Tarpeh Created 21 Bank Accounts At MOC -Fmr. Min. Jemima Reveals

Julius T. Jaesen, II Writes 

The former Deputy Minister for Small Business at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has accused Commerce Minister Wilson K. Tarpeh of creating 21 different bank accounts for the Ministry.

According to Jemima, this is fishy and it appears to be a well-designed criminal maneuvering on the part of Min. Tarpeh to engage himself in theft, abuse and wanton corruption, as everywhere he had previously worked, he was either dismissed for corruption or asked to resign for misappropriation of funds.

She also called on the General Auditing Commission (GAC) to move in quick and conduct an audit on the Ministry before her criminal boss Wilson Tarpeh covers things up. She accused him of being a criminal accountant who is well schooled in committing theft and abuse.

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