Sleep-Walking Opposition -Unable To Solidify Organizational Tempo; Thus Paving CDC’s Road To Victory In 2023

In politics, if the task takes a long time, it pays to inwardly and outwardly be pragmatically visible vigorously, robustly and begin early with tactfulness.;

In the same vein, time is enemy for the opposition in the embodiment of the Collaborating Political Party (CPP) as nothing substantive is being done. The various leaders from the four collaborating parties should know that they have very limited time to get properly organized to brace the challenge of 2023.

However, the killer virus that’s purging the leaders from pulling their complete openness and strength together in the true spirit of collectivism is “mistrust’ which is ruining the fabrics of the CPP; self-declared ego of being perceived as the best and first among equals to head the CPP’s ticket in 2023. Another open-ended looming loose thread in their blanket stems from the fighting spirit of collectivism which is sparingly diminishing; the process of convention is eclipsed by wanton dissatisfaction due to greed, selfish desire to be the only one capable, competent, popular and well up to the task of retiring the leadership of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC); while other leaders are craving to go solo in the process.

Lest they forget, they have got just minimum time to get their acts in order and together, and hit the ground running; and for Dr. Joseph N. Boakai, Benion Urey, Alexander Cummings and Mrs. Nyonblee Lawrence, neither of you is persuasively anxious to be in a hurry of burying that harbored qualms of being the only torchbearer of the CPP, and presents a solid and truly genuine united front to mount pressure on the ruling establishment with a flying farewell message as it leaves the political stage with troubling body, soul and mind in the 2023 presidential and general elections.

Why The Opposition Could Lose.

Let the CPP be told in no uncertain term that the height by which great people reached and kept was not obtained by sudden flight, but while the enemies wandered in the night, they (great people) were out burning the night oil in massive preparation for the task bound ahead. But with what is being seen around here in the CPP’s camp, obviously, there are sizeable space that the opposition could be too late for its own prepared political banquet thereby leading to losing the highest seat in the country in 2023 if they continue to glue their vested interest exclusively in division and cherry-picking before the desperate ruling CDC that is working harder day and night politically to capture victory for the second term.

CPP must begin to do the first things first and do them very rapidly, because time and tide wait for no man especially in the political arena where there is no brother in the army. In the CPP, to win, all leaders must look and collectively work for the biggest picture which definitely will and must require sacrifice through mutual respect for each and every one based on open and clear-hearted-give-and-take without hindrance rather in the true image and spirit of oneness.

Time to stop sleep-walking and wake up from your slumber now; no space for Rip Van Winkle who slept for 20 years through a great revolution; put totally away your stumble, misery, greed; and bury your hatred and shine your eyes profoundly as you keep in mind what John F. Kennedy was told by his father when he decided to contest in the presidential race. His father told him that second place is a disgrace to the Kennedy family. Hope the opposition takes note and be politically governed. In a chat with some staunch opposition supporters, I was also told that this time, the CPP either drinks deep or tastes not.

-Writes GDJ

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