Sinking In ‘Political’ Despair, Distress -Troubled-Tale Of The Pro-Poor Regime; While It Takes Courage To Be Sensible; Misery Will Have Company

      “I know one day Liberians will get tired with me so I want to leave a big mark before that time,” says former Senator, now President George M. Weah when he spoke with a group of young people in Monrovia. President Weah also stated that, “I will not be judge by the eloquence of my speeches, but by the (sound and genuinely positive) decisions I’ll make..” (in the supreme interests of the people and state directly in touch with growth and development).   

Considering the Latin expression: Viva Vox Dei (The Voice Of God) which is clearly hinged on being the voice of the people, surely, then in a vividly clear term, is translated as nothing can resist the will of the people and to a very larger extent, those elected (employed) by the people must do the will of the same people, conversely, is bound to be tantamount to resisting the will of the people which obviously must be attended with political consequences and dividend, as it is glaringly stated in the Scripture that no sin goes unpunished.

After 12 years in the opposition community, and being the largest opposition political party and riding on the burning quest and desire of the governed craving for a positive and genuine change that will make a vast difference from how they were being yoked; and with the explicit hope in your political entity coupled with the deep admiration demonstrated for you as being one of them who knows the political hell they were catching and the total margination suffered at the hands of previous administrations; they wholeheartedly opened their hands and dumped their ballots that overwhelmingly gave you and your political party the victory and subsequent mandate to govern the affairs of the country.

Cunningly, the name of your political party) Congress for Democratic Change) was carved from the quest of the struggling people which emphasized CHANGE AND HOPE they have for too long yearned for, and solely convinced that it was a dream come true, however, few years later down the road; the levels of disappointments, sadness, frustration, over embarrassed tinted image of the nation in both the public and international glares; the incarceration of sincerity and honesty found in the three branches of government, the mind-fixed of exclusion of non-partisans even the dire need of such solutions in the supreme interest of the state and people is proffered by the latter,  it would be rejected or cold-shouldered because out of fear, small-mindedness and sycophancy; complete disrespect for the Constitution, displaying the political stunts of being totally unconcerned about honor and disgrace expressive through the noncompliance of transparency and accountability; coupled with imposed abject poverty and confronted with a sharply reduced status of mere onlookers and not the promised custodians of the economy, and above all, the absolute loss of trust, confidence, credibility; and downplaying the significance of listening to the many cries of the dejected people,  thereby seeing the Pro-Poor Regime rapidly sinking in political despair and distress and indeed, is the troubled-tale of the Pro-Poor Regime, while it takes courage to be sensible, misery will always have company.

It is now stated that the CDC-led government is only a very good government on paper, but in the practice of reality, it is a package of sad experience, dashed hope and a combinations of leadership nightmare, rooted cronyism, sycophancy self-glorification and stoning opposition and perceived unbending robust radical elements with indecent and unfavorable jabs.

It can be recalled from stories reported by some local and international news outlets that the football star George Weah won Liberias presidential election in 2017, he promised to make “transforming the lives of all Liberians” the “singular mission” of his presidency.

But two years in office on January 22, some of the poor and young voters who assured Weah’s landslide victory said their economic woes have worsened under his leadership, with critics laying blame on government incompetence and failure to tackle corruption.


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