Sleeping On The Wheel -The Liberian Political Outfit

Mon, July 4, 2022

Dominating the political and cultural outfit of Liberia, grounded on a very ailing and insipid patronage; sinking foundation of sycophancy; tele-guided cohesiveness of segments controllable through pressure; compounded by vague maneuvers of rigging,   symbolic of manipulations  as Animal Farm’s stunts, completed with a lousy generation of spoilers, exclusively committed to upright  reckless indigestible toxic fatigue for a  respectable, and acceptable process acclaimed by undeclared credibility and appreciation; now proliferating insane  camouflaged  packaged political can of worms for whom the bell tolls.

However, the seeping rigmarole stems from the angle when improperly checked; ill-hearted players, be it incumbents; a second spree of try again or another cherry-pickers or Johnny Just Come fishing in the political pool with ulterior motive calculated on grossly provoking, teasing  and overly tempting a catch upon miserably  proving the greatest frustration of solid incompetence on the national platform; the despite harbored concrete-fear of losing obviously; be it into the vicinity of calamity, in spite the grim-shady-driven dreams of the incumbents grotesquely struggling tremendously to stay on by clinging onto a fast- slipping-away-power, always forget  in their respective times, and their leaderships became very much obsessed with the glamor, the pseudo-pumps-and-pageantry  and unique benefits of the presidency and totally disregarded  conducting the cardinal obligations of an open-society, and functioning through a well-organized and structured governance system, believing that they could run, especially  nowhere at that rate, thinking that  the people’s time could find them; a perfect example of misreading the actual kudos of good governance rather insist, having realized of being a spent-force when  all the remaining political eras accorded and embraced them with the red flag; while they were sleeping on the wheel.


                                               Accountability Erodes Weah‘s Leadership

                 As Transparency Becomes Persistent Political Migrant Headache; US25m & Chain Of Uncountable Misapplied Funds Refused Comfort In Oblivion; Will 2023 Turn Blind Eye To Such Dishonesty?

      When President George M. Weah declared that he will beat his opponents like baby in the 2023 presidential election at celebration of his 55th birthday on October 1, 2021, little did he know that the very election will be heavily weaponized from the arsenals of governance, transparency, accountability, competence and respecters of the constitution along with the due process of the law; are gallantly, without compromise, heading the substance of the frontline reflective as cardinal political spectrum where the current leadership has performed very gloomily for almost four years running.

With the long chain of unaccountable funds recklessly spent from the coffers of the taxpayers wherein the government serves as the custodian beginning with the US$25 million mop up exercise which today remains chaotically troubling as the government cannot give a comprehensive report coupled with legitimate result, is unacceptable and full accountability is demanded; the over US$30 million sustainable lockdown Coronavirus for the citizens which sadly short landed thereby denying vast segment of the population  of such benefit from the resources of the state without proper transparency and accountability, is mind-wrecking; the printing of LD4 billion all in 500 banknotes which became eclipsed and did not resolve some of the most sticky and painful economic crunch, is also disturbing ; the scar engraved on the image of the government and country regarding the absolute disappearance of the LD16 billion today still serves as a mystical devastation and leadership style  of ground swell cronies sycophantic praise-singers;, the breaching of the law by meting out selective justice and showered impunity on presidential henchmen including other vicious odds against the people, have transformed them into total over looked casualty of their own achievements; all these have built the political death bed of this leadership at the ballot box in 2023 if the electorates wholeheartedly  with a set mind, surely  want to see the back of this problems-saddled leadership.

Additionally,, the massive and uncontrolled  wave mysterious deaths of citizens throughout  the country with government appears to be caught on the back foot with nothing substantively being demonstrated to calm the storm and  curtail the troubling amazing human tragedy that has overwhelmed the country and the citizens’ security. Now,  everyone is living in perpetual fear with no one to trust or depend on for safety in the state, as the government spearheaded by its team of leadership seems to be caught in a tight corner and cannot vividly and clearly account for the unwholesome happenings involving people losing their lives pathetically instituted by some unscrupulous individuals operating a cartel to recklessly kill people and sell  their human parts as being reported in the media which is barbaric  in nature and s cope that cannot,  and must not be tolerated any longer.

