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University of Liberia
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Monrovia, Liberia
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Wednesday October, 12, 2022

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SUP Promises Mass Rally Action if the Weah Government doesn’t take seize of the Rice Crisis in The Country and Frowns on Economic Hardship the CDC Government Continues to Impose on the Liberian People for the Last Five Years

Comrades in the redemption struggle for the dignity of the oppressed of the peasantry of our people, the “Fix The Country Campaigners”, conscious students of the University of Liberia, left-wing student radicals profoundly leading the struggle for the emancipation of the suffering Liberian humanity, militants, cadres and stalwarts of Africa’s long-standing epicenter of revolutionary consciousness and progressive enlightenment- the Vanguard Student Unification Party- SUP, fellow Liberian compatriots;

The current Liberian state is in disorder; one of poor statecraft, with incompetent human agencies, and riff-raffs of the highest order who lack the discipline, thoughts, and requisite knowledge to administer leadership in a third-world nation like Liberia. The outcropping of this is reflective of the horrible conditions our people are made to endure daily under “Don’t Care” Weah’s stewardship. It has been over three weeks since this situation of rice scarcity and the unimaginable increment in the price of the commodity hit this country, yet, the government of Mr. Weah is yet to give the situation proper attention and remedy. Rice, which is the staple food for Liberians, is a commodity with a history in this country that has led to a social eruption because of the government’s inability to exercise decisive leadership. Again, we are seeing another rice crisis that has evolved in such a short time and the Weah’s regime has been unable to provide any feasible solution so far. Since the regime has played just a lip service to this plight, the crisis is pushing the people along the line of forceful mass action with the government paying little or no heedfulness to the situation. The scarcity and heightened increment in the price of rice is not only generating hardship for the people but has also condemned them to a shameful situation of sleeping on the streets in long queues, jumping over fences, and combating over who to be served first by the wholesalers. This is the first time in our country’s history for a cup of rice to be sold for 150LD and a 25kg bag to be sold for more than 4500 LD. The callous and lethargic tendency of George Weah’s government toward this crisis is not just a signal of administrative ineptitude but a gross demonstration of how the Liberian public administration has degenerated into the insolvency of carelessness and imbalances. This Weah’s garbage has once again shown our people how incompetent and incapable it is of providing genuine leadership for the Liberian people.
It is against this backdrop that Revolutionary Vanguard Student Unification Party mandates the CDC-Weah government to act accordingly as soon as possibe in taking seizure of the rice crisis and rollout possible remedies to the situation or else, SUP will rally the people of Liberia into a consistent militant revolutionary action until Mr. Weah can act. If George Weah cannot act in the ultimatum given this incompetent government, we will go to the marketplaces, communities, towns, and villages to rally our people and bring them out in the street to demand the government to act. Like we did the previously held FixTheCountry protest, we are prepared to bring the Liberian masses out again, to demand better.

Also, our TPA has reliably alerted us that the thuggish CDC government recruited more than 700 men from various ghettos who took training at the Police Academy and graduated in ten (10) days only with the mandate to attack or assassinate critical voices who will oppose the Weah regime during the upcoming 2023 elections. These men have been sent to various counties to execute such wickedly motivated instructions on the orders of President Weah. Meanwhile, with the last-minute conduct of the National Housing and Population Census owing to pressure from SUP, local organizations, and other international partners, SUP wants to use this wavelength to demand credible data and statistics from the upcoming census as well as voter’s biometric exercise to ascertain electoral transparency and fair play in the 2023 General and Presidential Elections.

Notwithstanding, the Revolutionary Vanguard Student Unification Party-SUP expresses its displeasure with how Mr. George Weah has run the Liberian society along the path of generating horrible hardship for the people, swelling unemployment, lack of empowerment for the people, social insecurities— situations that have subjected the Liberian people to primitive living patterns, poverty, and decadence. For the last five years, public service under the CDC government has been marred by nauseating corruption, hasty accumulation of properties by elements in positions of trust, failed economy with no job creation for the people, and shortsightedness in the handling of the affairs of the country. Times are hard in Liberia, businesses are going through hell to survive and some are going into forceful shutdown, school fees, and tuition are ever increasing thus pushing a lot of kids out of school because their parents cannot afford to keep them in school, no opportunity and social development schemes to harness the potentials of young people a situation that pushes a whole generation into drug addiction and prostitution. The country’s foreign policy is in shambles with an accused woman molester as a foreign minister, diplomats on foreign missions are involved in rape scandals, and the president’s five years visit to the United Nations General Assembly has all been about photo-taking with zero benefits to the country. This is a colossal disgrace and embarrassment to the Liberian people. Must Weah demean the reputation and dignity of the Liberian people to such nothingness and lowness?

Fellow countrymen;
The path to progress remains elusive and imaginary under the Weah’s government. Hope has been turned into delusion, and the nation is a wasteland with forlorn people, discredited government, and poor citizens. Our people do not deserve such an abominable situation. They ask for prosperity but Weah gives them poverty and agony. They ask for social mobility but Weah gives them social immobility and stagnation. After five years, transformation is only seen in the lives of a handful of elements in the political elite of the government. The people of West Point and Buzzy Quarter are still shattered in debauchery while Weah and his henchmen parade in the apostasy of opulence and grandiosity- material fleeting. While poverty engages our people in their homes, Weah and his criminal cabal continue to steal the resources of the state.

SUP wants to remind Mr. Weah and his criminal syndicate that it remains uncompromising with the “Fix The Country” campaign, as long the Liberian people continue to go through difficult times in this country with nothing being done to solve these problems. To this end, when we say Fix The Country, we mean the affordability and accessibility of food and basic social services.



Struggle or Perish, There is No Third Way!

Long Live Massecracy- Long Live SUP!

Gwei Fei Kpeh- The struggle continues!


Signed: _______________________
Cde. Jusu Kamara
Secretary-General/ SUP

Approved: _____________________
Cde. Mustapha N. Kanneh

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