Stop Idolizing Weah! -Critics Lashed Out At Belly-Driven Deadweights & Sycophants

Even as factual it is that the devil also has a friend, what is most important herein is just what comes out of the kind of friends of the devil and as others are craving for the elevation of President George M. Weah to a benevolent dictator, the writing is clear that such belly-driven deadweights and sycophants as being described by critics of the regime whose overall political objective is to transform Liberia into another Animals Farm wherein Comrade Napoleon is the only and final  voice, any other critical  voice against is rated as enemy of the state because go up and come down, Comrade Napoleon is never wrong, always right.

The attending chemistry of the word, ‘benevolent’ does not quench the  vicious thirst of a dictator; and equally so, be on the red alert  that a gift from a wicked man is a trap and so those opting his dictatorship status  must soberly  think twice and don’t fry this fragile  country in the oil of ‘political Parkinson’s  disease’ that will see the poor nation shaking, trembling and unable to walk straight because the political Parkinson’s offspring dictator has overwhelmed and has a toll on its ability to withstand movement and balance.

Out of benevolent joyously springs out words like kind, caring, compassionate, generous just to list a few which are all taboo to, and for the word dictator, and a complete bitter pills for dictator to ever attempt swallowing; God forbid. Instead, dictator is gladly comfortable and not only closely associate but deeply portrays itself with pride and dignity with words like iron-hand-ruler; tyrant despot; authoritarian; totalitarian; oppressor; autocrat and tormentor just to name few of the words wholeheartedly welcome and well accommodated in the kingdom of  dictator. Now, where can benevolent fit into such applied nefarious equation?

However, while his (Weah’s) problematic Finance Minister Samuel Tweah is psychologically coercing the people to make him a benevolent dictator; what, don’t be fool into thinking that benevolent is a bridge over troubled-waters; preposterous! A dictator is indeed a dictator no appeasement, what associates with a dictator is tyranny, and those mentioned above and no two-way street, full stop.

People who are thoroughly convinced that there will always be a country called Liberia today, tomorrow and in the future are calling on all those kneeling before the table that plays host to the crumbs, to stop idolizing Weah because Weah in his most inner-self is keenly mindful that even diamonds are not forever; despite its glamor and preciousness.

Openly, clearly and practically, Weah’s current political plate is heavily loaded with complexities, complications, high tone tension and stressfulness all weighing on the shoulders of his leadership which may seem to be inching  towards the corner of political Parkinson; as many of his belly-driven deadweights and sycophants are pushing massively to transform his with a so-called benevolent dictator status.

Currently, the weightiest item in the heavily loaded Weah’s Presidential plate despite ordering his Minister of Health to fire and replace any health workers who will refuse to listen to what his government will say about their collective demands as enshrined in the joint health workers –government Memorandum Of Understanding or relinquish their strike action, there are still people who like Animal Farm are telling Weah that his mood is very right and should stand tall on it.

In the same vein, the Liberia Medical and Dental Association (LMDA) has expressed concerns that if nothing is done to quickly resolve the standoff between the government and striking health workers, the country’s health sector would soon collapse and there would be a mounting death toll at hospitals and health centers.

The LMDA also condemned the government’s action to replace the striking health workers with new recruits, noting that such would only compound the existing problem.

According to a daily,the LMDA acts as the national representative body for the medical profession as well as promote health care delivery in Liberia.

The Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism in a press statement over the weekend disclosed that “The Ministry of Health has been instructed to solicit applications from qualified health workers of various grades, including nurses, nurse aides, midwives, laboratory technicians, etc. in order to fill the temporary vacancies that have resulted from the strike action. These applications must be submitted immediately to county health centers, the Ministry of Health, and the JFK, for screening by the MOH.”

The government’s press statement added: “The leadership continues to demand unionization for health workers, in addition to an immediate implementation of standardized pay-grade and increment in salaries for more than 9,000 health workers at an estimated cost of US$15 million per annum. The leadership is also demanding payment for more than 11,000 health workers who are not directly involved with COVID19 response, potentially a payment of US$8 million as “hazard pay” in addition to their regular monthly salary payment through the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning.”

The government, during a meeting chaired by President George Manneh Weah on September 8, 2020, informed the leadership of the workers that unionizing civil servants, including health workers, would be a violation of chapter 1 Section 1.5 of the Decent Work Act, and the Civil Servant Standing Order which together exclude Government employees from unionizing. On the demands for immediate salary increment and hazard payment, the government assured the health workers of its demonstrated commitment to gradually increase the salaries of health workers, especially workers who are currently earning far below their standardized pay grade; and potential payment of a onetime hazard payment to health workers who are directly involved with the COVID-19 response.

Meanwhile, pundits and observers are urging the government  not to allow faint and reckless and unfocused echoes floating in the corridors of power to lure it into being overwhelmed by what they referred to as ‘political Parkinson’s disease’ which is a brain disorder that leads to shaking, stiffness, and difficulty with walking, balance, and coordination.

-Writes GDJ

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