Stuck In Utopia

It is very saddened to note that in the political life of some elements whose inputs to making a regime more expedient and praiseworthy based on vibrancy, would elect to embarrassingly chain themselves with trivial glory that bears no virtue of revolutionary value thereby torpedoing what is left for history to judge in their time of governance, performance and hypothetical achievements.

Make no mistake, you may have some people craving on bended knees and chanting glory halleluiah to you for crumbs dropping from the table of your questionable fats momentarily, but keep soberly in mind that business is clearly indeed business and Christmas is Christmas; the worse chemistry to toy with is to combine both; the end result is bound to be saddled misery and regretfully pale dejection.

When opportunity comes knocking on your door, the best attraction of accommodation for utilization is to be ready or at least be reflective of some semblance of progressiveness to nib you for inclusion and quite frankly, desist from being the merchant of spineless creed of loquaciousness. Such politically, did not help others yesterday and has no expectation of helping politically such crusading merchant today, let alone tomorrow.

Despite President George M. Weah’s colorful, but quizzically reserved record in the political arena of escaping open-debate, a cardinal component of the political  culture for candidates seeking elective position to engage in and propound the significance of represented platforms that the electorates will have a taste of; of which the Holy Book says, “let your light so shine before men that they may see your good work and glorify your Father in Heaven”; for sure, the time for debating with him has expired rather the escaped debate can now be x-rayed from the existing radar of performance.

However, that Nathaniel McGill robustly and radically with swelling chest, tough enough to stand in the gap of the President for a debate thrown out to him (president) by Alternative National Congress (ANC), and opposition political party leader, Mr. Alexander B. Cummings; apart from branding him as a corporate material who busy himself on Coca Cola bottles, and not knowing how the making of the item is being put together, should not see the running of government in similar form and manner, because the operations of government are very huge, immensely complex and deeply much more challenging and incorporating the lives, interests, security and preoperative of the people and state.

But what Nathaniel McGill must rapidly come to term with and not ever being told the how and why is that such debate is ill-timed and a waste of precious time because the people who are the mirror of the administration’s performance and if the current government is functioning so eloquently, the people will extol it for being up to the task and contrary, the acute disappointment and frustration will be glaring demonstrated as being seen all around here now.

It’s like election time, if the regime performs to the desire expectations, it has no problem to worry for accumulating trust and confidence in retaining its status and continuing its obligation, but contrary, obviously it should know that only the dust bin of history will accommodate it; as the torch of leadership will definitely be passed on to a new breed of leaders.

Instead of roaming and stuck in utopia, Nathaniel McGill and his likes must time after time remember that be it in the corporate setting or in the realm of government, one common denominator that is accepted, applicable to all, that must be implemented to produce praiseworthy and fruitful result and extolled performance, is sound managerial skills with all rules observed and committedly respected above personal aggrandizement.

Debate or no debate,  the time has passed, the people are currently there, feeling the pinch, brunt and getting roasted by hardship, scourge of massive unemployment, promises made and never kept, pathetically confronted with poor health facilities and a mess-up education system total victims of their own achievements and a done-away with elements whose only sense of belonging is to sit back and watch the sacred cows feast themselves with the power, wealth and glory of the nation while the governors are stuck in utopia.

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