Swim Or Sink -CDC’s Chairman Morlu Threatens Gainfully Employed Partisans In Gov’t; Declares Vote Party Or Risk Dismissal

Without second thought, which vividly projects the much desire of the highest magnitude, and profound quest of desperateness to heal the politically inflicted and badly painful wound shamefully lumbering on the image of the ruling Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), partisans who are gainfully employed in government have been sternly threatened to swim the route of the party, or sink in despair and misery.

Upon his political lamentation that all those individuals meaningfully benefiting from the current establishing must be mindful that the CDC will not take kindly those prepared to stab to I the back by playing the game of deceit; either they vote for the party’s candidates (mainly in Montserrado County), or be dismissed, pundits observed that the level of anxiety to recapture the Montsrrado County senatorial seat by all means sends a deep rooted signal of political nervousness that must not be taken for short ride.

Haven’t, in any manner, form and shape recovered from the massively crushing defeat incurred which squeezed the CDC pathetically out of the Montserrado County’s Senate seat coupled with the daunting “after shock” debacle, pundits have also pointed out that they are keenly watching with eagle eye, the shivering degree of political nervousness tormenting the ruling party as evidenced by the so-called-abnormal pool-of-cash-driven campaign being exhibited by the once all-out-people based and supported immensely party; that exclusive upon their (supporters’) own volition, is now being seen dishing up huge  volume of  questionably cash as avenue of enticement to lure votes givers to fall prey to their poor- spirited political glitch; indeed points to a new political horizon that things are no longer the same any more.

However, Chairman Mulbah Morlu holding strong to his politically fragile and regrettably lost Montserrado County senatorial seat, lashed out at his partisans and supporters that  no one person is above the custodians of CDC and should do nothing to bring its activities into disrepute.

According to Chairman Morlu, “this will not happen in the leadership. If you are in government and disrespect the mandate of the party, the party will stand up and fight you,” he emphatically made it clear that, “if you do so, you will not stay long in your position. CDC must go to the election united. The responsibility to succeed lies with you and us.”

Meanwhile, the man who has been most often at the heart of unbelievable controversies Chairman of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), Mr. Mulbah Morlu, with the latest involving the Liberian leader concerning a leak audio recording addressed a the news conference and instead of calling for what was expected as “Reconciliation and Christmas message,” he elected to dived into politics.

While at the news conference he did not address the specifics of the leak audio recording, nor did he confirm neither deny that it was his voice on the audio his first partisan sided with him by branding those who leaked the audio tape as bandits and warned him to know when, where and who to speak to.

But Front Page Africa reported that the CDC chairman speaking in an interview said  “If I ever did say that the president is sleeping with Ms. Diana Nebo, Deputy Managing Director for Administration at the NPA, obviously it has to be a statement made out of frustration and anger, especially during the period of internal crisis; or that Bill Twehway wants to be VP? Firstly, there are no intentions to replace the current Vice President, as she remains the permanent No. 2 on the ticket going forward into 2023.”

Morlu continued. “These are things anyone would say when angry, but it does not necessarily mean it is the truth. Whatever I have ever had to say to the President was said directly; anything else is mere liquor talk.”

It can be recalled that the number two most embattled person in the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) based on her actions and utterances has not ceased to receive some political lashes from the ruling establishment which has open exposed the existing bad  blood between her and the immediate boss.

In May of this year, Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor made similar threats against Liberians. She had gone to Gbarnga, Bong County, to install 13 commissioners of that county, which she represented in the Liberian Senate for 12 consecutive years before being elected to the post of Vice President in the 2017 Presidential and Representatives Elections.

According to the FrontPageAfrica, it was during that installation program, that she made this very divisive statement.

She began: “Truthfully, all of the 13 Commissioners [here] might not be members of the Coalition; we have got one or two who might not be members. Y’all must join because other people joined the Unity Party, too. So, I am waiting for y’all to call me from your districts to tell me that you are joining the ruling Coalition those of you who are not members.

The Bible says ‘How can two work together if they don’t agree?’ So, all ‘two’ of you must all be on the same side. So you see, if you can’t make it, you tell us so that we can find somebody else. Anybody who feels that they are not able to make it must say it now before we go far. When I call a meeting of the Coalition and someone [among you] is not part of the Coalition, the thing I want to talk, will I be able to talk it there? So you all just come on board with your whole hearts and minds.

“To show you all that some people who are sitting here are not members of the Coalition, you know we don’t have nothing in our hearts against you’ll because I would have said removed everybody. What would you have done to me? Nothing! This is my time. Nothing you will do to me. This is my time. We are not coming to give our birthrights to other people. This is our time to eat. We will eat but we are going to eat in a way that everybody will be able to eat, too.”

-Writes GDJ

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