chorus of well wishes to the man who carries and lives up to the sobriquet — the Medieval Philosopher. This Medieval Philosopher is a man of unshakable courage and relentless resilience. A man whose piercing usage of the pen sends shivers down the weak spine of the reactionaries. People like him rekindles our faith in the homeland.

Happy Birthday!

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