Stand With The CPP! – A Sustained Nationwide Protest Is The Way To Go

By Julius T. Jaesen, II

The call from the Collaborating Political Parties to hold a sustained nationwide protest is a worthy cause to embrace. The CDC has failed the masses of our people and wants to short-circuit their way in power considering that their call for 12 or 24 years in power has been rendered fruitless, meaningless and thoughtless by the mass of the people who sleep in hunger. The bulk of our people across our country like they did last year in Montserrado, are prepared and determined more than ever before to express their grievances surrounding issues of poor governance and public administration in our country – something which has sent a fear in the spine of CDC and threatens their chances of securing a second term.

Predicated upon the growing despondencies of the people to vomit their anger against CDC’s reckless misrule, there are a few financial miscreants and societal misfits using Weah who used to be a good man to feed on the corpse of our nation and loot the last reserve of the poor. They are the ones that ganging up to use a peaceful man in George Weah to incite violence in our country against the opposition and rig the upcoming elections in December 8, 2020 and 2023.

The voter roll update recently carried out by the National Elections Commission that saw minions and other first-time voters registering was fraudulent and a calculated ploy by Samuel Tweah and Nat McGill who now control political appointments under a coconut head presidency to rig especially Montserrado County election, and perhaps, Grand Bassa and a few other counties in order to leverage their chances of winning. Already we saw the nomination of a Nigerian rascal and fraudster, a disgusting coward and congenital liar to preside over the National Elections Commission to have CDC’s plan of vote rig achieved. Thankfully, Liberians again came out and resisted CDC’s attempt to impose a criminal and fraudster on us as Chairman to oversee the conduct of what supposed to be free, fair and credible elections.

We must not allow CDC to thwart the will of the people in these elections. There is a need to hold a sustained protest as called for by the CPP in a very good fate. Our economy is fast decaying and lives have become so unbearable for our people. The political will on the part of the government to fix our economy is lacking as they seem to be clueless with absent foresight and governance wherewithal to deliver the change the Liberian people want to see as dividends for their votes.

To add insult to injury, CDC seems to be very determined to subvert the will of the people in the democratic polls and extend if not 12 years, beyond it, the horrendous suffering and excruciating hardship of our people. This is the reason why I support a sustained protest and call on you all Liberians to join the CPP in a national cause for the survival of Liberia. We must see this as a patriotic call to rescue the soul and spirit of our country. Our country has already collapsed in the hands of CDC, a government of social misfits and chicken-hearted public bureaucrats.

We must not allow things go off hands and the country is plunged into another round of war. We can save our country from CDC’s last loot and plunder. Yes, I believe with you coming out it can be done. When you stood in long lines to vote, your vote was intended to give you a better Liberia. You voted for better healthcare services and not to have public health facilities turn into funeral parlors and mortuaries. When you woke up early morning to cast your vote, you did so believing it will promise and deliver you a better Liberia. You didn’t sign up for as a means of lending passports to a few cabals of hardened thieves to loot and plunder the last reserves of our country. You voted with the surety that even if you go home and close your eyes and fall asleep and die, you’ll die knowing that the future of your children and children’s children is secure. You voted believing that you’ll no longer be spectators in your own economy.

But sadly ridiculously, your votes have enveloped, packaged and thrown at your doorsteps, a horrible governance mess. Your votes have enthroned the worse and mistaken generation of leaders ever in the history of humanity to the highest echelon of power who are distributing hardship, making parents to be irresponsible and underachievers in their country.

Amid the governance turmoil, we can still right wrongs and rekindle our hope and aspirations. To achieve that, is to stand with the CPP in its worthy cause in good fate. Standing with the CPP in its sustained nationwide protest implies standing against high inflation. It means standing against the rising unemployment in among the youth and beyond. Standing with the CPP in its protest means standing up against high maternal mortality rate in our country. It also means saying no to injustice and all forms of humiliation of the poor. Standing with the CPP means standing against corruption and misrule in our country.

Until you join me there, a better Liberia is uncertain.

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