Strong After The Storm -Dr. Boakai Assures Troubled-CPP Members Progressive Change; Promises The Path Of Providing Alternative And Responsible Leadership For Liberians.

Amidst fierce storm in the tea cup, confidence badly pierced by internal wrangling, the gradual eroding of the political cohesiveness of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) including all the odds mostly manipulated by some invisible and invincible hands, the newly inducted Chairman of the CPP and Standard Bearer of the Unity Party, Dr. Joseph N. Boakai has vowed to resurrect the troubled-prone CPP from its dilemma

Ambassador Boakai expected t be Chairman of the gradually sinking in a political quicksand for next eight months, on Friday, October 15, 2021 guaranteed most optically-broken-hearted Liberians that the CPP will be “strong after the storm,” and will continue to demonstrate its purpose in pursuing the path of providing alternative and responsible leadership for the people of Liberia.

According to Dr. Boakai, he sees it prudent that reuniting forces as an alliance, and joining with millions of other Liberians across the country and the Diaspora, will effectively break “the cycle of abject poverty, impunity, illiteracy, disease, social injustice, dictatorship, corruption and other challenges that haunt the present, and most profoundly the future.”

The new CPP’s Chairman from whom so much high quality and decent statesmanship demonstrated through genuine leadership is urgently expected,  did not camouflage his sense of realism, when he pointed to the crippling woes so popular in today’s Liberia which include  poor governance and failed leadership; marginalization of the majority of Liberians, inequity, and institutional failure which he said have caused low public trust in government and its institutions.

He said much of the progress made in the recent past including the execution of a reformed agenda has eroded, adding that the economy is not healthy and not performing for the people as it should be.

     Moreover, Boakai told supporters and sympathizers of the CPP who have gathered at UP headquarters in Congo Town, that the CPP will promote and protect the ideals of political inclusiveness, and constitutional changes that address the limiting strains on democracy coupled with the personalization of the presidency, the dictatorial nature of the governing system, the erosion of the separation of powers within the three branches of government as enshrined in the constitution, and over decentralization.

Dr. Boakai who had served for 12 years as Vice President to former President Ellen Johnno Sir leaf  noted as troubling that productivity is currently at its lowest ebb while cost of living  gets high;  prices of food including additional basic commodities are skyrocketing as  many Liberians continue to be confronted the difficulties of poverty.

It can be recalled that despite all the setbacks at the CPP doing the week, the Former Ruling Unity Party still went on to present its Standard Bearer Amb. Jospeh Nyumah Boakai as the prefer candidate for the Collaborating political parties ticket comes 2023.

During the program marking the endorsement of Amb. Boakai as Unity CPP candidate, CPP outgoing Chairperson, Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence- standard bearer of the Liberty party (LP), confirmed Amb. Joseph N. Boakai of the Unity party (UP) as the preferred candidate for the CPP Presidential ticket, thereby describing the former Vice President as the most qualified candidate for the slot.

In her affirmation speech at the occasion, Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, noted that the Unity Party political leader is the only person who’ve met all the requirements for the CPP Presidential ticket ahead of the pending General and Presidential Election 2023.

Meanwhile, in his acceptance speech, Amb. Boakai thanked his supporters for their preferment and assured them victory in the upcoming presidential elections, as he promised to transform the Liberian state from a Country in Crisis (CIC) to stable and developmental nation, if he is elected as President of Liberia, urging them never to repeat the mistake they made during previous election, by electing “crooks” causing them to forcibly live in a country of disasters.

Also speaking in statement of applaud to Amb. Boakai, the political leader of the All Liberian Party (ALP), Benoni W. Urey pledged his fullest support towards the victory of the CPP candidate at the 2023 poll.

Again, the embattled Lofa County Senator Brownie Samukai, expressed thanks and appreciation to his supporters who stood firm for their quest to see him ascend to the House of Senate, and further assured them victory.

-Writes GDJ

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