Social Justice Advocate, Martin Kollie Accuses Bill Tilko of  Killing Mrs. Gifty Lama & Mr. Albert Peters

Below is his full statement

The fellow in black on these photos is Anthony Torbor alias Bel-Charming. Torbor is a known assassin and he controls a mafia gang in Clara Town. He is a former commander of Charles Taylor’s ATU and SOD.

The husband of LRA auditor Gifty Asmah-Lama said his wife along with Albert Peters was killed on a beach. The beach sand was on her shoes and clothes. Where is Bel-Charming in this photo? On a beach.

That’s where these assassins usually victimize their preys. Bel-Charming is seen here driving with Bill Tilko in this car. Bill is a criminal of a killer. They killed Gifty Lama and Albert Peters.

The phones and laptop of Gifty Lama and Albert Peters were found with one “Supreme”. Supreme is a leading gangster of Bel-Charming’s assassin group. In fact, Bel-Charming recruited “Supreme”.

Both Bill and Bel-Charming are secret operatives of CDC’s government and accomplices of Sabu Unit Commandant Jefferson Koijee. Bill has a history of murder in Thailand according to Pa Monger Zarwea Gabriel. His record in Ghana is even worse. His criminal name is SATAN.

See his voter’s cards as well. He registered to vote 2 times. He is hardcore gangster and a criminal. Zoom Albert Peters and Gifty Lama’s photo. What do you see?

You will see white powder to Gifty’s noise. That’s what they used to suffocate she and Albert before killing them. They gruesomely killed those 4 auditors in cold blood.

Now, they want you to believe that their death was natural. Tragic LIE. After EXPOSING them, they are now using their Kangaroo Monrovia City Court to issue a “Writ of Arrest” for me. Poor strategy/tactic to distract and divert. The real issue here is, “You killed those auditors.” They were murdered.

I thought it was even a writ of arrest from ICC, ICJ, AU Court, or ECOWAS Court. I thought it was a writ from InterPool or even a writ to Extradite. Tell Koijee’s Monrovia City Court, silence is not an option. Your Court has lost public confidence and trust ever since. Weah’s Court is inherently CORRUPT and compromised.

You cannot distract me with your so-called “writ of arrest”. You should be issuing writ of arrest for those brutish assassins who gruesomely murdered our people in cold blood. You hired them, but you will pay for this.

I will even write and speak out more to defend basic rights and human dignity. Your regime-sponsored “writ of arrest” is a fiasco. DEAD upon arrival. It has even incentivized my urge or impetus to challenge your corrupt and clueless establishment.

I will fight for Gifty, Albert, Fahnboto, and Nyeswa. They deserve JUSTICE. You disrupted my LIVE Podcast yesterday. The truth is, you (GOL) fear what we do. You fear our pen and our voice because we speak truth, equality, justice, accountability, liberty, and freedom.

The day of reckoning is nearing. You will have to fully account for what you are doing to our people and our country. I will respond to that trash of a writ from your Kangaroo Court.

You viciously chased me out of Liberia on December 13, 2019 but you forgot to chase my pen and my voice. What an eggregious error on your part. Solidarity forces and critical voices are uniting. We will rescue our Country and liberate our people at all cost.

We will continue to EXPOSE your evil. Rogue Regime. Killer Government. Mafia State. Banana Republic. Zombie Nation. Zero President.

Activist Martin K. N. Kollie writes from exile…

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