Taking this debate on autopsy to another level – Rationalization, Reasoning, & Realism

By Martin K. N. Kollie

Clinical Autopsy or Forensic Autopsy? Clinical Pathologists or Forensic Pathologists? Are those 2 Liberian pathologists qualified and competent to conduct forensic autopsy? I will use rationalization, reasoning, and realism to judiciously satisfy or satiate these inquiries.

The Weah-led government fears us. They fear our courage and consistency. They fear our pen and voice even more. They just issued a “Writ of Arrest” for me through one of their Kangaroo Courts – Monrovia City Court, Temple of Justice. But this “Writ” from CDC Judge Jomah Jallah is “non sequitur” (illogical). Why aren’t they issuing “Writ of Arrest” for those hired assassins who gruesomely murdered Gifty, Albert, Fahnboto, and Nyeswa?

Let us focus on something more significant. They killed those 4 auditors and we are seeking JUSTICE for them. The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) said last week, “it has authorized two Liberian pathologists to conduct forensic autopsy.”


Does MOJ really know what “Forensic Autopsy” is? The two hired Liberian doctors are Clinical Pathologists and not Forensic Pathologists. Here is their profile:

Through a government-sponsored scholarship, Dr. Zoebon Kpateh and Dr. Benedict Kolee obtained their post-graduate credential in Clinical Pathology from UGMS – University of Ghana Medical School. Here is a link to a 240-page report to prove: http://moj.gov.lr/data/uploads/downloads/moj_annual_report_2015_version-charles.pdf.

Clinical Pathology is a whole different field from Forensic Pathology and Anatomical Pathology. There are 3 types of Pathologists, namely:

1) Anatomical Pathologists
2) Clinical Pathologists
3) Forensic Pathologists

Let us go straight into reasoning, rationalization, and realism. Who are and what do these different types of pathologists do (functions)?

1) An Anatomical pathologist examines tissue specimens taken from the human body;

2) A clinical pathologist conducts and oversees laboratory tests on body fluids, such as blood and urine;

3) A Forensic Pathologist examines evidence collected in sudden, unexplained deaths, such as homicides and accidents.

Are you seeing how different these 3 types of pathologists are? I believe in facts. So, access this link to read more: https://www.globalpremeds.com/blog/2014/10/08/types-of-pathologist/.

What is required right now is “Forensic Autopsy” or “Forensic Pathology”. Forensic autopsy requires Forensic Pathologists, and not Clinical Pathologists. In fact, a forensic pathologist has an edge to conduct both anatomical autopsy and clinical autopsy. But a Clinical Pathologist cannot conduct a forensic autopsy. Clinical Pathologists have limits.

The families of Gifty, Albert, Fahnboto, and Nyeswa were absolutely right and conscious to have withdrawn from this entire stage-managed post-mortem examination. Both Dr. Kolee and Dr. Kpateh are qualified and competent as Clinical Pathologists and not as Forensic Pathologists. So, MOJ cannot lie to our people that GOL is conducting a forensic auptosy. Big LIE. There has been no “forensic autopsy”. Tell our PEOPLE the truth.

The testing of only blood and fluid (clinical autopsy) is not forensic autopsy. This type of post-mortem examination will not give us any conclusive or clear-cut outcome of what actually happened to Gifty, Albert, Fahnboto, and Nyeswa. Their death, which was sudden and “accidental” according to MOJ, remains unexplained. Therefore, a forensic pathologist or a group of forensic pathologists are needed to fully unravel this mystery through forensic post-mortem examination. This is the real debate.

These are things they don’t want you to know. These are things they don’t want me to say. They don’t want you to know THE TRUTH. In fact, our latest 6-page statement EXPOSED glaring Conflict of Interest (COI). Click here to READ: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3433733460051109&id=100002434674327.

With those two Clinical Pathologists hired by GOL through MOJ, do not expect any credible outcome from yesterday’s autopsy. Those clinical pathologists are not well-positioned to conduct forensic autopsy. My argument points to rationalization, reasoning, and realism. I wait to see a counterargument or a rebuttal from anyone.

The intent of this government has been and remains to COVER UP and to distort EVIDENCE. They gruesomely murdered those 4 auditors. The photos of those deceased auditors, which are currently in our possession, can prove this. The government MUST be treated as prime suspect in this case. They cannot investigate themselves because they stand here as THE ACCUSED in this matter. We demand independent international forensic autopsy.

Let them issue another “Writ of Arrest” for me. Every time I write or speak, they should issue another “Writ of Arrest”. If they want..Click to READ more:

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