Submerged IntoDeeper Poverty -Moncio Kpadah X-rays; As A Result Of Salaries Harmonization

As the pathetic livelihoods of over 80% of the nation’s population continues to submerge into the deeper quagmire of abject poverty, the fearless outspoken leader of the One People Revolutionary Movement (OPRM), Comrade Robert Moncio Kpadah has frowned on the government’s mirth in exoticism, while President George M. Weah owns and parades fleet of costly bulletproof cars as lawmakers and ministers ride luxurious vehicles and paid lucrative salaries and benefits why the people crave for at least something to bite on yet far from coming by..

Comrade Moncio Kpadah pointed out that it is unthinkable and totally unacceptable that in a country endowed with variety of bountiful natural and mineral resources coupled with rich and fertile soil including the most needed rainfall and sunshine in abundance; especially under a government that has earlier declared to have genuine love for the people, and country at heart, but conversely, for the past close to four years under the self-styled pro-poor administration, the massively disappointed and weary masses are being confronted and endlessly battling hunger and scores of curable ailments that often decimate them due to the poor healthcare system dogging the country, remain very vivid..

He, from his facebook post, with total sadness, observes that the harmonization of civil servant’s salaries exercise unleashed by the government has also badly affected teachers, nurses, police and soldiers who are paid shoestring wages which clearly echoed that their spending or purchasing power has been drastically reduced, and they have been submerged into deeper poverty.

Comrade Moncio who wondered with the expression:‘Chey Pro-Poor’; also maintains that rather than the nation budget emphasizes the socio-economic wellbeing of the , it’s instead meant to enrich the President, his henchmen and public officials.

According to him, no civilized and morally decent country will proceed in such a ridiculous and disdainful manner reflective of injustice, travesty, barbarity, insensitivity, absurdity, brazen contradiction and infamy; amidst all these woes would claim to be a God-fearing country, adding, hilarious gibberish.

At the same time, in a brief comment, Mr. Therry Genesis extolled Comrade Moncio for his view on the trend of event obtaining in the country and added “So tragic Comrade Moncio, I really pity the woeful condition of the masses, while Weah and his goons submerged in opualence. Sad times”!

-Writes GDJ


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