Stimulus Package Missing In Action -MacDella Cooper Foresees; Says The PAPD Is Bend On Keeping Liberians In Perpetual Poverty

A former defeated presidential candidate, Madam MacDella Cooper addressing many serious ills in the present government bearing the political slogan: Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD), has debunk the sincerity of the credo   considering what is obtaining on the ground; when in fact it was meant to take the people out of poverty by providing the avenues and opportunities for them to excel.

In a phone-in-talk-show hosted by a local radio station in Monrovia on Friday, September 4, 2020 Madam Cooper said it is preposterous to hear that the food distribution has been hampered by the rainy season when it should have been well calculated in advance that the rainy season is no strange phenomenon to Liberians because it has been with us since 1847 and so it would be foolhardy to blame the rain for not providing the food to the people in such a difficult COVID-19 era.

According to her, it is wrong by law to use the nation’s resources- the food and cash to campaign for an individual political party as was being done by Minister Samuel Tweah and others at Cuttington University campaigning with the state’s food that should have been given to the people in keeping with the government’s pronouncement having been worn-out from the lockdown declaration, the stimulus package is missing in action for the people for whom the package was appropriated.

The former president hopeful added that the people are suffering and very disappointed when someone they considered to be their own and from the grassroot would assume state power upon given him the votes and mandate to govern, would elect to serve the interest of clique, praise-singers and sycophants, while people go to bed on empty stomach, no job opportunity, no effort to create

She pointed out that this is not the time for the government to be wailing about inheriting a broken economy and country because the regime told the people that while the previous government had messed up, it was stepping in to make a great positive difference by changing things around for the betterment of all specifically the poor and unattended to nationally, instead, it has made the people much poorer than before.

Madam Cooper also said that it would have made the greatest impact had President George M. Weah himself had  come down an received the petition from the rape protesters instead of sending a minister without any political weight to make things the happened as only the President would do without second thought, knowing that he has daughter, wife and sisters; but instead, he turned his back on them as though he is ought for being a one-term President; forgetting to know that such  conduct will  cause him a very hard price at the ballot when he ventures for second term.

She maintained that she would be an ingrate and unfair to humanity, if she sits and says that all is well in Liberia under Weah’s administration, whether the government likes it or not, unlike those uneducated people they joked because they cannot ask question; oh no, they who are informed, intelligent and educated will ask questions about the manner and form this government is proceeding which is wrong and needs to  check the brakes and begin to do things the right way for all Liberians and for just some.

She observes that when people walk up to her and beg her for help to send their children to school, to the hospital including themselves as well as begging for something to eat, then it is no fun; this paint the real picture how the people are catching hell in their own country endowed with multitude of rich resources and just what the government is doing to make use out of them or the wellbeing of the struggling people.

It can be recalled that On January 22, 2018 (President Weah sad) you entrusted me with the responsibility of leading the effort to build a capable state that is united in purpose and filled with hope and prosperity.

According to him, this ushered in the first generational change in national leadership through the popular vote since the introduction of universal suffrage in 1951. I will remain eternally grateful for this sacred trust and will, to the best of my ability and with the help of God, strive to change the narrative on Liberia and bring about a more stable, prosperous, and democratic


Therefore, I take this opportunity to present the Pro-Poor Agenda for

Prosperity and Development (PAPD)—our national development

plan for July 2018 to June 2023. The Pro-Poor agenda is a framework

for inclusion, more equitable distribution of our national wealth,

and a rights-based approach to national development.

It is the second in the series of plans leading towards the goals of Vision

  1. It aligns our national plans with the African Union Agenda

2063 and the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Over the next five years, we will do a few things and do them well.

We will focus on bringing growth back to the economy by increasing

productivity through value chains with emphasis on agricultural

processing and marketing. We will promote the production of rice,

cassava and vegetables using new and appropriate technologies

because the agricultural sector is a major source of foreign exchange

and livelihood of our people.

The forest sector remains another area with significant potential for growth. While developing the potential in those areas, we will pay close attention to natural resource governance so local communities can increase their

share of the benefits from our natural resources and work with the

government to improve regulations of artisanal, small scale, and

large-scale activities.

We cannot develop Liberia without good quality infrastructure

and a skillful labor force. Therefore, over the next five years, my

government will invest in high quality infrastructures including

roads, affordable energy, air and sea ports, Telecommunication/ICT,

housing, water, and sanitation. More importantly, we will invest in

our people particularly into their education, health, and in ending

widespread vulnerability.

Our country is rich in resources and has a youthful labor force

with tremendous potential. Moreover, as Liberia’s feminist-in-chief,

I hereby pledge to fight for equality and women empowerment

during my tenure.

-Writes GDJ







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