Speak Truth To Power -No Matter The Cause; COVID’s Battle Must Be Inclusive With All Hands On Deck; But…

This government’s track record of not openly welcoming the honest collective efforts of all, particularly the professionals in battling national crisis in the supreme interests of the people and state rather cherry picking those showering worthless praises to the leadership, and pausing those who speak truth to power is not, and will not subdue the unbelievable tempo of the third wave of COVID; now viciously devastating the lives of the embattled people, and taking the country hostage with its terror.

In a frantic and most practical discussion hosted by the SPOON Network on Saturday, July 3, 2021 with some well versed Liberian professionals, specifically in the medical discipline with tested and proven records in battling epidemic (Ebola), and now, the current pandemic (Coronavirus) , also noted that if the ongoing war on COVID-19 with emphasis on the third serge is to gain success, firstly the government will have to  transform its approach to the fray to that of an open welcoming posture of all, inspite of political leanings or differences of purpose nor policies; and secondly, Liberians must begin to adopt and demonstrate the culture of resignation than hang in there to be fired for proffering a just view.

Beginning with sacked Deputy Information Minister Eugene Fargon for lying or spreading false news to the public; who asked that despite the difference in policy implementation, would they (Liberian medical professionals) accept government’s offer to return home and join in the fight against the crusading Coronavirus; one of the discussants, Madam Beslow who stated that she has traveled to Liberia on so many times including this years, and other parts of the world including Africa, pointed out that the government will have to be very  proactive, calculative and serious if it envisages a robust change for maximum progress in the fight to contain COVID.    

According to her, the entire vaccination scheme will have to be properly re-organized to reach everyone nationwide with centers for testing and vaccination be established in all communities when the donated vaccines arrived in the country.

Again, she obverses that most of the counties in Liberia are bordered with other countries besides the numerous porous borders and very vulnerable with very limited manpower to contain, also called on government to do something decisive especially in this crucial and difficult era, to remedy thes huge influx of Indian Nationals from where it is reported of being the origin of the raging third wave into the country.

Also, the former Director of the National Public Health Institute (NPHI) Mr. Tolbert Nyesuah referred to as the ‘Architect’ during the  great Ebola fight in the country reveals that he resigned because he told President George M. Weah something; and while he cannot disclose same in the open on the radio and television; but before the American Soldiers arrived in the country to beef up government’s position in the battle against the Ebola scourge, they had already worked out a roadmap  and submitted to United States Government’s agency irresponsible for such engagement  in the establishment of an institution (research center) with almost similar task of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) headquartered in the United States that would help on the ground to handle medical  problems  including epidemic and others, was received and worked on, adding, that it was how PREVAIL came into existence.

Some also wondered why the first and second COVID-19 attacks were easily contained without such frightening and alarming rates of deaths and cases as the third wave, and urged the Liberian Government to revisit its methodology, the sincerity and honesty of those charged with the responsibility to ensure that the job is done properly without any form of attached motive, intemperance or vested interest for self-indulgence.

At the same time, Liberians adding their voices to the government’s quizzically applied methods of openness towards the fight against COVID-19, including the political Leader of the All Liberian Party (ALP), Mr. Benoni W. Urey informed President Weah that there is no professionals’ shortage in Liberia.

Taking his declaration and concern further, Mr. .Urey has also written the President of the United States of America, Mr. Joe Biden requesting rapid U.S. intervention into Liberia’s current health crisis.

In a letter dated June 28, Mr. Urey informed President Biden that the health crisis in Liberia is nothing less than a calamity, and grief has consumed the country.

Mr. Urey further disclosed that health facilities in the country lack capacity and resources to deal with what he described as a horrifying medical crisis that is plaguing Liberia and Liberians at the moment.

Moreover, yielding to the wailing of the struggling people of Liberia, the Political Leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) Mr. Alexander B. Cummings donated through his Foundation, LD150, 000 to re-energize the fight against the menace (COVID) and in addition, has embarked on the tour of several hard hit counties in the country including Nimba and Lofa..