                              ‘Mansions Competition’ Overwhelms CDC

       The “trademark” of the Congress for Democratic Change’s (CDC’s) elites has clearly been exemplified from the erection of gigantic structures and compounds reflective of mansions and while transforming the landscape quizzically, pundits are craving  to establish if these huge erected structures are footed from the owners’ respective pay checks.

According to pundits, most of those now proudly parading these mansions, were shacking in one-room apartments, and yet could not even avoid to underwrite the rental fees before entering into the workforce of this government, but are today, the owners of newly built mansions and compounds of which their individual pay checks cannot withstand; even if they had worked for the next 20 years, they won’t even come near in sourcing such money to erect the expensive flashy structures  scattered all over the place.

While it is equally so pathetic, that the elites are entrenched anti-transparency and anti-accountability gurus from the strike of any imagination, the infamous spree of questionable numerous erected mansions located at strategic areas, many of those close to assignments and positions that generate direct physical cash, and also appeared to know the name of the game, grab-and-get-rich-quick-at-all-cost-and-cause, because there is no “gbe-led” (fool)  in the oracle, let alone, dummy  does not cut scent (cards) cleverly and keenly imitate their seniors in shady opportunities, and without second though, jumped into the coco-party by amassing ill-gotten wealth and properties on a very rapid scale knowing that they too will not be interrogated for the overnight achievements in wealth and cash.

Although they hate to be told that there is no acceptable cogent evident to legitimize their expensively overnight built mansions nor any morally credible explanations, despite trampling underfoot, the Code of Conduct thus rending it totally insignificance in the face of “mansions competition” that overwhelms the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC); in spite that they conned the system to propel them in such undesirable and quizzical ownership of the vast wealth and properties they have accrued; they, at the same time, remain practically acknowledgeable from media reports and information provided on several phone-in-talk-shows which point directly to corruption of the highest magnitude, that is now oozing its toxic garbage which has pathetically defaced and deformed people’s trust and confidence in the ruling establishment, thereby making it very difficult to clean up from the landscape  up to the celebration of International Anti-Corruption Day which has bitten so hard that Liberia is now being  placed on the active radar with former notorious warlord and Senator of Nimba County, Evangelist Prince Y. Johnson  being hooked and slapped with corruption sanction.

With this warning shot from the US Government, which should, in no uncertain term, serve as an unhindered caveat to all those serving in the public space (government), no matter the status; that all ill-gotten wealth and cash siphoned from the coffers of the government, will sooner than later, be made to account for, as the Economic Crime Court will soon get its full legal iron teeth to chew up such toxic belongings, with massive confiscation of unjustified wealth and freezing of the huge cash taken active center space without any form of  backdoor compromise. So true, the time is coming, and very soon, we’ll see the actual true owners with clean hands, therein, the tallest chickens shall be seen by all after the rain (trial).


Any Attempt!  Make No Mistake; And Don’t Be Fooled Into Thinking


Amidst the political chicanery in bed with treacherous stunts to cow the breakaway Unity Party (UP) from the badly fragmented Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) based on mistrust and confidence crisis over a declared controversial clause which is debatable  and bordered on denial and reported fact, the Standard Bearer of the UP, Dr. Joseph N. Boakai has vowed that any attempt to exclude the Unity Party from its legitimate and constitutional rights to contest as a registered political party, will be a direct infringement of the political participation of hundreds of thousands of Liberian voters who will be disenfranchised, gullible, and subsequently exposed to matters that could have national security concerns.

The UP political leader sends a clarion call to the National Elections Commission with the expectation that the NEC will do the right thing saying, “Let me again state categorically, that there will be no final listing from the Elections Commission published for the Lofa County by-election senatorial race that will not have the name of the Unity Party Candidate, and thus I must repeat that we expect the NEC to do the right thing.”

He furthered that NEC was set up to do the right thing and to avoid election chaos at all times.

“Let me say this in the strongest of words that I remain resolute on my unflinching commitment to the people of Lofa, UP partisans, and supporters around the country and the Diaspora, that as your leader and torchbearer I am sufficiently prepared and will do all within my means to ensure that not one Lofa citizen will again be disrespected and disenfranchised under my leadership during this 2022 by-election Lofa senatorial race.”

Amb. Boakai also indicated that the wrongs they are fighting to correct in Lofa will not also be accepted in any other political subdivisions in Liberia.

-Writes GDJ

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