“Storm” In Gov’t’s Tea Cup

Thursday, August 11, 2022
A publisher of one of Liberia’s known and critical newspapers stated a maxim from one of the local vernaculars that it is outrageous to give someone the head of a cow as the leader with the tongue completely extracted-and when that is done, then what good is a cow’s head without tongue?
Harbored Political Fear
In the reverse, what the above statement is portraying is that what makes the citizens more important and significant to the elected leaders when in fact their very security to keep breathing, is choked with wanton thorns of uncertainty; despite the uncountable unexplained and unresolved mysterious murders/deaths the leaders are unable to bring safety and calm to the citizens; whereas, to blaze the flame, in the recent statement from President George M. Weah that from now on, anyone who will insult the President (Weah) will not be able to walk the streets; is equally troubling and worrisome, while this medium does not find pleasure in insulting the President, moreover, the President being perceived as a man of peace and crowned as Peace Ambassador, and the head of the nation, should carefully know the backstop of his utterances.
At the same time, while two wrongs cannot produce a right, and while this medium is profoundly opposed to the notion that violence begot violence, it is, without compromise, imperative that the absolute safety and thorough security and protection of the citizens and all those who reside within its borders, are given maximum sanctuary; but recent infamous development bordered on security and safety in the country has begun to remind the people and state of the vivid writing on the wall of the bloody and miserable debacle of the past wherein we struck down each other to the number of over 250,000 coupled with total breakdown of law and order depending exclusively on the guns and bombs to make serious and critical decisions, attended by massive destructions of properties, infrastructural and factors of productions; as a whole generation fled into exile with most citizens pathetically displaced in their own senseless war shattered country; should in no way, manner, form and style be allowed an inch moreover, as to re-establish its uncouth scenario at the detriment of peace, stability, harmony and calm co-existence; no matter who is displeased or disappointed in achieving pleasure from harbored qualms.
Make no mistake, it is the binding duty, obligation and constitutional mandate for the government to ensure the, security and safety of the citizens including all those living or investing within its territorial confines, be it in good time and in difficult time; and this it must perform at all times without pause and must as far as possible without surrendered; desist from the politicization of its constitutional mandate, if it is to be accredited for being worthy of the cardinal reasons of being elected by the people with the provided sanctioned mantle to preside over the leadership and utilization of the available resources and authority to govern effectively excluding or to avoid any form of ‘CE-O-LADY’ (Songs loaded with excuses). Anything short of that requires a swift and if possible, radical and robust demand and or explanation from the leadership why things are slipping so badly and why, why and why.
‘Storm’ In Gov’t’s Tea Cup
In the beginning, when the now disowned Council of Patriot (COP) broke away from its political domain and crossed the political Red Sea and landed on the thought-to-be dynamically productive and progressive enclave of MILK AND HONEY, thereby sending back a disdainful and distasteful cracked farewell message to the rock from whence it was hewn, little did it know that most often in politics, diamonds are not forever. Pathetically, although politics does fertilize bedfellows, usually it is based on conditionality of re-capturing a running away opportunity of purpose or to immensely help whitewash pressured image or suffocating prestige while craving to get over a political quandary expected from the assistance of the incorporated.
However, Liberia’s 175th Independence Day on July 26, 2022, despite the hardly questioned pomp and pageantry displaced by the government, the very intended-to-be-auspicious occasion grotesquely suffered a nasty tipping point that rained terror, smashed the leadership in a quagmire thereby coming under severe tons of criticisms from internal and representatives of the international community in the country based on the action of its (government’s) COP bedfellow that was once hailed when it crossed carpet; has produced a tipping point widely condemned with full scale investigation demanded, and those found culpable be punished in keeping with the law; a mounting pressure soon started simmering that, after several days of the transported fracas leaving a set of protestors comprised a University of Liberia-based Student Unification Party (SUP) assembled at the United States Embassy, and was invaded by the government’s incorporated COP resulting into serious injury with one of SUP’s protestors being badly wounded and scrapped naked while scores of others also wounded and mal-handled. Due to mounting pressure, President George Weah had to cave in. Out of grave embarrassment, firstly disowned COP that he (Weah) knows it not; and ordered the government’s functionaries to investigate and punish all those responsible according to the law.
One group from the legal background that is not also taken the 26 Violence faintly and would like the investigation not to slowly and carefully comb barely on the surface rather wants it combed to the root, is the Liberia Nation Bar Association (LNBA).
The Liberian National Bar Association (LNBA) has made it unequivocally crystal clear that it is deeply troubled by recent acts of torture and maltreatment meted against students of the University of Liberia-based political party, the Student Unification Party (SUP) who had assembled to register grievances to the Government of Liberia on the Independence Day when they were mobbed by loyalists believed to be from the ruling Congress for Democratic Change Council of Patriots.
The LNBA says, the “banditry and savagery” orchestrated by the CDC loyalists against peaceful students must immediately be investigated by an independent panel that will assist the police in getting to the bottom of the issue. The LNBA will not condone any attempt from National Government to treat the recent attack as business as usual.
The LNBA says, the video image of the event presents horrific scenes of torture and inhumane treatment against harmless students who were simply exercising their constitutional rights to freely assemble and there was no indication that they acted outside the ambit of the law.
In a statement issued in Monrovia recently, the LNBA condemns the acts of violence and maltreatment of the students and recounts that such acts are a harsh reminder and a tacit recast of the dark days of dictatorship, and intolerance to critical voices and amount to systematic clampdown on dissenting views. The LNBA says such conduct by the youths believed to be from the CDC Council of Patriots has no place in the democratic society which Liberia aspires for and is being acclaimed to be.
The LNBA says that it is concerned about the conspicuous silence of the Government of Liberia on this despicable act. The LNBA further maintains that the silence of the Government lends credence to assumptions that the acts of the CDC Council of Patriots may have been instigated and sanctioned by state actors which sends a very dangerous signal that the country should brace itself for acts of violence in the lead up to the 2023 presidential and legislative elections.
The LNBA observes that any democratically elected Government that is intolerant to critical voices presents itself as being weak and leaves room for its democratic credentials to be underrated.

The LNBA therefore calls on the Weah-led Government to rise to the occasion to honor its constitutional obligation as being the government for all Liberians irrespective of tribe, color, creed and political persuasion and to protect the fundamental rights of all Liberians including those who disagree with the way the country is being governed.
The LNBA reminds the Government of President George Weah that as the country prepares for elections next year, the stakes are obviously going to be higher.
The Bar therefore calls on the government to always adhere to the rule of law in dealing with critical voices and those who politically disagree with the government, which is a basic tenet of a democracy, as the failure to do so, the Government will be sending a wrong signal that will cast dark cloud on the possibility of holding free and fair elections in 2023.
The LNBAwarns of the dire consequences of perpetrating violence as same as the tendency to rob the country of the huge gains made in nearly two decades of peace and the return to civil democratic rule, the statement concluded.
-Writes GDJ

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