Speech Delivered By Dr. Daniel Estrada Cassell, Vision Bearer And Political Leader, People’s Liberation Party PLP

Fellow Liberians;

Ladies and gentlemen;

With our hearts full of gladness and gratitude, we thank and magnify The Almighty Yahweh (God) for his resounding traveling grace and his goodness towards us. May I submit that the pleasure of returning home safely and be warmly received by fellow compatriots is profoundly heartwarming. Consequently, my delegation and I find it immeasurable the nobility you have shown us today. To God be the Glory and to Him, we worship and bow in adoration.

From the depth of our hearts, we express abundance of thanks and appreciation to the leadership and members of the Presbyterian Church for conducting such a gracious Thanksgiving Service in honor of me and my family, Ruling Elder Tapple E. Doe and all Liberians that were save by the Grace of the Almighty. We are exceedingly grateful and humbled by this exceptional show of grace and benevolence. May The Almighty God bless this Church and its officiating clergymen as they preach and champion the Gospel of the Lord during this end time.

Fellow Liberians, how incredibly pleasant and redemptive it is to be in the Vineyard of the Lord, and how liberating it is to acknowledge the omnipotent power, grace, and blessings of The Most High God.

As a Humanitarian for Christ, a Vision Bearer, and Political Leader, I am of the profound belief and deepest conviction that wisdom begins with acknowledging the power and goodness of the Almighty God. The resilience of strength and courage that I radiate each day, I find and garner it from within the Bosom of the Lord. The decisions I make each step along the way, comes after deep and solemn consultations with the Lord—through hours, days, weeks, and months of prayers and fasting. I lean entirely on the understanding of God and not my understanding, for I know nothing. I am nothing without the Lord my God, and everything that I am is singularly credited to the Amazing Grace and Blessings of the Almighty God.

Fellow Liberians, leaders who don’t acknowledge God and seek his wisdom and guidance are certainly bound to waver and fall. Nations that fail to honor God and follow his instructions are destined to implode. The Biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah teaches us the dreadful consequences of being sinful and disobedient to the instructions of God, while the book of King Solomon teaches us how God can graciously bless a Leader, it’s people and country when that leader seeks the face of the Lord in all that he/she does.

Today, we see our dear country Liberia submerged into a complete socioeconomic quagmire with the perennial excesses and abnormalities of the past still being at an alarming rate in the land—and has gotten our economy in a state of free fall. God is never happy with a nation in which wickedness and shedding of the blood of the innocent for ritualistic purposes are normal practices, and the citizens are consumed by fear, hopelessness, and continual misery.

In today’s Liberia, the barbaric act of ritualistic killings has become pervasive and capturing the news headlines. Corruption is excessive to the core and seems institutionalized by the very people who are ruling over the nation. Hate, malice, division, exclusion, and vicious witch-hunting have sadly replaced love, unity, togetherness, peace, and tranquility. Truth be told, our country is on the wrong trajectory, and we are in serious trouble!

The government is callously insensitive to the plight of its people—suffice to say while poverty is skyrocketing and extreme hunger and curable diseases are painfully decimating the precious lives of our people by the day, the “Governors” of our country are acquiring luxurious condos, exotic homes, expensive vehicles, flying private jets, and living garishly.

It is profound and appalling that while teachers, nurses, police, army, and regular civil servants are grossly underpaid and cruelly subjected to massive salary cuts under the guise of the infamous “Harmonization Scheme”, officials of the government—across all three branches of the government are handsomely paid and given grandiose benefits in addition to their huge salaries.

Brethren in the Lord, how can we claim to be a nation built or fashioned on Christian or Godly principles yet be wicked to each other? How can God bless Liberia so abundantly in natural resources, yet its people are ranked amongst the poorest in the world? How can we fight a brutal civil war for fifteen unbroken years—in which 250K of our compatriots were murdered in cold blood and the infrastructure of the country tragically destroyed, and yet we are still perpetuating the same evil vices and anomalies that plunged our country into the bloodbath that began in 1989? The questions then linger; Did we learn anything from our senseless civil war? Has anything changed since the cessation of the war and the restoration of peace and democracy? Why are we still committing the same vices that triggered the civil upheaval?

