SUP Rejects All Forms Of Injustice -Radically Denounces Imposition Of 100% e-Learning Pronouncement


SUP rejects the imposition of the hundred percent (100%) e-learning pronouncement made by the president of the University of Liberia; launches UL Mask UP Campaign; demands the Administration of the University of Liberia to renovate the campuses of UL to its standard stage of education; calls on the general public to adhere to all the preventive measures put in place by the government

Comrades and friends, all patriots of the motherland, brothers and sisters in the struggle for  academic  freedom, social justice and peace in our life time, militants and cadres always in the vanguard championing  the struggle for justice and equality and fellow ideologues of the Vanguard Student Unification Party:

We bring superfluous and fraternal revolutionary greetings from the pinnacle of Africa biggest repository of enlightenment, the largest Pan-Africanist mass-based student political movement, the bulwark of consciousness, the indomitable Vanguard Student Unification Party

It is a conspicuous fact and statistic based evidence that the third wave of the contagious COVID-19 that is dangerously taking away many lives around the world has hit our country (Liberia) hard and has taken many lives with in short period of time. But while the COVID -19 is ravaging almost everywhere around the world, many countries and schools around the world are cognizant of democracy that portrays equal participation to every individual in every sector of society. In this, many schools around the world have given their students options wherein they are to decide on the face-to-face classes or the e-learning, which best suit them for subscription.

In Liberia, a democratic state like others, this seems reverse and comical to the core. The University of Liberia which happens to be the state premier and most genuine area for education where the mass of our people send their children to acquire tertiary education is in reverse mode being under a simple dictator in Julius Sawolo Nelson who doesn’t meet the credential or standard of being a president of a community college but was appointed by the ex-soccer star now president of Liberia to the post of the presidency of the University of Liberia. Rev. Dr. Julius S. Nelson, President of the University of Liberia, due to his inability to stir the affairs of the University of Liberia, fortnight ago on June 30, 2021, made a reckless political  pronouncement to impose hundred percent (100%) e-Learning on the student populace of the University of Liberia.

We all know technology is the future and e-Learning is imbedded into technology. And currently, technology is one of the most powerful instruments that is driving the world to fast growth and development but can only be applicable and well operated in environments that have the sophistication. Tellingly, the University of Liberia does not have the sophistication required to contain an e-Learning platform on a hundred percent (100%) basis for over sixteen thousand (16,000) students. This was just experienced in the just ended semester and the previous 100% e-Learning semester. During the e-Learning fifty percent ( 50%) semester, many of the students who subscribed to the fifty percent ( 50%)  e-Learning were disturbed by the malfunctioned system that led to many of the instructors arranging face-to-face classes which was done through  agreements between the instructors  and the students worse to mention the previous hundred percent (100%) e-Learning semester.  This is clear evidence exposing the fraudster nature of the e-Learning platform at the University of Liberia. Therefore, holding all factors constant (the untimely disorganized nature of e-Learning & COVID-19), the Vanguard Student Unification Party is calling on the Administration to make e-Learning sixty percent (60%) while the face-to face classes should be forty percent (40%). SUP will not hesitate to march into history if our demands against the imposition of hundred percent (100%) e-Learning on the suffering university students this semester are not met.

Considering the massive failure from the initial disorganized model online (e-Learning) semester during Academic Semester One (I) 2020/2021, owing to the sudden introduction of e-Learning, which required using digital instruction by staffs and  students who are mostly computer illiterate, led to horrendous results that if compared to the just ended optional e-Learning semester which provided options (50%-50%) in-presence instruction, as teachers, students and University all had to unexpectedly adjust to a novel situation which produced a better result than the 100% online e-Learning semester. This policy brought relief to the system even though there were enormous difficulties encountered by students, teachers and University as a whole while adapting to online learning in order to understand how remote schooling can be improved further.

However, should online learning become necessary to prevent widespread of the third wave of COVID-19 transmission, SUP recommends that e-Learning be made sixty-forty percent (60%-40%) this semester.

Based on our painful experiences from the first e-Learning semester, which was unsystematic, premature and dropped lots of students out of school due to lack of technological gadgets, computers, lack of computer skills, internet, and electricity, we are calling on the University authority to either make the e-Learning optional or open university and introduce all health protocols and preventive measures used to fight against the coronavirus as done by other universities and High schools.