It can be recalled that Liberia’s widely acclaimed, accomplished and enterprising Scientist, Dr. Dougbeh Christopher Nyan registered his dismay over the government’s refusal to allow him join hands with his fellow compatriots in the fight against the pandemic, despite letters written to both President Weah and Minister of State intermittingly with no reply from the authority.

The Infectious Disease Scientist, Dr. Dougbeh Christopher Nyan, alerted Liberian health authorities, and predicted the possibility of “circulating COVID-19 variants from India coming into Liberia,” but authorities may have ignored warnings from the acclaimed Scientist.

In early May this year, during his COVID-19 public awareness, Dr. Nyan warned that, “with trade and movement of people between India-China and Liberia, we could experience the double-mutant Indian [SARS-CoV-2] variant coming to Liberia.”

“The government has been too relaxed, and now needs new strategies, implementation, monitoring and enforcement of the public health regulations in Liberia for this COVID-19 pandemic to be defeated,” Dr. Nyan noted.

The widely acclaimed and accomplished Liberian Scientist made the prediction during two separate interviews on Liberia Public Radio-TV and Focus on Liberia TV (FOL-TV) this week.

He emphasized that Liberia’s national pandemic response and vaccination roll-out plans be redesigned, made transparent and include professional expertise in order to mount an effective fight against COVID-19 in Liberia.

Asked on FOL-TV whether he is willing to go back to Liberia to assist, Dr. Nyan again offered to help with the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic in Liberia and hopes government will respond this time.

There has been numerous speculations that Dr. Nyan’s previous offers to develop Liberia’s COVID-19 testing kits and help with the pandemic response have been rejected by the Liberian Government because of his critical expert scientific reviews of the country’s pandemic response and his stance against corruption, constitutional violations, and human rights abuses in Liberia.

An acclaimed Scientist, Medical Doctor and Inventor, Dr. Nyan is also a political activist who has encouraged democracy and social justice in Liberia over the years against past and the present governments.

Recent reports revealed that more than hundred COVID-19 positive patients who entered the country several days ago could not be located neither accounted for, while treatment centers are exceeding capacities in an already weak healthcare system where health workers lack protective equipment and are underpaid.

“The International Airport (Roberts International Airfield) which is the first line of surveillance and pandemic defense is very porous and lacks rapid testing capacity, thus letting in possible COVID-19 -infected travelers into the country without proper mechanism for contact-tracing,” Dr. Nyan added.

He pointed out that the need for rapid testing at the airport so that arriving travelers tested positive, can be immediately isolated and committed to treatment and monitoring.

Responding to recent statements from politicians, Dr. Nyan emphasized that, “this national and global COVID-19 health emergency should not be turned into a political carrot by politicians who are now enticing each other, while the ordinary people and voters are dying.”

The award-winning Scientist maintains that, “we need to adopt a collective patriotic approach that is devoid of politics, and supported by a good budgetary allocation in order to defeat the pandemic.”

The Liberian Scientist who accurately predicted the current wave of COVID-19 infections in Liberia, also said that, “the US$15,000.00 given to each lawmaker for constituency engagement could have been used for the pandemic response and other pressing social issues in the country.”

Addressing public hesitancy during his vaccination awareness campaign in Liberia in early April and May this year, Dr. Nyan intoned that, “the vaccines are safe, efficient, and free and I encourage every eligible person to take the COVID-19 vaccine.”

“We [population] need to be vaccinated in order to break the transmission of the virus [COVID-19], and prevent being infected by the COVID-19 variants that are circulating,” he added.

Dr. Nyan is the globally acclaimed inventor of the US Patented Multiplex Infectious Disease Diagnostic Test, the “Nyan-Test,” which has won numerous awards and recognitions.

He is an NIH-trained Infectious Disease Scientist and serves with Maryland Medical Reserve Corp in the US Pandemic Response. He is Chief Medical and Scientific Officer of his biotech start-up company, Shufflex Biomed.

-Writes GDJ

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