Fellow Liberians, we need to submit to God. We need God’s intervention in our homeland. The people who are governing over this land must desist from their wicked ways and turn to God’s ways. They must go into their reclines, confess their sins to God, refrain from their barbarous tendencies, and plead for God’s mercy and wisdom. It is wicked to steal the resources of the country and impoverish the masses of our country who are the legitimate beneficiaries. It is wicked for the elite few in power to live in gross opulence while the masses of our people perish in the abeyance of deprivation, dehumanization, mortification, and subjugation. It is sheer evil for young virgin girls to be captured by wicked men, gruesomely murdered, and parts abstracted for ritualistic practices.

Fellow Liberians, how do we call our country a civilized nation when it is without a sound and competitive education system and a standardized healthcare system? Inadequate electricity and water supplies. The citizens are barely surviving when they should be living well. Our people dwelling in the rural parts of the country are enduring unimaginable devastation as though they don’t deserve a share of the country’s wealth. Where is our civilization then? Besides our nationality, what else can the world identify us by? What is our signature product or/and invention to the world? Why we haven’t produced rice on a large scale, the country’s staple food? I am stunned that at 174 years of existence, we cannot produce rice, our nation’s staple—when we are blessed with arable land and a fountain of rainfall. This is certainly a national shame that must be attributed to gross leadership deficit.

Brothers and sisters in the Lord, I know when the hands of the people who governed over the land are involved with wicked, unscrupulous, and despicable acts, the land shall be a perilous place. Liberia is at a critical juncture in its national existence and the urgent need for REAL and SOBER LEADERSHIP cannot be overemphasized.

Fellow compatriots, people of God, May I seize this moment to respectfully call on the Church and the Mosques to stand up against the wickedness and the debauchery obtaining in our country. May I humbly plead to the Bishops, Pastors, Prophets, Prophetesses, and Imams to use their holy pulpits to loudly slam the bad governance and poor leadership obtaining in our country and to summon the courage to call out the perpetrators—no matter who they are. The Church of Liberia must once again be the ‘Moral Conscience’ of the Liberian society. The legacy of Bishops Michael Francis, Harris Brown, Arthur Kula, Fr. Robert Tikpo, Mother Dukuly, Shiek Kafumba Konneh, and others must be preserved and pioneered onward. These were great people of God who fearlessly spoke truth to power and rose to become acclaimed bulwarks of social justice in our country. We heard their piercing voices pitched aloud against misrule, repression, corruption, impunity, partisanship, injustice, tribalism, regionalism, nepotism, and other vices that permeated the Liberian society at the time.

Today, the Church and the Mosques are shockingly silent in the face of reigning evils. Today, the Council of Churches and the Interreligious Council are tight-lipped amid all the horrible things happening in the country. Today, we see Bishops, Pastors, Prophets, Prophetesses, and Imams gladly accepting political appointments and sadly abandoning their spiritual duties. Where is Liberia heading, my friends? You were called to be God’s stewards and to do the work of God, not to be POLITICIANS. Let the Church and the Mosque be the Church and the Mosque!

Despite all that is obtaining and the perennial trauma, our people have been put through over the years, I salute and celebrate the courage and resilience of the Liberian people to remain standing and fighting for genuine change. Liberians never give up and never stop trying to get it right. This is why the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) of which I am the Vision Bearer and Political Leader is here to genuinely work with the masses of our people to effectuate and realize the much-needed change.

As we stand in the service of the Lord, seek his wisdom and guidance, he shall be our Dependable Helper in our collective and unyielding search for a better Liberia that works for all our people, not the elite few at the helm of power. A Liberia that translates its wealth into an economic boom with transparency and accountability at the core of its economic governance. A new Liberia that lifts the masses from the doldrums of poverty and despair and propels them to the buoyancy of socioeconomic dignity and pride citizenship. I mean a new Liberia where leaders are humble servants and power is used to honor humanity. A new Liberia where the government MUST ensure that every citizen finds hope and possibility in the place they call home with equal rights and opportunities being the national mentality. A new Liberia where Leaders are accountable to the people. And finally, a new Liberia in which Love abounds with will and courage, and NATIONALISM AND PATRIOTISM rules. The people’s Liberation Party (PLP) is the way, our arms are open to all and sundry, let’s search for this NEW LIBERIA Together.

I say a big thank you to Rev C.Wellington Morgan, Elders and the entire Church Membership. A special thank you goes to Ruling Elder Matilda W. Parker and staff for such a wonderful job done in planning and implementing this Thanksgiving Program. Once again, we say thank you plenty for celebrating with us and give you our most respect and love.

May God continue to bless us all and safe our country-Liberia.

I thank you!

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