SUP as an independent revolutionary institution on the campuses of the University of Liberia conducted  research during and after  the e-Learning semester which showed that out of the 16,000 students of the university, only 2000 students were able to register during the one hundred percent (100%) online semester and of the number, just 500 were able to successfully enroll and only received notes through emails and WhatsApp chartrooms rather than the official Moodle platform of the University of Liberia.

In regards to the aforesaid experiences, scientific research based statistics and overwhelming constraints faced by students during the misconfigured e-Learning semester, coupled with the fact that the University is incapacitated to enroll all of the sixteen thousand students (16,000) on the e-Learning platform: whereas;

1.The Ministry of Education has allowed all Elementary, Junior and Senior High Schools and sister’s Universities across Liberia to remain open and follow the health protocols instead of being shut down due to the new waves of the Delta Variant of the COVI-19;

  1. Entertainment centers and market places are opened to the public;
  2. Thousands of UL students can’t afford to have access to internet to do their courses online due to financial constraints mostly especially under the current economic situation facing everyone across the country and lack of basic tools and skills for online (e-Learning);
  3. we (UL Students) are grown and matured enough to observe and maintain the health protocols that have been put into place by the Ministry of Health, and have the fullest ability to take care ourselves;
  4. e-Learning platform is very expensive, inaccessible for both students and lecturers and performs poorly  leading to massive dropouts and failures during the previous semesters.

We are hereby calling on the University Authority to make e-Learning optional or maximum sixty percent e-Learning (60%) online and forty percent (40%) face to face instead of making enrollment hundred percent (100%) online. SUP will resist any attempt by the University Authority to impose any draconian and confuse e-Learning policy on the poverty enduring students of the University of Liberia that will produce no fruits but mass failure and thousands of No-Grades (NGs) Incomplete (Is) and Drop-out (DRs) this semester.

With the above engraved reasons outlined against the hogwash, unscrupulous and disorganized e-Learning imposition plan pronounced by Pastor Nelson for this semester. SUP recommends the following to the University of Liberia Authority as preconditions to accept the sixty-forty percent (60-40%) e-Learning as indicated in our communication sent to the UL Administration on June 28, 2021, recounting our demands for enrollment in the so-called e-learning semester:

  1. That the University build/install a high-speed internet WiFi system on the campuses of the University of Liberia
  2. That the University of Liberia provides affordable laptops, gadgets or smartphones for lecturers and students for the purpose of the e-Learning semester
  3. That the University of Liberia negotiates with Mobile GSM companies (Orange & Lonestar) to provide affordable data surcharges for students and lecturers
  4. That the University of Liberia provides adequate training for lecturers and students on the usage of the e-Learning platform
  5. That the University adheres to all the Covid-19 health protocols provided by the Ministry of Health as well as provide masks, sanitizers and handwashing buckets for students, lecturers and staffs
  6. That the University of Liberia provides stable electricity and pipe-borne water on the campuses of the University of Liberia
  7. The University of Liberia renovates major buildings such as CPAV and AB Building
  8. That the University of Liberia abides by all the laws and protocols by the Republic of Liberia through the National Commission on High Education for the implementation of e-Learning at secondary and tertiary institutions.

Correspondingly, with the wake of the third wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic, SUP calls the general public to take seriously the preventive methods and the regulations put in place by the government to avoid the rapid spread of the COVID-19. In view of the above, SUP officially launches its COVID-19 Mask UP Initiative on the campuses of the University of Liberia and a nation-wide COVID-19 Prevention and Vaccine Awareness Campaign. The “SUP MASK UP CAMPAIGN” is an initiative organized by the party to lead the fight against the second wave of COVID-19 Pandemic by distributing approximately Four Thousand (4,000) nose masks on the students of the University of Liberia while the COVID-19 PREVENTION AND VACCINE AWARENESS CAMPAIGN is meant to carryout awareness on the prevention of COVID-19 disease  and also to provide education to the urban-rural masses about the various types of COVID VACCINES amidst the many skepticism and controversies surrounding the COVID VACCINES. Also, SUP is calling on President Weah and all ranking officials of the Government of Liberia to go and take their jabs of the COVID-19 VACCINE. Our TPA has reliably informed us that President Weah has deliberately refused to take the COVID 19 Vaccine and was by an extent involved into a spat with the Liberia Chief Medical Health Officer, Dr. Francis Ketteh after  Dr. Ketteh  requested the president to take the COVID-19 vaccine. Mr. Weah must man-up and lead by example by taking the vaccine and desist from engaging into war of words with medical practitioners so as to encourage citizens to follow suit amidst the skepticism and controversies surrounding the COVID VACCINES.

