Sinking In Troubled-Water

Some insiders and key components among the wheelers and dealers including the movers and shakers of the current administration, being caught somewhere between soberness and fiercely pierced from lashes kept being felt by the so-called-self-styled Pro-Poor Venture, took the bull by, the horn, by out of inner medication, wondered just how; and whether the government had ever paused politically to take stock, and to think how, and why it finds itself keep swimming in the very angrily troubled-water, and continue to sink time after time; despite self-declaration of being the very best thing that has ever happened to the nation and people since 1847.

Somewhere in the Holy Bible, it is stated that “I am for peace, but when I speak, they are for war.” So true, for this Pro-Poor Regime. In spite of the good and beautifully wonderful things written on papers to lift up the country and people progressively, but when the time comes for distribution and political application, it ends up going exclusively the way of the governors and all the henchmen closing up totally the intended target as the elites and praise-singers amass benefits from state’s resources, privileges  facilities, opportunities, power, honor and glory; while the people and state became the passive forgotten spectators, a manner, style and fashion very disappointingly outrageous  from the narrative of a democratic platform


While it is true, that every phenomenon produces its own spices, this group of spices, having been almost frozen for 12 uninterrupted years in the opposition camp and finally mounted the stage of national power and authority rumplely shielded in the canopy of a political slogan: Change for Hope with the conning face of Pro-Poor establishment; sharply, and without second thoughts, annexed themselves to the power, honor, glory and gravy along with the precious juice of the state’s coffers at the absolute displeasure and complete regret and frustration to the comfort and thwarted expectations and aspirations of the people who, for now, pitifully traded their national political trump card of franchise  (votes) to usher into state power including occupying the helm of national power; only to be rewarded with a disdainful pain-stricken paid checks of blind-folded disaster and stalled growth and development with no remorse, let alone attempting to  be transformative in the positive curl; rather elected to move with break-neck speed down the route of incompetence huge deep-seated appetite for material things at the expense of the state and the abuse of the people’s  socio-politico-economic and cultural existence; while presiding over tan evil empire of corruption  engraved with an indelible scar on their soul and that of the  regime; they  so proudly command and control in perpetual shame and unstop- page scandal. The government with amazingly questionable satisfaction, is cruising time after time on the super highway of lies, painfully imposed deception, unconcerned about honor and disgrace and a very seriously mum heartless bedfellow of massive corruption.

For example, one progressive and revolutionary mover Alaric Togbah branded the current leadership as badly managing the domestic policy and that its foreign policy is to go abroad and around with hat in hand and begging, and when it gets something from the begging spree, it uses it in a manner and form that creates serious questions of mismanagement while leaving the people wondering where did the money go? In short according to him, its domestic policy is stealing and the foreign policy is begging, and there is an urgent need for the Coalition for Democratic Change needs to be revamped.

In that vein, the Embassy of the United States of America near Monrovia release a statement on March 14, 2022 bearing a straight-fist message to the government that: What Would J.J. Roberts Have to Say about Liberia Today?

The statement by U.S. Ambassador to Liberia Michael A. McCarthy was delivered at the occasion celebrate the life of a great Liberian, born 213 years ago in the United States before emigrating to this land at 20 years old.

Accordingly, Ambassador McCarthy said: “I have been asking myself what Joseph Jenkins Roberts would say about Liberia today. Sixty years after the arrival of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in Liberia, 19 years after the end of the civil war crisis, and seven years after the eradication of Ebola, the taxpayers of the United States contribute to this country over $110 million per year of foreign assistance.”

Wasteful Spending

Amb. McCarthy noted that this includes over $79 million per year donated to the health sector. Approximately $9 million is specifically for purchasing medications and commodities for the Liberian people and improving the Ministry of Health’s effective distribution and warehousing of pharmaceuticals. Despite this extra support, we learn regularly about places like Kolahun in Lofa County and Sanniquellie in Nimba County, where clinics and hospitals must make do without even the most basic drugs. Troublingly, Embassy investigations indicate that not only are some citizens diverting public medical resources and low-cost drugs for personal gain, but that babies, young children, and birthing mothers are dying needlessly as a result. What would J.J. Roberts have to say about this? As a Peace Corps volunteer, I was blessed to live for two years in villages (without electricity or running water) in West Africa.

First thing every morning, each household would take advantage of the cool, early morning daylight to sweep inside and outside and dispose of debris. Villagers then coordinated with the local government to deliver waste daily to a designated landfill. The state of cleanliness in the city of Monrovia, which is more developed and a far wealthier community, sadly does not compare. Last month, I was surprised at the words of city leadership on Monrovia Day.

A senior official lamented that unlike his previous three years in office, “no donor or external partner is funding the recurrent cost of solid waste collection and disposal,” implying that he was abandoned by the international community. Is there a more basic local government responsibility than the collection and proper disposal of garbage? Would Liberia’s first president have imagined that, 175 years after independence, foreigners should be held responsible for the removal of garbage in his capital city?

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