In conclusion, SUP demands the Administration to renovate and rejuvenate the University to its standard of education. The university is deplorable. There is no chair on both campuses for student, yet, the Administration is still giving entrance for new students. The University lacks bathrooms. There is no library or reading room. Our TPA has informed us that since Reverend Nelson took over he has drastically slashed the salaries of staffers, lecturers and other employees unilaterally and hasn’t paid salaries for almost four (4) months. While  Staffs,  Lecturers, UL Police, Generator Attendants,  Bus Drivers, Gardeners and Caretakers and Bathrooms Cleaners are not being paid for more than four (4)  months while Dr. Nelson parades in a Modern Nissan Explorer Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) worth almost fifty thousand  United States Dollars (USD $50,000).

The Party also wants to use this medium to inform the University Authority to pay the arrears of its lecturers, staffs and other employees and at the same time increase the salaries and logistics of the UL Police, UL Staffs, Lecturers, Cleaners, Bus Drivers and Gardeners etc., so as to improve their performances on their various jobs and ensure that they take proper care of their families amidst the harsh economic condition imposed by the COVID-19 and the callous Weah government. SUP calls on the general public to adhere to the preventive measures and regulations prescribed by the World Health Organization (WHO) to avoid the rapid spread of the COVID-19. This is a period of global pandemic which requires extraordinary efforts and sacrifices to safe our lives and the lives of our family members so that we all survived the Corona Virus scourge. SUP warns that we are not alive as survivals so far in this pandemic because of the merciless CDC government. The CDC regime has already failed in the dogfight against COVID-19 by handling it recklessly from the onset. Unlike other countries that placed strident health protocols during the first wave of the Covid-19. The CDC government left the airport wide open to foreigners, held inter-county sports-meet tournament with overcrowded stadium, opened night clubs, entertainment centers and market places and stopped testing and reporting updates on the covid-19 while Mr. Weah busied himself with pomp and pageantry,  wasting government money on his worthless county tour. This government abandoned and lied to us when we needed them the most at the elementary stage of the pandemic. When our people needed food, drugs and other basic needs during the first lockdown, they were not there. When our people needed personal protection equipment (PPEs), oxygen and ventilators in hospitals, they were not there. When our people needed Covid-19 testing kits, chlorine waters, washing hand buckets, quarantine centers and shelters for the disadvantaged, they were not available. All they did was to impose an ill-advised lockdown and brought riot police and soldiers on the streets to harass and brutalize us during the lockdown. We are here and alive today to confirm that we survived not just the COVID-19 so far but also to confirmed that we survived the torture and brutality of the wicked CDC-regime. We are survivals not only because the Liberian people are courageous and heroic people, but we are also survivals because we have fought this pandemic independently and collectively void of the assistance of the irresponsible Weah-led CDC government. Moving forward, the Liberian people are their own destiny. We must continue to fight the COVID-19 scourge independently and collectively by following the preventive health measures (wearing nose masks, social distancing, washing hands and avoiding crowded places, etc.). We have seen many of our compatriots dying today, not because they were reckless, not because they were weak, not because they did not listen to health officials but because this devil-may-care CDC government has failed them. This rotten CDC government could not even provide water and washing hand buckets in the fight against COVID-19 lest to mention personal protective gears and ventilators. Hence, SUP calls on all Liberians to take seriously the new variants of the covid-19 pandemic by observing all the preventive health protocols in order to protect themselves and their families for they are their own liberators and not the Government of Liberia.

SUP wants to reassure all of its militants, ground soldiers, affiliates, sympathizers and the Liberian people that it will continue to speak loudly and openly against all forms of injustices and societal ills and will never compromise the struggle for the progressive advancement of the students of the University of Liberia and the Liberian people in general until it is Uhuru. The Party calls on all militants-ideologues and cadres-stalwarts especially the comrades, who are undergoing suspension to remain down-in-line, disciplined, committed and loyal to its doctrines and values as we continue to advance the philosophy and ideology of the Vanguard Student Unification Party.

Long live SUP,  Long live Massescracy. In pursuit of social justice, academic freedom, peace and unity, the struggle for a just, equal and transform society remain unceasingly elusive and SUP will lead the charge!

Done and issued on this faithful 5th day of July A.D. 2021 by and through the mandate of the Politburo and Central Committee Concomitantly of the all-powerful Vanguard Student Unification Party.

Signed: _______________________

Cde.Mustapha Kanneh(ATATURK)

           Secretary General- SUP


                      Chairman- SUP


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